Top 16 Best Selling Skincare Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 16 Best Selling Skincare Brands in The World 2016-2017. Every woman has heard tales, handed down from the centuries, of the legendary Fountain Of Youth with its abundant flowing stream of serums that when delicately sipped transformed her skin into the softest satin one could ever witness or touch. Sadly, the Fountain Of Youth was a dream and as women discovered it really did not exist, they went in search of something akin to the fabled serum. For decades cremes, serums, cleaners and exfoliants have been sought after and finally what they discovered has, over the years, been perfected. Regardless of cost, the result is a list of sixteen of the very best available skin care brands produced in 2016-2017. In descending order, as they were perfected, we present the best skin care brands for 2016-2017:

List of Top 16 Best Selling Skincare Brands in The World 2016-2017

16. Zenmed Renewing Micro-


Dermabrasion Complex is the crème to eliminate imperfections and unbalanced pigments in the skin. As it works, it clears scars and marks to a minimum appearance almost to an extent that some users have confirmed they don’t need to wear make up because of it.

Zenmed balances the colours in the skins tone and gives the face an even looking appearance.

15. Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Step 2:


Replenish is the way to prep the skin. This microdermabrasion serum is a dual step that will leave the face feeling soft and the complexion smooth and balanced. One can witness a change in appearance when this product is used daily. It is gentle and convenient to use at home and has been left unscented so there are no irritants. The next step is the lotion that is so light you won’t know you have it on.

14. Patricia Wexler M.D.

Patricia Wexler M.D. Top Largest Skincare Brands in 2019

Patricia Wexler M.D. Resurfacing Microbrasion System is for use in the shower three to four days a week. With gentle persuasion, one will see a noticeable difference in the skin. While this microdermabrasion product ex-foliates it leaves a soft, smooth, glowing appearance behind without drying the skin. Nor does it irritate as it is designed for sensitive skins and reduces dead skin cells while reducing fine lines.

13. Elemis Pro-

Elemis Pro Top Biggest Skincare Brands in 2017

Collagen Marine Cream is a product that delivered the results and people noticed. There is a rested feeling on the skin making it not only feel smoother but look like satin. There was an illumination that did not irritate or cause breakouts, and was noted for its sensitivity. This is one of the Best Selling Skincare Brands 2016-2017.

12. Peter Thomas Roth Mega-


Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Crème is for extremely dry skin and has the subtle power to erase fine lines. This anti-aging cream is right out of the Fountain of Youth and you’ll notice a plumpness adding a gentle firmness to the skin after use. You’ll also find an even brightness the next morning as it can be worn over night giving your skin a deserved moisturising bath.

11. Bliss Thinny Thin Chin Treatment for Neck, Chin &


Décolleté is designed for the neck, chin, and the décolletage. Its name might make you think of that cute little story about the three little pigs, but this crème is built for skin that deserves a lift. The tell-tale signs of aging, with regular use, will display a firmer, more vital looking skin that is noticeable. This crème is also designed to be used under the arms to reduce wrinkle there. Freedom of choice will determine where you want to use it.

10. Vine Vera

Vine Vera Top Most Famous Skincare Brands in 2019

Vine Vera Resveratrol Chianti Overnight Recovery is a luxury anti-aging cream that has been reported to be so successful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, that the hefty price was worth its weight in gold. After one application, it was reported that results were almost immediate. This crème leaves the skin soft with an added even glow that has been reported to take ten years off one’s face. It is considered one of the best skin care brands ever produced.

9. Truth Face Cream

Truth Face Cream Top Most Popular Skincare Brands in 2018

Ole Henriksen Express the Truth Face Cream is an affordable ultimate crème that smells gorgeous as it delivers the results it is designed for. It glides onto the skin like a lotion and sinks into the layers leaving no residue. The complexion gives its thanks by looking and feeling firmer without feeling unnaturally tight or dry.

8. Elanveda Skin Renue


Elanveda Skin Renue has been called an anti-aging product “must-buy.” It is a crème that is designed to be used daily. After using it for a few weeks, one will notice a natural radiance and will begin to see a marked reduction in fine lines. There will also be a noticeable improvement around the eyes and mouth where lines can be prominent if left untreated. With moisturising qualities and at a favourable price, this product is considered one of the best ever.

7. SkinCeuticals Serum 10 AOX+


Is a serious anti-aging product with the added bonus of vitamin C which is natures natural antioxidant. In serum form, your skin will benefit from the antioxidants and L-ascorbic acid that assists in the prevention of breakouts while it repairs years of damage. Worth every dollar, as you pay for quality, you’ll notice a marked difference in your skin, particularly around the eyes, mouth, and cheeks. Whilst the serum is lightweight, the quality is the back up of protection against the elements.

6: Z. Bigatti Re-Storation Impact –


Fruit Enzyme Facial Mask is for sensitive skins and the face will enjoy this gentle mask that gently works to erase fine lines and wrinkles. Its ex-foliating methods remove dead skin cells to ultimately uncover a new glowing complexion. As the mask works, it cleans the pores while clarifying and brightening the skin. Easy to apply, it makes for an excuse for a little “Me” time.

5. Bioelements Sleepwear

Bioelements Sleepwear Top 16 Best Skincare Brands in 2017

Is for those who prefer to go to bed without pyjamas. On a serious note, this crème loves fine lines and age spots. It visibly reduces signs of aging with a week of regular use. It compliments the skin with a subtle glow whilst it takes on a firmer, smoother appearance that gives a fresher feel as it works. Used overnight, you will wake up to a rested looking, relaxed and fresh face.

4. Dior Capture Totale Multi-

Dior Capture Totale Multi Top Most Skincare Brands in 2017

Perfection Crème is quality with a capital Q. It is one of the more expensive cremes but remains undeniably one of the best anti-aging moisturising crèmes one can use. There is a noticeable addition of softness to wrinkles and fine lines with a brightening agent that gives the skin the glow it deserves. Expensive but worth every penny.

3: Made from Earth

Made from Earth Top Famous Skincare Brands in 2018

Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum delivers results. Introducing the natural ingredients from Mother Earth, this anti-aging product is filled with natural properties that change the skin in noticeable ways. It plumps deep wrinkles and works wonderfully around the eyes giving the entire face a fresh appearance whilst working in the layers underneath. It’s a natural product with the promise of Nature.

2. Olay Regenerist

Olay Regenerist Top Popular Skincare Brands in 2018

Olay Regenerist Instant Fix Wrinkle Revolution Complex is an affordable, well-known skin care brand that delivers a dual purpose. This anti-aging product instantly glazes the skin giving it the appearance perfection whilst it removes the imperfections. Over time, with regular use, this crème reduces wrinkles and remains one of the top choices, not only for it’s price but for its power to deliver. With a smoother, silky serum that is quickly absorbed into the skin, it leaves the skin looking and feeling brighter whilst working on fine lines.

1. Epione Signature Series Restoration Firm &


Lift is the best friend for any complexion. As it works, it balances the hues and lifts the skin to reveal a fresh brightness to the surface. Filled with antioxidants, it has the power to change the skin and in just over a month this product can fix just about any skin concern. If you’re looking for a “Lunch-Hour” face lift, this product is recommended for its promise and delivery. It is considered one of the very best of the skin care brands for 2016-2017.

It is mandatory for every woman who desires a perfect balance of skin tones, oils, natural creases and lines to ex-foliate, moisturise and care daily for the skin she will have for a life time. Skin is the temple in which a body is housed and with a little help from the range of skincare brands outlined here to help you through 2016, there is a brand for every body.

Over-40 skin tends to be drier so a gentle cleanser that removes grime and make-up without stripping away natural oils is an essential daily practice. If you can’t afford some of the recommended products above, the Dove Beauty Bar, which is less acidic than most other soaps can be the catalyst of your routine.

Using a battery-powered cleansing brush ensures a really good clean and the skin tingles with gratitude afterward. Less irritating than a wash cloth, you’ve got complete control that might just be your favourite ex-foliating product without having to purchase additional ex-foliating agents. In fact, when using a cleansing brush, you can rest assured that dirt and grime, accumulated from every day living, is removed from the pores more thoroughly than manual cleansing.

With the suggestions listed above of Best Selling Skincare Brands 2016-2017, you’ve got the perfect combination for skin of all ages. Skin appreciates what you give it and with the old adage in mind, ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’, so it is with skin. It’s your temple, treat it well and it will give you a sound, healthy appearance all your life.

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