Top 10 Best Selling Sports Drinks in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Sports Drinks in The Market 2017. Energy drinks are often linked to pro athletes and other such personalities who are constantly on the go or always seen engaged in strenuous or demanding activities. They are quite beneficial for anyone who needs and extra boost during a high intensity situation, such s as a workout or even a rough day on the job. It’s wise to consume only a recommended amount however, as energy drinks are not a substitute for other fluids. With that in mind, here are the top ten best selling sports drinks of 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Sports Drinks in The Market 2017

10. OSMO Nutrition Women’s Hydration Powder

osmo-nutrition-womens-hydration-powder, Top 10 Best Selling Sports Drinks 2017

OSMO is designed to give the user the maximum amount of fluid along with an efficient absorption rate of electrolytes upon consumption. What it does is combine sucrose with both glucose and sodium in an effort to bump up the rate of fluid absorption. It is low in carbs and even helps to slow the constant rise of core temperature in order to help maintain proper blood flow throughout the body, particularly to a user’s muscles. This supplement is filled with natural ingredients that are combined to give the user the maximum benefit along with a sweet taste that can make it pleasing as well as healthy to consume.

9. Nature’s Best Isopure Zero Carb Protein Drink

natures-best-isopure-zero-carb-protein-drink, Top 10 Best Selling Sports Drinks 2018

These tasty sports drinks each carry an impressive amount of protein, nearly 40 grams per bottle. They come in various flavors that are all popular and can put a sweet taste on the tongue after a hard workout. Possessing absolutely no carbs or fat these drinks can help the consumer replace lost electrolytes after a hard workout. It is a good-tasting drink that can help the body feel refreshed and revitalized in a way that is both healthy and quite tasty. With so many flavors to choose from the only difficulty with this drink is deciding which one to pick.

8. Gatorade Thirst Quencher Powder Frost Glacier Freeze

gatorade-thirst-quencher-powder-frost-glacier-freeze, Top 10 Best Selling Sports Drinks 2019

You’ve seen the ads, the commercials, and have witnessed famous personalities and models alike swigging large bottles or packets of Gatorade. So why not you? Gatorade has a long history of refreshing and replenishing electrolytes and keeping the body hydrated before, during, and after exhaustive activity. Coming in powder form as it does allows this sports drink to travel easily and be kept most anywhere you can find room, such as a backpack, a pocket, virtually anywhere that it can be stored until it is needed. It’s important to measure this powder out so the drink isn’t too strong, as in the current quantity sold it is meant to make around nine gallons, which makes it a perfect addition to any sideline.

7. Powerade Zero

powerade-zero, Top 10 Best Selling Sports Drinks 2020

Much like Gatorade, Powerade is possessed of absolutely no calories but are utilized to make sure that any athlete, regardless of fitness level is replenished and revitalized after a hard workout. While Powerade has become far more popular in recent years, it has still had to share the spotlight with many other sports drinks when it comes to how efficient and how attractive it is to consumers. While the marketing gimmicks and ads that have brought Powerade so far in its quest to be one of the most popular sports drinks around have done remarkably well, it is still not seen to be as efficient as others due to its high amount of sodium. While it is still quite refreshing and even tastes great, it is still far from being number one on the list.

6. Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water

zico-pure-premium-coconut-water, Top 10 Best Selling Sports Drinks

Unlike other energy drinks Zico is not from concentrate, as it is one hundred percent coconut water. It has no added sugars, and is not a food that is reduced in calories. What it does is support hydration by offering five different electrolytes that occur naturally. It contains just as much potassium per bottle as one banana, and is not GMO. It is packaged at the source and thus does not become bogged down by added ingredients that are unknown to the consumer. It contains no fat, gluten, or cholesterol, and normally ships in quantities of 12. Made from coconuts found in Indonesia, Zico is a great way to increase hydration and replenish the body in an efficient and healthy manner.

5. GU Hydration Drink Tabs


Few things are easier than being able to carry the means to make an energizing and refreshing drink in your pocket or backpack. The tabs offered by GU are easily dissolved and give a very light, even effervescent flavor that tingles on the tongue and can refresh your body after a hard workout. There is a reasonable level of sodium in each tablet to help balance out the water content of your drink, and the tablets also contain xylitol to reduce any gastrointestinal problems that a user might otherwise experience. Each and every flavor is caffeine free. The package features a box of 8 tubes, each with 12 tablets, a very generous supply. Each serving is only 10 calories and can be used before, during, even after your exercise. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Sports Drinks in The Market 2017.

4. BodyArmor Super Drink


Standing as one of the absolute best on this list, BodyArmor is considered to be one of the premium drinks available on the market today. It has roughly two and a half times the electrolytes of any other sports drinks, and is a valuable source of A, C, E, and B vitamins. It contains at least ten percent coconut water and is all natural when it comes to color and flavor. It is also gluten free, actually certified kosher, and carries no unwanted preservatives. As one of the more popular drinks on this list, it has become among the most used and widely known sports drinks in the world to date.

3. Optimum Nutrition 100% Nutrition Drink


Many whey protein drinks stand as the most pure form when it comes to whey. In fact this is the chief ingredient that Gold Standard uses in its drinks for good reason. Every serving that is consumed can provide up to 24 grams of whey protein that is easily digested and is quickly absorbed into the body. There are very low levels of fat, lactose, cholesterol, and many other unwanted materials in this product. This is to insure that you are getting the necessary nutrients and little else in order to maximize the effect of the Gold Standard.

2. Powerbar Ironman Perform Sports Drink Mix


Powerbar Ironman is designed to maximize endurance and provide the necessary fuel for
increased performance whether a person is in training or competition. Engineered to provide a
thirst-quenching experience that is loaded with carbohydrates and replenishing electrolytes,
Ironman is one of the few premium sports drinks that can truly elevate an athlete’s performance
in a way that allows them to continually push themselves without worrying about dehydrating or
otherwise wearing themselves out due to lack of fluids. It also has a very light taste and only 70
calories with every serving. The popularity of this drink has not only elevated it to the number
two spot on the list, but has made it possible for many athletes to go harder and longer than ever

1. Reliant Recovery Water


There is nothing like Reliant Water on the market right now, which is undoubtedly why it has taken the top spot on this list. A naturally flavored water filled with electrolytes, this wonderful tasting water is able to keep you going no matter what activity you’re about to perform, be it a marathon or just going out to work in the back yard. It can prepare you for a long, hard day at work without having to load up on sugars or any other unknown materials that other drinks are so notorious for omitting or burying with product details. Reliant Recovery Water is a refreshing and revitalizing break from the norm.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Sports Drinks in The Market 2017. Whatever your preference, energy drinks are, and have been, the rage for many athletes and active individuals for decades. It is wise to pick one that is most beneficial to you, and by all means to use them only when needed. While they can grant you the needed energy to complete your activities, they are also best used only when that extra boost is needed.

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