Top 10 Best Selling Sports Headphones For Workouts in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Sports Headphones For Workouts in The Market 2017. Music has been proven to improve the performance of a workout as it can create a rhythm that motivates you to do more as well as cuts out destruction. But to be able to work out effectively, you need headphones that have the ability to support your workout and not interrupt the workout. this means they should be able to handle vigorous movements, sweat dripping, enable free movement of your body without it getting entangled and of course, you will want headphones that sound great. Many manufacturers have taken these into consideration and come up with headphones specialised for workouts. Here are the top best selling sports headphones for workouts.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Sports Headphones For Workouts in The Market 2017

10. Philips Action Fit SHQ6500

philips-action-fit-shq6500, Top 10 Best Selling Sports Headphones For Workouts 2017

Phillips have mastered how to create super light headphones that will not create any uncomfortable weight on your ears. The Bluetooth headphones are also able to stay in your ears however hard you are moving which makes them quite good for workouts. They may be ordinary when it comes to the sound output but they are still a favorite for many people who want basic sports headphones for workouts.

9. Sennheiser PMX 686G Sports


The sound quality of these earphones is quite impressive and that is what makes many people go in for them. They, however, have a wire that connects to the phone as well as a neckband that some people find a bit of a bother but they weigh just 16 grams and remain in your ears as you run or do aerobics so they are good for your workouts.

8. Plantronics BackBeat Fit


If comfort is what you want, that is exactly what you get from these headphones. They feel very soft on the ears and you can wear them for long workouts or runs and not feel the need to remove them and give your ears some rest. They are a bit pricey but their performance is impressive and since they are Bluetooth, you do not worry about wires getting in the way. If you are running on a busy street, you will appreciate the semi-open design which lets in a bit of background sound so you can hear a car coming.

7. KitSound Outrun


These are reasonably priced Bluetooth headphones that are even cheaper than many wired ones. They are incredibly light (15 grams) and they are able to stay on the ears while you perform vigorous movements, thanks to the large wings. They are very is to set up as they have a one touch button to connect.

6. LG Tone Active


LG choose to come up with a unique design to compete in the wireless work out headphone market. The sound output of these headphones is quite impressive and some people say it is the best they have ever heard. But the most impressive feature of these Bluetooth headphones is their battery life, these batteries can last 9.5 hours and that is longer than anyone’s workout so you are assured they will go with you the whole 9 yards.

5. Bose SoundSports Wireless


These are headphones that really bring the house down with their sound output. Anyone looking for massive bass would be blown away by these headphones performance. They also sit quite securely on your ears and they are quite durable. They tend to be on the pricey side but they do get the job done when it comes to audio output. For people who need that extra punch in the output to do a perfect workout, then this is what you would love if you have the money for it. This is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Sports Headphones For Workouts in The Market 2017.

4. Photive PH-BTE70


These are truly value for money headphones. They are reasonably priced and do deliver quite well, almost as good as some of the more pricey options. With a battery life of 6 hours, you are assured that they will last the entire workout plus some extra maybe as you get something from the grocery store on your way home. They also hold on well to the ears with the hooks that go round to the back of the ear for extra attachment. They are also sweat proof

3. Bragi Dash


If you are looking for completely wireless headphones then these are just what you need but be warned that they are also some of the most expensive headphones you can find. However, they are very feature rich you would enjoy using them and never have to worry about them getting entangled when placed in your pocket. The battery lasts 3 to 4 hours and the output is quite decent.

2. Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless


These are pretty impressive headphones that come with an APP to complement your workout. You can get data like the distance covered, your heart rate and much more sent to your phone as you workout. They are also made to be used in any weather as well as to withstand dirt, dust and shock and they will stay in your ears no matter what kind of workout you are engaged in. The battery will last 5 hours

1. Jay Bird X2


Now here are the best selling headphones and they are well worth their price. They offer an 8-hour battery which is more than you need for a workout. They give you a range of 30 feet and weigh 13.8 grams. No matter how sweaty your workouts are, you can be assured that that will not affect the headphones. The sound output is tremendous and they stay in your ears throughout the workout.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Sports Headphones For Workouts in The Market 2017. Obviously, wireless headphones are the way to go when you want trouble free workouts. At the moment there are a number of affordable wireless headphones and for people who still like the traditional headphones with wires, there are a few like that as well. In most cases it comes down to what you prefer and what you can afford, otherwise, there is something for everyone.