Top 10 Best Selling Snowboard Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Snowboard Brands in The World 2016-2017. Having a good quality snowboard is just like having a nice pair of trainers. It boost ones morale and confidence. The assurance that you can go airborne and land without the board snapping like a twig. Without this kind of assurance the skating experience will be much different. A snowboard should be like an extension of your feet, the main difference is that you do not walk in them but rather, glide.

Everyone desires to have the best of everything. That is why we are always pushing harder.The first step of acquiring the best is actually identifying the best. There are a number of manufacturers who have been known to produce the world’s best snowboards five star reviews. Some have produced such boards for years and have perfected their products to provide the ultimate snowboarding experience. The world’s best snowboard brands 2017 include:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Snowboard Brands in The World 2016-2017

10. Forum Snowboards

forum snowboards, Best Selling Snowboard Brands in The World 2017

Founded in 1996, Forum is famous for producing a number of products which include but are limited to: high quality chambers, pop chambers, chili dogs, double dogs, and other items. The company produces some of the best snowboards that you will find in the market. The have been tested and proven on snow and have been highly rated. The company has a wide range of snowboards to suit different customers’ taste and preferences. It also produces snowboard bindings and boots.

9. DC Snowboards

dc snowboards, Best Selling Snowboard Brands in The World 2018

Trust is everything when it comes to producer-consumer relations. It will break no bones to say that this brand has completely won the hearts of the consumers. Its popularity speaks for itself. Apart from the eye-catching varieties the design of this skate boards incorporates both great comfort and edge technology. If the truth be told; snow-boarding is a flashy sport. So looks count!

8. Rome Snowboards

rome snowboards, Best Selling Snowboard Brands in The World 2019

Crail, blue, agent, artifact, machine, solution, graft, anthem, label, flag are just but a handful of the designs from Rome Snowboards. If you are into diverse styles, this is the brand for you. The manufacturer’s main concentration in the product is on style and comfort. Rome Snowboards was established by Paul Maravetz and Josh Reid in 2001.

7. Flow Snowboards


Just like the name suggests, this boards are designs to glide the glide of a life time hence; Flow Snowboards. Founded by Neil Pryde and Reinhardt Hansen in the year 1992 the company’s brand has taken root ever since and so is the snowboard’s quality produced by the company. The experience on this snow board is simply awesome!

6. Lib Tech Snowboards


Lib Tech is not just a brand but a lifestyle. It is not only gorgeous, it is also advanced and appealing; no wonder, it has hard die hard lovers. It is a popular that was started in in 1977. Lib Tech Snowboards products are both environment-friendly and durable. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Snowboard Brands in The World 2016-2017.

5. K2 Snowboards


K2 Snowboards was founded in 1964 by Bill Kirschner. It has provided its customers with some of the best snowboards ever and it’s still doing great. Maintaining high quality products for such a long time is no easy feat. Over time this brand has been known for both performance and style. It does not stop there. Extra effort have been made by the brand to give its consumers new and exciting products to enable them to have a snowboarding experience of a lifetime! Such items include: in-line-skate, bikes, alpine, bindings, apparel, and boots among others.

4. Burton Snowboards


This brand needs no introduction. Any skater would know about Burton Snowboards. There is a reason Burton is a big name; production of high quality products. If someone want to try something new on a skateboard he/she should definitely use this brand. It is one of the most trusted brands currently in the market. It was established in the year 1977 by Jake Burton. 40 years in the market has seen the product’s quality soar high and above. In terms of quality and innovation, Burton is the best that there is.

3. Rossignol Snowboards


The founder, who happens to have been a carpenter was Alben Rossignol. The use of this snowboards on big events such as the Olympics is a huge statement in itself. Rossignol Snowboards is one of the best snowboards you could ever find and also used by the best. The champions’ choices. This one is a keeper; once you go Rossignol, you never come back! Having been established in 1907, the company is like a grandparent to the other brands. This brand is a result of many years of experience and advanced skill.

2. Ride Snowboards


Having been around for only a few years and doing great in the market proves that the product has outdone itself. It was founded by Redmond and Washington Ride and there has been no looking back ever since. Ride Snowboards’ sustainability, exceptional quality, and next-generation cutting-edge technology have seen this brand stand beside the greatest that have ever been. It is equipped with technical aspects such as membrane, slime wall, and cleave edge just to name a few.

1. GNU Snowboards


For any skater or aspiring skater, this is the ideal skating brand. It produces the ultimate snowboards. Talk of banana tech, asymmetry, Magne-traction and much more. It has it all. It is also environment-friendly, offers great performance, sustainable, durable, appealing, comfortable, stylish and much more! Get one and experience it all on your own.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Snowboard Brands in The World 2016-2017. We can go on and on about snowboard all day but nothing beats the experience no matter how short. Like most sports, adrenaline is everything. The higher the risk, the more the adrenaline and the higher the achievement. In-as-much-as the experience is breathtaking, no one wants to get injured out there. The fact that you could get hurt makes it interesting but the ‘interesting’ bit vanishes if you actually get injured. To avoid such predicaments and also enjoy other merits such as comfort, it is vital that you get your snowboard from them best. As usual safety comes first. From the variety of brands above it is safe to say that there is something for everyone.