Top 10 Best Selling Snowblowers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Snowblowers in The Market 2017. If you have ever been outside in the freezing weather to shovel a driveway or sidewalk then you know exactly how it is hard work and requires a ton of energy. By the time you are finished you are wiped out and not wanting to do anything else for the rest of the day. Well, when you invest in an electric or gas powered snowblower it is going to reduce the energy you use up plus make the work get done a lot faster than the old shovel method. Of course, there are things you need to think about before buying one. Know whether it is powerful enough for you or not, does it start up easy in the cold, is it easy to store when it is not being used, will there be a warranty in case something happens, or think about if you want one that is wide to get the cleaning done quickly if the weather is below freezing. These are all something to think about and research before committing to a purchase. Below I have listed ten of the best-selling snowblowers that has been bought in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Snowblowers in The Market 2017

10. Honda 20-inch Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower-

honda-20-inch-single-stage-gas-snow-blower, Top 10 Best Selling Snowblowers 2017

Honda makes a lot of machines. From cars to motorcycles and even small items like power equipment. So of course, they would come out with a snow blower that is going to be reliable and high-quality. The model of this though is considered a low tier so having a pull rope to start is expected. Plenty of people says that it is easy to get going and start using even with the rope being pulled for starting. One person said it only took him one pull and the machine started right up with no problems at all.

9. Husqvarna 100 Series 21-inch Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower-

husqvarna-100-series-21-inch-single-stage-gas-snow-blower, Top 10 Best Selling Snowblowers 2018

Even though it is small and compact the power behind it is awesome. Because of the compact design, it is not going to take a lot of space once you put it away for the season. The company that manufactures these always try to provide the most reliable items that are going to give you the longest amount of years for use. On the front, there is a light for you to see your path in the early mornings or late evenings once the sun is gone from the sky. The best part about this product is the electric start. No more pull ropes to use the item because you can just push a button and you are able to begin clearing up all that snow.

8. EGO 21-Inch Single Stage Cordless 56-Volt Li-ion Snow Blower-

ego-21-inch-single-stage-cordless-56-volt-li-ion-snow-blower, Top 10 Best Selling Snowblowers 2019

It runs off of a fifty-six-volt battery that is going to give you some of the best power you have ever experienced before. Get a warranty once you purchase the product. The design has come to long ways since some of the older models and this one is cordless so no worries of tripping and harming yourself while it is being used. Reviews say it is easy to control while shoveling their driveways and it will cut straight through some of the thickest amount of snowfall.

7. Craftsman 24-Inch Dual-Stage Snow Blower-


It is easy to maneuver and even easier to start. Just press a button and the blower will come to life. Grab onto the handles and begin down a path and by the time you have finished your energy is still going to be full because this does not take much out of you since the weight is very little. People love how it gets the job done with no issues presenting themselves and causing them to waste their day away fixing the problem. It’s reliable and built to last for many years.

6. Cub Cadet 24-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower-

cub-cadet-24-inch-two-stage-gas-snow-blower, Top 10 Best Selling Snowblowers

The blades are made of really heavy steel to ensure better quality. The front features a bright light for seeing in the dark and that is the best feature to some people. If you live in places that receive huge amounts of snow each year then you need one of these just because of the blades. They are manufactured to take down heavy banks of snow within seconds without causing you to use a ton of energy. People living in states such as Michigan and Wisconsin have said they use this product and have had no problems clearing away the tons of snow that fall every year.

5. Sno-Tek 24-Inch Two-Stage Snow Blower-


This heavy duty model has some great features everyone will love. The best one is the product is considered self-propelling. That means you do not have to push it because it is going to control itself. Just start the driving and just help guide the machine, that is all there is to it. Women have said this is one of the easiest pieces of machinery they have had the chance to use. Since a female is sometimes not strong enough to control the heavy products like these then this one would be the better option for them. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Snowblowers in The Market 2017.

4. Cub Cadet 26-Inch 3-Stage Gas Snow Blower With Power Steering-


This excellent product has great horsepower and has a headlight mounted to the front so you are able to clear the driveway or sidewalk at any time of the day. Just be careful to not wake your neighbors by pointing the machine where the light will shine in their windows. The overall best feature of the product is the heated handles. Those are perfect for the areas that have extremely cold weather and drops tons of inches of snowfall each year.

3. Remington 30-inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower-


The snowblower featured here comes with a thirty-inch wide mechanism for fast clearing of snow from areas that are large in size. The price is higher but to save time on land that is huge then the investment will be worth it. With it being gas-powered the machine is going to run at a faster speed and get the job done in a little amount of time. Users have stated they love that the handles are heated so they can keep their hands warm when it is freezing outside and the job requires a few hours of work. They also enjoy how wide it is so that the cleaning gets done moderately faster.

2. Toro Power Max HD 28-Inch Two-Stage Snow Blower-


This is the one that costs the most money out of all the products but it has any feature you will want or need. With features such as power steering, handles that are heated, a headlight, the blades are made out of steel, and the chute able to be turned different directions within seconds you will be overjoyed to own this item. There is a total of eight gears packed into this one machine so paying the high cost may be worth it if you want more options and a job being well done. Reviewers enjoyed the features so much that they said the price did not bother them because as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, well that definitely comes into play with this piece of equipment.

1. Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Electric Snow Blower-


If you are living in a zone that only gets a little amount of snow each year or every other year then this is the one for you. Plus the price is way lower than all the rest of the products that are listed. The one touch start makes it easier for getting your project done in now time. It is not made for a huge amount of snow but if you purchased it then you should already have researched and discovered that little detail. Only ways about thirty pounds which make it a lot easier to move around plus it will store easily.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Snowblowers in The Market 2017. If you are in the market for one of these machines then take a look at the ones listed. I am sure you will find one of them will fit your needs with no problem. Whether you live up north where they get several inches of snow fall every year or if you are in one of the southern states that only sees flurries every few years, these items all have the features to operate properly according to needs. Always figure out what you are looking for in a machine whether it be the power of it or the features that are going to help you reduce your time outside in the cold.