Top 10 Best Selling Straight Razors in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Straight Razors in The Market 2017. Several people all over the world consider straight razors traditional, but the truth is that they’re versatile grooming accessories which offer number benefits to users. They are great for people who shave often and those who don’t want those bulky electrical shavers. They are compact and lightweight to make them easy to use and their well-honed edge which are sharp and makes them offer vastly superior shave. Try these best selling straight razors and you’ll never regret.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Straight Razors in The Market 2017

10. Velvet Forge

velvet forge, Top 10 Best Selling Straight Razors in The Market 2017

The item has been constructed from solid stainless steel which is durable and you can use it several times without any difficulties and it will never dull or rust. It has sleek design which makes it handy and it can fit in the hand to give you better control and it has professional look. The tactical cutthroat design is great for grooming sensitive and it can also use it to reach areas like under the neck and also sideburns. It is light and affordable and it comes in handy anytime you want it.

9. Sanguine Pure Wood


This is an advanced wood model which is pure and it is light, portable as well as easy to use. it will never irritate your skin and it will enable you enjoy a close and also smooth shave which is on demand with only little effort. Its price is decent and its pure wood handle stays warm and very sturdy and it is well oriented to let it fit comfortably in your handle while using it. It com with tunable screw which you can customize its performances. Then thumb grip is ideal for stability as well as safety and it has convenient pivot which will secure its blade when it is not in use.

8. The Shave Network Shave Ready


This stuff has been designed to give you incredible experience and it will never break your bank. It has been constructed from hardened carbon steel blade which will withstand those daily abuses and its material is solid and it will remain ever sharp and it has well-honed edge which will never dull over time. The well-finished surface will glide smoothly on your sin and it is capable of resisting corrosion as well as rust over time. It has light and also ergonomic body and the usage is simple and it comes with durable slipcase to make storage/transportation effortless.

7. Dovo Silver Shavette


The sharp satin-finished blade will offer you close as well as comfortable shave when you want to shave and it will make grooming fun. It is also lighter which makes it easy to maneuver and it can work well with experienced shavers as well as beginners. It has sturdy handle and it has been designed to fit in your hand comfortable and its classic matte design will last longer than those cheaper brands. It comes with red and black holders which will secure your razor while on go. It is impressive and it need low maintenance which is cleaning and sharpening and it is ideal shaver for daily use.

6. Whetstone Straight Razors


This item has been designed to make users happy and you’ll never regret using it because it cut without nicking or irritating. The stainless steel construction makes the item light, durable and also resistant to corrosion and the acid etched handle will remain comfortable whilst using it and offer unbeatable grip. This item is great for safer as well as memorable grooming moment. It has wonderfully detailed body and sold at decent price and it glides smoothly in the skin and this is great to reduce irritation.

5. Classic Samurai CS-102


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Straight Razors in The Market 2017. You need this shave with remains ever sharp and it is able to cut closely without causing irritation. It is affordable and it has well-honed blade which will never kink, rust or lose its sharpness over time. It doesn’t needs skills to use and what you are required to do is apply cream or soap on your skin and it will glide smoothly and you can use it to groom your side burn, beard and even mustache. It feature novel exchangeable blade technology which you’ll appreciate and you will get protective plastic pouch which is durable and great for safer storage.

4. Parker SRW


It has hygienic interchangeable blade and you’ll appreciate and it is versatile and made of durable material and its overall design is sturdy. The straight razor is lightweight and also ergonomic and it will penetrate and able to groom on those hard to reach areas and the handle is well-balanced and grips securely in the handle and it will guarantee comfortable shaving experience. It comes with premium storage case and it is affordable and features unisex design which can benefit women and men.

3. Equinox Professional


This is a professional-grade shaver which has been designed for men and it has light as well as easy to use design and it has efficient straight edge. The timeless classic design will guarantees you have quality shave and it is great for daily use. It also features well-balanced design to let you have comfortable grip shave with confidence. The well-honed edge means that your straight razor will perform better than those traditional razors. This item is resistant to rust and also able to maintain its sharpness longer.

2. Parker SR1


Forget those traditional models which make you uncomfortable while shaving. It has stainless steel and also well-balanced and the blade is easy to use and also replace. It has quality construction as well as high-performance design and has high safety design. It is a locking blade which will reduce risk of injuries when it is stored. The rounded edge will prevent cut as well as nicks and the handle is sturdy and it will never slip and so you will love its general performance when grooming.

1. Utopia Care Straight-Edge-Barber-Razor


Get this straight razor and you will enjoy smooth grooming experience. It is made of 100 percent stainless steel and it is stain resistant and features well-balanced design and it doesn’t need any skill to use. It is capable of generating smooth as well as non-irritant strokes using its chrome-plated surface. The safety grip will prevent slip and also injury. Purchase the original one and you will experience comfortable grooming moments.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Straight Razors in The Market 2017. These straight razors are versatile and offer pleasing benefits which men and women will envy. Forget those traditional models which make you feel discomfort while grooming and give these one a shot and you will experience wonderful grooming experience which your skin will appreciate. Their blades are made of durable stainless steel and the handles are well designed to offer excellent balance. They are light and also functional and you’ll love using them.