Top 10 Best Selling Shower Curtains in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Shower Curtains in The Market 2017. Our lavatories need to be kept neat and tidy all the time. The floor, walls and all the equipment in them ought to be maintained. Curtains are an added beauty that you should buy to have that door, wall or entrance covered. The curtains make the bathrooms to look appealing. The top 10 best-selling shower curtains in 2017 are designed to meet every customer’s need and expectations. The curtains are either made of plastic or fabric. The choice of the most appropriate shower curtain to purchase should be done scrupulously. There are a number of factors ought to be put into consideration when purchasing one. These include taste of the customer, size of the curtains, durability of the curtains and cost.

The Top 10 Best Selling Shower Curtains in 2017 are durable and of high quality. In addition, they have many appraisals from the customers. For sure, for an of the following curtains to feature in our list ,then it stood out among others.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Shower Curtains in The Market 2017

10.Tahari Luxury Shower Curtain

tahari-luxury-shower-curtain, Top 10 Best Selling Shower Curtains 2017

Tahari curtain comes tenth in our list. This is a curtain of high-quality that is made of 55%cotton and 45%polyester. This curtain is fabricated with a beautiful design. Tree branches and flower blossoms are fitted or drawn on the curtain. The design is not only appealing to look at but also, it creates a suburb feeling in one as he/she takes a shower.
The curtain is large in size to fit and cover any standard washroom completely. It measures 72-inch*72-inch. The components used in the making of this curtain are easily washable and dry easily. Moreover, the curtain has a buttonhole closure that makes it convenient to use. This particular curtain is cheap despite its quality and durability. You cannot believe, it is cheaper than other curtains in the market which it surpasses in terms of quality.

09. Peacock Alley Luxury Vienna Shower Curtain


Peacock Alley Luxury Vienna Shower Curtain is a high quality, cotton curtain in the market. It is made from Egyptian addition, the tailors who make this curtain are skilled. They ensure it is fabricated well to make it durable.
Peacock Alley Luxury Vienna Shower Curtain is one of the curtains that ensures no bacteria builds up; it does not absorb any water. The water that comes into contact with the curtain drains away easily leaving it dry. As a result, your restroom id kept fresh and free of the bad odor which comes as a result of the wetness.

08. Lush Decor Shower Curtain

lush-decor-shower-curtain, Top 10 Best Selling Shower Curtains 2018

Lush Decor Shower Curtain is another pick we have on our list. The curtain is sizeable (72-inch width*72-inch length). It is designed in an appealing manner. Pictures of lovely flower drops are drawn on the curtain. This helps in making the mind of one feel the at ease and comfortable.
The Lush Decor Shower Curtain is made of fabric polyester. This fabric polyester is enhanced artificially with addition, there are floral decorations on the curtain.
This particular curtain is available in 3 colors; the red ivory, blue and purple.

07. Zenna Home H21WW04 curtain

zenna-home-h21ww04-curtain, Top 10 Best Selling Shower Curtains 2019

Zenna Home H21WW04 curtain comes seventh in our list. The top-quality and features of this curtain have made it be the top ten best-selling curtains 2017.It has metal grommets on its header which are strong and rust-free. The metal grommets are used to attach the curtain to some stand or wire. Moreover, the 100%polyester making this curtain make them durable and easy to wash. The polyester also makes the curtains to have an attractive soft feeling. This particular curtain is white in color. Thus, fits completely making the bathroom stylish.

06. Maytex Water Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain/Liner

maytex-water-repellent-fabric-shower-curtain, Top 10 Best Selling Shower Curtains 2020

Maytex Shower Curtain is a high-quality curtain in the market that has many appraisals. This curtain is a fitting one for any standard bathroom. It measures 70 –inches by 72-inches.
The Maytex Shower Curtain is not only durable but also not absorbent to water. Hence, it does not allow the bacteria to build up. The curtain is dry and easy to wash once it gets dirty.

05. Carnation Home Fashions Shower Curtain


Carnation Home Fashions shower curtain has on-built-in-rings which help the curtain to stand onto the rods. These particular curtains do not absorb water and thus, they remain dry all-day-long. The bacteria are not able to build up nor grow.
The Carnation Home Fashions shower curtains are made of 100%polyester. This polyester is long lasting with blue stripes. The blue stripes make the curtain universal as it can fit into any stylish washroom. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Shower Curtains in The Market 2017.

04. InterDesign Zeno Shower Curtain


The interDesign Zeno Shower Curtain is a durable fabric has metal grommets which are rust free to hold the curtains.
Unlike the other curtains, it is wet at most times but with its mildew-free feature, it is able to get rid of bacteria and water. In addition, on the purchase of this curtain, you are offered a free-weighted hem.
The size of the curtain fits any standard shower. It measures 72-inch by 72-inch.

03. Popular Bath Shower Curtain


Popular Bath curtain is a sizeable curtain measuring 70 by 72-inches. It is made of a fabric polyester which does not only make the curtain durable but also water resistant. The curtain is both hand and machine- wash is advisable to use cold water and apply gentle cycle when machine washing it.

02. InterDesign Anzu Shower Curtain


InterDesign Anzu Shower Curtain is a good option for you if you are a person who gets driven by the nature of feelings. The curtains are made in a bamboo design using polyester; which is appealing. Like the other, top 10 best-selling shower curtains, it does not absorb water. In addition, it is durable and long-lasting. It is attached to the rods using the rust-free metal grommets.

01. InterDesign Thistle Shower Curtains


The leading and the best curtain in accordance to 2017 reviews, is the interDesign Thistle shower curtain. This curtain is not only easy to convenient to every customer but also durable. It is easy to clean both by hand and using a machine.
The curtain is attached to the rods using its 12 metal grommets that are strong and rust-free. The advantage with this particular curtain is that it has awesome thistles which are blue and grey in color. The coloration makes it fit any standard shower.

Curtains help in making your bathroom look tidy and neat. It’s awesome to have a high-quality curtain that fits your lavatory completely. The Top 10 Best Selling shower Curtains 2017 are an option worth spending your pennies in. Purchase one today to experience the nature feeling.