Top 10 Best Selling Tablets in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Tablets in The World 2016-2017. 2016-2017 is the year that has seen an innovation of tablets that are always geared to give you the best features for your use. For instance, there is an introduction of a descent keyboard that will give you a better command input style unlike any other previous items, and also most of them are geared to give you a desktop experience and that is why they are going to insert fear into the laptop industry because they might sweep over them. The problem is that you are always given a lot of choice out there and most of us won’t be in a position of selecting better ones when they want to buy one. How will you feel when someone takes up the job to assist you in this search process? I know that your excitement will be beyond boundaries. Be prepared to get all that because we have better news for you of the ten best tablets that you can get this year.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Tablets in The World 2016-2017

10. iPad Air 2

ipad-air-2, Top 10 Best Selling Tablets in The World 2017

Previously before the introduction of the iPad Pro 9.7, the tablet that you have here was considered the best before it was dethroned but I have to report to you that his device still holds the best reputable features which have raised the bar of competition for people to get it in terms of its build quality and also the features which always ensure that you get the perfect performance. The rice that it has makes it to be cheaper and affordable than the many that you will get out there. It also has a range of app and also a slick user interface that make it to be enjoyable to use.

9. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

microsoft-surface, Top 10 Best Selling Tablets in The World 2018

The smart iteration that has been used in making up this device is surely one of the unique things that will have to promise you that it can easily replace your laptop anytime. It got a rough start at the start of the year but after the use of the recent firmware being updated, the problem that was facing it was entirely revolved making it to be one of the products that is finer in the market than ever. It can be used by many people, starting of from creative professional to students and every days tasks that you want to use it for.

8. Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

sony-xperia-z3-tablet-compact, Top 10 Best Selling Tablets in The World 2019

Small has nothing to do with functionality so don’t look at this item and despise it, it has beaten many to be here. It has pretty looks that make it one of the best-sorted products in the market. It uses the Bravia technology that will make the screen have that sharp look and make it colorful. The thin design also makes it stand in its own world as it ensures that you don’t get a heavier product to put in your hand especially those that will use it for a longer time. Experience the engineers designing ability that will never cease to be innovative.

7. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro


One thing that I now you might have realized in the market is the fact that most tablets always have a similar look! Don’t be mesmerized when I tell you that this is one of the devices that has a unique design from all the others there. That is why it is rated as one that seta in its own category that contains android tablets. It has been manufactured with all the appropriate amenities that people need to use. It has been fitted with the right battery that ensures that you have a better time to use it.

6. iPad Pro


This is a tablet that is one of the most powerful tablet so far. It is one of the best because it has been given a big screen and when it is combined with the use of four great speakers and that is why it is one that makes it a perfect power house. It also has a perfect keyboard that when you splash it out, you can get to do a lot of work on it, go better chances to watch movies and game, draw and even finish up your typing needs.

5. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet


This device is known to be the best Android tablet which is available on the market. The screen is lovely and its lightweight design which is only 389g is great feature which you’ll end up admiring. What about the waterproof design which is a huge bonus. The general features of this device are really attractive. It has rear and front camera which is great bonus for selfie lovers. It has storage of 32GB and the resolution is 2560 by 1600. You will enjoy using 3GB of RAM. The gorgeous display plus the new improved design is what makes this device the best always and don’t forget that it is waterproof and you can take it along with you to swimming pool or to beach.

4. iPad mini 4


The sleek design of this iPad is what makes people admire this tablet. It has fairly powerful processor and the screen is stunning. The large screen will always give you beautiful video effects and the storage capacity is what makes this iPad the best on the market. The touch ID finger scanner will make you admire this phone. This tablet is beautiful and also highly portable and you’ll enjoy using both rear and front camera and you’ll capture stunning pictures. It is lightweight and weights only 299 grams and RAM of 2GB. The brilliant screen is the best feature which will make you admire this tablet.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2


Are you after the leading Android tablet? Well, you need to invest in this tablet and you’ll have zero regrets. What is cool about this Samsung is that it is reading as well as web surfing friendly and the new 4:3 screen as well as general size and don’t forget about the shape will meet your expectation. Videos will work better on the predecessor. Its resolution is 1536 by 2048 and RAM of 3GB. It features thinner, lighter design and also microSD card slot. The screen is very bright and it will give you the best HD effects and the built-in memory storage is another bonus you will envy. You will experience zero frustration if you use it. The advanced interface is another huge plus.

2. Google Pixel C


Google has now done it all by manufacturing the best tablet that will go beyond your expectation. What you’ll admire is fantastic display, premium design and heaps of power is all what will make your friends envy your phone. You won’t believe that its battery can last up to ten hours which is great for browsing. It has front as well as rear camera and weights 517g. The keyboard is also great accessory and the fantastic screen will give you HD effects which are great for photos and well as video. If you want to experience zero frustration when using a tablet, Pixel C is here to let you achieve what you want in this modern life. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Tablets in The World 2016-2017.

1. iPad Pro 9.7


Do you know that this is the leading tablet which people are craving for? what you will realize is smaller screen alongside with powerful innards are some great features which makes this device the best in the market. It will offer you a lot of power and the smart keyboard is what put this device in the front line. Thanks to the manufacturer who makes this item pencil support and the size is reasonable since it can easily fit into your bag and palm. The price can shock many but it is great for touchscreen device lovers. The speakers are great and you will enjoy playing music during outdoor duties. Its lightweight design is a huge A+. You’ll make use of front as well as rear camera.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Tablets in The World 2016-2017. When you need to get a product that does you all the work for you, then you need to get your hands on the above tablets and they will ensure that all your chores in an appropriate manner. The above ones are the best so far in the market and you are going to enjoy their services. They use the best software in there production so that you don’t get any problems as you utilize them the battery life for each is also one of the best as it ensures that you use it longer than before or any other in the market.