Top 10 Best Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World 2017. It’s been very quietly reported that Victoria’s Secret is preparing to dismantle its swimwear line in favour of other brands of lingerie. You don’t need to panic, all is absolutely fine. There are plenty of places to find the swimsuit to suit your own personal style and body and we’ve found the Top 10 Best Selling Swimsuit brands across the globe for 2017.

Now whether you’re enjoying the spring which is just a month or so away from summer in those hard to reach countries like Australia, remember the New Year with its summer is on it’s way too and there is very little to worry about when you’re off to find a swimsuit. We’ve rounded ’em up so that you’ve got plenty of notice before you head off to the beach or a gorgeous holiday on a tropical island.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World 2017

10. Modcloth Swimsuits


Modcloth seems to know the right way to dress a woman in a bathing suit and whatever your preference, whatever your favourite or not so favourite body bits, Modcloth is going to come running to enhance those bits you love and rescue those bits you don’t. From high-waisted bikini bottoms that give shape and body to your buns, to sexy sweetheart bikini tops, they’ve made an ensemble that makes you feel sophisticated and confident. With a range of patterns, a wide variety of colours and sizes to suit, you’re not going to find any difficulty finding a bathing suit that truly works for you.

9. Aerie

Aerie Top 10 Best Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World 2017

Aerie is a gorgeous line of swimwear that with together with a line of lingerie you’ve got choices that run right out of American Eagle. They have provided a vast range of bikinis that you have the option to mix and match. Or if you prefer, you can buy the piece or pieces that are made for one another. With colours and styles, two pieces and one piece sets, you get to customise your swimsuit to suit your personal tastes. Plus their foldover bikini bottoms are all adjustable to suit the height you prefer without having to conform to other trends.

8. Asos

Asos Top Most Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World 2017

Full time, fast and glorious fashion, Asos is an online retailer where your bathing suit is stylish and in vogue for summer. Shopping online is the way this season and no changerooms are in sight. Asos have suits that are budget friendly; they’ve kept you, the savvy buyer in mind. You may have the option, given their great prices to fill your cart with a spare pair of bikinis. They have a huge selection of designs, colours and sizes to suit every body type from the tall, to the petite and they’ve got some gorgeous styles for the new mums to be.

7. Hanes

Hanes Top Famous Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World 2019

Hanes gets it. All of it. That incomplete feeling a woman has when she’s going to hit the beach in a body that isn’t exactly perfect. But who is? And Hanes understands that it can be a tiny bit intimidating wearing a bathing suit for the first time this season. They’ve got you covered, or those bits you’re not entirely confident with, be it your hips, your tummy or your bust size. And there’s a suit here at Hanes that will have you thinking it was designed just for you in mind. They also offer special sizes to suit those ladies who are shy so that every suit, whatever your shape, fits you beautifully.

6. Soma

Soma Top 10 Best Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World

Has gone all out with forethought and they’ve kept the body of a woman entirely in mind. They carry lingerie and swimwear together with their own brand and each piece is all about you. Selected are designs and colours, low cut and high, bikini tops with an underwire if you’re so looking in that direction, or if you are looking for a bandeau or tankini, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at Soma. They know more than a thing or two about swimwear. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World 2017.

5. Triangl


Triangl is the destination for the forward thinking bikini wearers. Triangle have captured style after stunning style and each piece is designed to accentuate your body in ways that are subtly sexy and demure. You have the opportunity to pair your tops and bottoms or you can go with Triangle who have put an ensemble together in such a way that selecting a pair is like a walk on the beach. They offer suits in bright colours and bold designs that are in their own way designed to make a statement whilst you’re at the pool or by the seaside.

4. Venus


Venus has something Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have and that is a wide range of designs, colours, tops, bottoms, shapes, cuts and sizes. That’s enough for any shopper to become overwhelmed with the concept of selection. But Venus has put together ensembles with cut-outs that are overtly sexy in those places you wouldn’t dream of and they look stunning. They have paid due attention to necklines and stomachs, cut out pieces that reveal the skin in such a way, it’s almost as though one has to look twice. They have also got a wide range of skirts and wrap arounds for those moments when the breeze gets a little cool or you just want to pair your new suit with a complete new look.

3. Everything But Water

Everything But Water Top Most Popular Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World 2018

An interesting name which conjures sitting by the pool or on the sand and never getting wet. The perfect swimsuit awaits you at Everything But Water. They’ve got a vast range of designs, sizes and styles to suit every body with sizes that look proportional. They’ve thought of everything and they offer something for just about everyone. All their suits are catalogued online in such a way it makes for easy selection and you’re bound to find something to truly love in the quickest time.

2. Target



We know what you’re thinking. Target; seriously? Whatever you’re looking for Target has the widest range of swimsuits and you’re bound to find something. They’ve gone a step ahead this season and given us a range of hot colours in their one piece suits and a whole lot of cheeky polka dots in their bikinis. It’s a one-stop shopping stop for those suits that are so affordable, you could buy two. And they’ve got a range of cover up pieces that will enhance and compliment your suit. All that, and you won’t even trip your budget.

1. Camp Cove Swim

Camp Cove Swim Top Popular Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World 2018

From Australia, Camp Cove Swim, the swimwear that just oozes nostalgia, has been christened so after one of Sydney Harbour’s finest strips of gorgeous golden beach. Camp Cove Swim is where you’ll be heading back into time to the 1970’s where everything and everyone was carefree. This swimwear has been produced on the the South Coast of New South Wales and the range is quietly astonishing. These suits cater for every body shape that was ever created. From high bottoms and tops in gingham to full pieces with sexy necklines, bikinis with a hit of a g-string only wider, this brand is generating a seventies buzz throughout the country and throughout the world. Produced in high quality fabrics, you can also mix and match as boldly as you wish. Camp Cove Swim attains their inspiration from the sea, so they’re not going anywhere soon.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Swimsuit Brands in The World 2017. So whether you’re looking for basic favourites, or compositions of three, two or one piece swimsuits, knowing that everything is quality in fabrics that suit the summer seasons is a bonus. Choices are endless, with cut-outs, streamlined silhouettes, sweetheart necklines, halter necklines, over the shoulder and as you can imagine, it’s all there. With a wrap around or a skirt, all you need now are the sunglasses, the bag, a pair of sandals and a hat. And those, you’re likely to find online too. Roll on Summer.