Top 10 Best Selling Small TVs Under 32 Inches in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Small TVs Under 32 Inches in The Market 2017. Purchasing a television is not a simple task to do. Many people tend to take quite a number of days comparing and contrasting between different screens. Some of the world’s most famous screens include Samsung trend, Toshiba, Sony and Panasonic. All of them vary differently according to their qualities. After the review that we are going to conduct below, you will not be confused anymore. Here are the best selling television sets for your house.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Small TVs Under 32 Inches in The Market 2017

10. Panasonic DX600 Series

Panasonic DX600 Series Top Most Famous Selling Small TVs Under 32 Inches in The Market 2018

Panasonic series is a very old model but still very appealing in market. Characteristic of Panasonic electronics is durability and good speakers. Popularly known as Firefox smart system, the 21 inch screen is exceptionally well presented and very cheap to use. In old days, even small children used to operate it. Some of its features include free view play that enables you demand contents from the main broadcasters to the screen itself, scroll buttons that helps you to switch to the next channel or content and 40 inch stand where the screen sits on.
Panasonic DX600 series costs $60 and is best known in the market.

9. Samsung K5600 Series

Samsung K5600 Series Top Most Selling Small TVs Under 32 Inches in The Market 2019

This is one of the best televisions models in 2017. Samsung screens are of good qualities and best known for displaying high contrast and colorful pictures and great designs which are aggressive to their prices. Most people are particularly fond of this 32 inch television model which is affordable to them. Samsung brings a level of quality in small televisions into a world of fantasy because its fans enjoy brightness, more contrast and colored pictures. This is very rare in most of the small televisions in market today and thus satisfying our answer as one of the best selling brand.

8. Sony XD9405 Series


Sony televisions series are totally hard to resist. The how can we omit reviewing one of the most famous brands? XD9405 series is a 32 inch and spectacular screen that gives clear and natural pictures, sweet details, colorful, high contrast and enormity that does a great job in emphasizing the benefits of having native pixel accounts to work with. Whenever the term Sony is mentioned, durability and great electronics is what comes in our minds.

Some of the physical features of Sony series include low profile products and remote control that does the same job. You may decide watch even when you never wanted because they provide a stunning and immersive experience.

7. LG OLEDB6 Series


OLEDB technology from LG is very expensive television but producing gorgeous picture quality and occasional brief color noise. LG has received several awards as the best selling brand of the year. What else do we need to trust it? Some of the physical features are spectacular thin screen design and flat back area that allows it to fit in tiny areas.

6. Panasonic DX902 Series


Panasonic DX902 series is a stunning and friendly smart system that displays clear and effective local dimming. Its pictures and images are amazing due to bright feature and high contrast. DX902 Is coupled with unique bright panel, fantastic black levels for an appropriate LCD screen. One advantage of this brand is that they are cheaper by $800 cheaper than Samsung brands and you will not regret purchasing it. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Small TVs Under 32 Inches in The Market 2017.

5. Sony W805/809C


This is a keenly priced television system with a 32 inch LED display. Sony is WI-FI enabled allowing it to stream video and music from modern popular services such as Amazon and Spottily. Despite the fact that Sony is a modern smart television, its android system is cumbersome and it has no 4K/UHD support which is not common in modern market yet many people out there are still interested in forking out UHD sources. Some of them prefer getting a high quality screen for the same money.
Sony has finest picture quality in the world.

4. Samsung KS700


Samsung KS7000 series is a common trend in market. The 27 inch flat screen was once a recipient of best color screen of the year. Currently, Samsung is one of the best selling screens that we know. It is characterized by all round quality pictures, aggressive price and clear sound. Nothing comes with advantages and lacks disadvantages. Some disadvantages include need for a big table of wall unit to accommodate it and at some point some backlight cloud issues disturbs it.

Samsung however have a desire of adding quality to their products and most of the clients are waiting eagerly for new makes. This television brand does not cost much money as many people think. Its price is approximately $200.

3. Panasonic DX802


Panasonic series is dominating in this list with its aggressive price of $250 in peak times. Its market value came as a result of the good value, flat screen, various colors and inclusion of awesome sound bar. However, with all these features, Panasonic is not as bright as some HDR rivals and its native contrast is not the best market.
The only thing that has improved the market value is its unique design that attracts most people.



Here we get another LQ brand in this list. This is more improved than the one we looked previously. OLEDE6 has amazing black levels and a stunning thin design. At some point it misses some details in bright area and they are very expensive so not many people will afford to them. However, LG are incredibly slim and is nicknamed picture on glass.

1. Samsung KS9500


Samsung trend has proved to be a hero by revealing the full majesty in the latest content. It did not just happen, the 21 inch smart screen has amazing HDR and sound, incredible picture quality and uniquely designed to fit tiny area. Each and every person dreams of having a durable wall screen in their houses. This makes to be the only solution to their houses. Samsung received an award of best screen of the year having released high quality product to the market.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Small TVs Under 32 Inches in The Market 2017. The list above has a lot of details which I believe will solve you worries in looking for the best set for your home. Take your time to examine it.