Top 10 Best Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity 2017. How comfortable and safe are your eyes as your enjoy your best sporting game, whether it’s the calm fields of golfers enjoying the cool breeze or paddling through splashing water and fast blowing wind. You should always protect them for a better healthy future. From the safety features and high-end technology featured in the latest sporty sunglasses, you might think you are getting big ugly glasses that the sales person always tries to convince on their practicality but instead you are getting cool classes glasses that will still protect your eyes keeping them sharply focused on the game. Any sport you indulge in has been well researched and taken care of. The best-selling sports sunglasses in 2017 are listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity 2017

10. Adidas Raylor- Best for outdoor sports

Adidas Raylor- Best for outdoor sports Top Most Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity 2017

It has a wraparound frame which keeps your eyes sheltered from any impacts and gives a tight grip while offering an extensive field of vision. It uses Clima cool technology to avoid fogging provide cool fresh air to your eyes without distorting your vision. It has a Lens Lock System to ease lens changes and keep them robust. It has a quick release hinge which works well with its stable pressure free fit that keeps it flexible and gripping without compromising the comfort. A sweat blocker upholds your performance and helps the anti-fog functionality. Some options have a head strap and a nose cover.

9. Revo Converge – Best for sailing

Revo Converge – Best for sailing Top 10 Best Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity

The Revo coverage incorporates flair and comfort to give the sailors an ultimate experience. It has flush mount spring hinges to ensure durability. Its Polarized Serilium lenses Protect against glare to give you a clear vision on reflective items. They also manage the full spectrum of light filtering the harmful ones from your eyes. Its light weight frame is shatterproof for durability. Fingerprints, oil, water and, sweat cannot stick on the lenses thanks to its NASA-inspired lens technology applied on Its Revo surface pro protection system.

8. Smith Pivlock Arena Max – Best for road cycling


The Pivlock Arena Max features carbonic TLT lenses with a Hydroleophobic coating which are mounted on TR90 frame material that to offer comprehensive view coverage and protection to your eyes. The nose pads are adjustable to two positions to provide supreme coziness on any head shape. Its Frameless design reduces weight and gives an uninterrupted field while its megol material keeps the glasses on your face at all times which is perfect for racing or cycling. It works well with some helmets and does not snag on your hair.

7. Hobie Phin – Best for stand-up paddleboarding


The Hobie phin features eight base polarized hydro infinity lenses that are fitted on a durable TR-90 Frame with flexible precision hinges. The Cooper lens are coated with a green multi-layer lens to reduce glare and enhance the color contrast. It’s easily adjustable to every head shape with its quick release clips. A microfiber cloth is provided to clean your lens and a hard case for storage. An anti-fog megol rubber gasket keeps your vision clear.

6. POC crave- Best for mountain biking

POC crave- Best for mountain biking Top Famous Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity 2019

Crave features a durable, flexible and ultra-weight frame which should be the first list in any athletic sunglass specification. It is fitted with hydrophilic rubber for better grip in wet conditions and when you move or sweat. Its Carl Zeiss Vision lens offers exceptional optical clarity. It’s also built with an open design feature to ensure free flow of air for better ventilation. It is ripel treated to ensure dirt, fog, grip or water doesn’t stick on the glasses. It matches Tectal helmets which enable using them together and better safety in case of a crash.

5. Under Armour igniter 2.0- Best for tennis


The igniter 2.0 frames are made of a grilamid and titanium fusion to offer state of the art flexibility and strength.Its armor sight lenses are ten times stronger than polycarbonate lenses and provide better clarity on your vision. Its air management design keeps you cool and cozy. They are scratch and smudge free due to their mutiflection technology. It protects your eyes from UVC, UVB and UVA rays. Also, the nose pads are adjustable and fused with the auto grip templates they offer the ultimate performance and contentment. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity 2017.

4. Nike vaporwing Elite R- Best for running

Nike vaporwing Elite R- Best for running Top Most Popular Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity 2018

The Elite-R is made to meet the runners’ needs. It incorporates flight technology on aerodynamics to offer the least resistance while using the sunglasses. Precise cuts made on the glass ensure least wind resistance. It is made of a single piece shield lens fixed on a custom mold which is polished to maintain its fantastic quality and keep the weight as minimum as possible. Its revolutionary Nike + Zeiss Optics offers constant clarity all along your running adventures.

3. Bolle Highwood – Best for hiking

Bolle Highwood – Best for hiking Top Popular Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity 2018

Bolle is a 60-year-old brand that has been perfecting the technology and art on their sunglasses. Bolle Highwood is light and comfortable to wear. They are equipped with infrared protection and coated with carbon glass to ensure beauty and robustness. Safety is an essential feature in bolle hence an impact resistance is added to this masterpiece. It has B-20.3 polycarbonate lenses to ensure razor sharp accuracy of your vision on the environment surrounding you.

2. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL – Best for baseball


The Flak 2.0 is elegantly put together without compromising its high performance. It uses Prizm lens technology that will polish up any interruptions on your sports environs to give you ultimate vision. It also offers unique lens curvature that protects you from wind, sun, and impact. It incorporates high definition optics that will provide optimum optical clarity and precise vision. It’s made of featherweight, stress resistant material that is durable and comfortable.

1. Adidas Adivista l – Best for Golf

Adidas Adivista l - Best for Golf Top 10 Best Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity 2017

Golf is mostly associated with rich individuals who tend to prefer high-end lifestyle, and for the sunglasses, they won’t take any less. The Adidas advista l is the best option if you are into golf. The design and practicality all made to meet your standards. They are entirely comfortable with their quick release hinges and refined Auto fit grip systems. The view is spectacular through the LCT contrast lenses with decentered vision advantage. They offer a wraparound view and protection to your eyes. Their light weight comfortably rests on the double snap nose pads while the eyes remain cool as they are well vented. They come in blue and black color.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Sports Sunglasses For Every Activity 2017. Your eyes are possibly the most important body part in most sporting escapades, and so they should be well taken care of. The sunglasses listed above offers the best experience in their particular field but can still be used in some other sports adventures based on what is required. For your next sporting adventure try one of these sports sunglasses and enjoy what they have to offer.

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