Top 10 Best Selling Spy Cameras in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Spy Cameras in The World 2017. When you are going out of town and you have no-one to keep a check on your home, what do you do? If you have to hire a babysitter to watch your kids but you do not know the stranger that well, what do you do? The solution to these issues is easy. You buy a spy camera to hide for keeping a check on your belongings or loved ones.

These handy items are the best for keeping people from knowing you are checking out what they are doing. Some of the spy cameras are set up with night vision so it can record in the dark. Some even have motion detection which means it starts to record or take pictures as soon as it senses movement. You can buy them with wires or they come wireless too. The best spy cameras that I have found to be on the market are listed below. Some are in forms of pens, little boxes, or even disguised as a keychain! Keep reading for more information about the top ten spy cameras for 2017!

List of Top 10 Best Selling Spy Cameras in The World 2017

10. Spy Gadgets Mini Keychain Camera


Takes good quality videos and clear pictures. Some parents got this for their kids who love spy gadgets but some got this so they could catch what the kids were up to while no one was watching. The only down fall of it is that the battery will only last for about thirty minutes so you have to keep a check on if it is dead or not. The audio is decent and these are great to give as gifts. No one will ever notice that you are recording anything with this small tool.

9. Ugetde Cool Waterproof Watch Video Camera


This video camera is decent but is not for extreme professional evidence. If you are wearing under your clothes you may pick up the scratchy noise of your clothes rubbing against it. If you need to get the video and audio of something then it is great. But this in no HD quality product.

8. Jumbl Megapixel HD 1280 x 720p HD Mini Hidden Spy Camera

Jumbl Megapixel HD 1280 x 720p HD Mini Hidden Spy Camera Top Most Spy Cameras Reviews 2019

The documents are poor and confusing with no step to step direction. You have to download the Jumbl DVR Widget software. It has high quality video and audio, motion detection, continuous file overwriting, automatic switch between day and night vision, and so much more that you will love. The only down fall is getting it set up because of the difficultness of it. A high tech savvy person had trouble setting it up himself. If the green light does not blink after setting everything up you must format your SD card to FAT32 software which only takes a few seconds to format to the card. Then place the SD card back in the device and see if it works, if not then it is still incorrect.

7. Toughsty Mini DV Camcorder Hidden Camera Video Recorder


This hidden camera video recorder is said to be junk. Charge the battery then plug in and nothing works, switch your battery out and still nothing, try different battery and all you will get is a small dim blue light but nothing that will help. Your files will be lost because they do not save to the SD card, both batteries you get will be dead when you get them, the remote does not work. It is junk and you could get something better at a cheaper price.

6. Car Keychain Spy Camera

Car Keychain Spy Camera Top Most Famous Spy Cameras Reviews 2018

Hidden Pinhole Digital Video Recorder & Mini Spy Camera- The fact that it looks like a car fob is great. No one will ever know that you are recording them. Very easy to use. Power on and then start taking pictures buying pressing the button. Hold the button down for three seconds and it will start recording. Single press will stop the recording. If you have been recording for a little while then give it a few seconds for the yellow light to go off, it is still writing the video to the SD card. Has great quality and will show you great videos. This is great for the price that it is because no one will even be able to notice it is a camera. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Spy Cameras in The World 2017.

5. PHYLINK PLC-128PW 720P HD Covert IP Camera

PHYLINK PLC-128PW 720P HD Covert IP Camera Top 10 Best Spy Cameras Reviews

To use this camera you must have good lighting or the picture will look fuzzy. You can only use this during the day or if a light is on. You must hook it to a router in order to use it. Every two to three weeks people are losing streaming capability with the camera. Has motion activation but is very sensitive so it will record with just a little of motion causing it to notify you of nothing going on. It is small so it is easy to hide so no one will see it.

4. LiBa 720P SAS Hidden Spy Pen Camera

LiBa 720P SAS Hidden Spy Pen Camera Top Famous Spy Cameras Reviews 2019

This pen can be used to write with or even spy on that annoying co worker who is always messing with your stuff. Catch them in the act when you walk away by setting the pen up right and setting it to record. Come back to your desk and see the video and have proof of them doing it. It has great audio and clear pictures and video just place SD card in computer and upload the evidence.

3. AGC Mart Hidden Camera Spy Pen 1080p

AGC Mart Hidden Camera Spy Pen 1080p Top 10 Best Spy Cameras Reviews 2017

This pen is the best so far because everyone loves it. It has great video, great audio, easy to use, easy to set up the list goes on and on. You can plug the pen into your computer several different ways. The pictures seam a little blurry if the light is not just right. But all in all it seems like a great buy if you love the tech savvy stuff. It works great in light but not in the dark. You can also write with this pen to make it look like you are really doing something.

2. Camscura Micro Hidden Camera Black Box Covert Home Surveillance and Nanny Camera

Camscura Micro Hidden Camera Black Box Covert Home Surveillance and Nanny Camera Top Best Spy Cameras Reviews 2017

This camera will record five minutes of video after turned on by the motion. If the motion is consistent then it will keep recording. Most people say the timestamp is wrong. If you do not trust that it is correct then you must do a testing. If it is wrong then plug it into your PC and fix the time on it. The video is horrible so if you are trying to catch something it is going to be choppy and it will only record when it feels like it. It is a waste of money and tech support will not even know what to do if you call them.

1. FabQuality Hidden Camera Pen Spy Camera

FabQuality Hidden Camera Pen Spy Camera Top Most Popular Spy Cameras Reviews 2018

Very nice pen and usable. Smooth writing and great balanced weight. The sound is great and the video is very clear. You will not be disappointed with this purchase. No will be able to tell that you are even recording them because it does everything a real pen does. You will need to make sure the light is really good or your video will look dark. It takes good pics and picks up audio in your pocket so great quality there.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Spy Cameras in The World 2017. Overall, the spy camera is an excellent choice for those who want to video or take photos of someone without their knowledge, or even to just keep a record of your home while you are out of town! The ones listed above have great features and will fit the needs of anyone looking to invest in one of these lovely items. Using these will show you just how much goes on behind you back. No matter what anyone does or says these hidden spy cameras will pick it up and be sent straight to you. Kids who love these things will be able to use them will no trouble. No need in not having something to show the police if someone breaks in to your home because they are that great. It will show you clear pictures of the persons face and even what they have been taking from you. you will hear everything they say with just the upload to the computer or your phone. Next time you think to hire a babysitter to watch your kids have one of these on hand so they can not do any thing to harm your baby without you knowing first hand.