Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2016-2017. Every man should look good in the shoes that they wear as statistics show that the first thing that impresses a lady once they see a man is the kind of shoes they have and their belt to of very essential in a man clothing. Also another research showed that the average man has twelve pairs of shoes which mean that the least number of shoes a man should own is twelve and if they have more the better.

Since the shoe is an essential item on a man’s outward look then a man should spend a fortune on purchasing trendy shoes be it official, sporty or for the casual wear for that they do not end up embarrassing themselves by wearing an official shoe on a casual event or even for sporting. To help the trendy man, below is a list of the top ten best selling shoes for the trendy man in 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2016-2017

10. Vans


This are the kind of shoes that fits the outdoor activity of strolling around in the evening after a long day at work. They come with a range from colors and some have several colors thus the trendy kind of man can choose from the different colors available. The most obvious is they have a range of sizes that fit fits all kind of feet size.

They are designed in different like the Vans Military Ludlow that has an outlook that is unique.

9. L.L Bean Slippers

L.L Bean Slippers Top Popular Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2018

These are comfy slipper shoe that every man need when just resting in the house or on their balcony watching the stars in the sky or early in the morning after getting off the bed after a comfy night sleep.

They come in a range of design of design from double sole to single sole. They are very warm on the inside hence ideal for the cold nights and mornings. They are made of leather moccasins material.

8. Timberland


These are the kind of shoes to put on the snow seasons as they have a rough surface and a waterproof cover ideal to walk with on the snow with a lot of ease. One feature that make them a best-selling ideal shoe for the trendy man is because it has the unique look and keeps the foot dry and warm when walking through the snow and also can be used for chopping woods required to warm the house in the very cold season of the year.

7. Taylor Sneakers


This is the ideal shoe for the casual look which can be worn with khaki or jeans pants. A trendy man in this case ensure they have the look that fits the event hence when they need to attend a casual event they should definitely go for this sneakers.

They have a range of colors and designs that are very comfortable on the foot.

6. Loafers- Giorgio Brutini

Loafers- Giorgio Brutini Top Most Popular Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2019

This are the ideal shoes to go for the night out with friends to catch up. They offer the wearer a casual look with Khaki and jeans pant. They are also suitable for office wear for those individuals that do not need an elaborate official look necessary for the meeting with the HR Manager.

They are designed to easen your walk on floor with sticky booze and do not work well on slippery floor.They are ideal for the trendy kind of man as they offer both a casual and simple official look.

5. Penny Loafer


These are ideal loafers for both casual and official look. They work well on pants that do not go beyond the ankle and have a slim ending to bring out the color of your well-groomed feet. There are designer shoes as they come in a range of color black, brown and different designs some which are casual and other kind of fit the official look. These are the one of Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2016-2017.

4. Casual Boots

Casual Boots Top Most Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2018

These are actually the most ideal boots to walk around in whenever you go hiking or mountain climbing as they are designed for this kind of outdoor activity. They are designed to withstand the rocks and muddy terrains whenever one is walking in them.

Like the rest of the shoes listed above they come with a range of color but the best and most bought color is brown for it is easy to clean and fit the event of hiking.

3. Official Boots

Official Boots Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men

As the list narrows down the kind of shoes change from those that fit casual events to those that are for putting on for official business. At number three is the dress boot which is the official boot that fits the color of the suit to go for interview or even for the board meetings. These boots fit the color of all different suits especially the black ones that matches all colors of suits.

2. Cap Toe Oxford

Cap Toe Oxford Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2017

Oxford shoe brand offer the low heeled shoe that works perfectly with suits especially the black one. Though the trendy kind of man usually varies the colors of the shoes, Oxford provide different colors of the toe capped oxford shoe.

They are been worn in the office or when going for the evening dinner prepared for the member of your organization.

1. Brown Longwings

Brown Longwings Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2017

On top of this list is the brown longwing shoe that fits all kinds of dressing from jeans, khaki pant to suits. Though they are an all occasion shoe they fit official kind of dressing more compared to the casual wear.

There top the list for the trendy men because of its unique design on the outer sole that is well sewed to look awesome in official. They range in size hence available to the feet of all trendy men as the feet size change from one man to another.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Shoes For Trendy Men 2016-2017. Finally as I conclude the listed shoes from number 10 to 1 are not different in much only categorized depending on the preferences of different men. Some fit the blue collar job while other fit white collar job so just like I said it all depends on the event and what the wearer like to wear.