Top 10 Best Selling Shavers For Women

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Best Selling Shavers For Women 2016-2017. Women grow hair in various different body parts just like men do. Women can have hairs growing on their face, legs, armpits, legs, arms, thighs and the bikini areas. This is not weird at all that women grow hairs at parts that is known only men grow hair. Likewise, just as men do, women also need to shave these hairs and keep their skin smooth. This growing of unwanted hair in some women is mainly caused by biological processes. These are genetics, some medication that may have altered the normal body conditions and may be hormonal imbalance in the woman’s body.

Shaving can be irritating if you use a sharp razor or a low quality shaver especially for those women with very sensitive skins. It is safe and easy to use quality shavers but it can be confusing to determine which shaver is good due to the different brands in the market. This is a list of the Top Ten Best selling Shavers for Women 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Shavers For Women 2016-2017

10. Philips HP6378 Deluxe Trimmer

Philips HP6378 Deluxe Trimmer Top Most Popular Shavers For Women 2018

This is a very skin-friendly shaver that can trim or shave down your unwanted hair quite easily. It has such very precise parts that make a woman give herself a thorough shave easily for a perfectly clean bikini line. It has six precision attachments and can give you one-hour service with a single full charge. This is one of the best shavers for women that can make your underparts clean and hairless easily without any irritation.

9. Butterfly Shaver Smart

Butterfly Shaver Smart Top 10 Best Shavers For Women 2017

This is one of the best electric shavers for women 2016-2017. It stands out due to its unique shape and impeccable design. Its butterfly shape design is very ergonomic hence easy to handle while using it. This shaver gives very silky, smooth and enjoyable shaving. It is re-chargeable with very great performance, advanced blades that are skin-friendly. This is one of the best shavers that women should use in trimming their hair.

8. Tezam Rechargeable Electric Hair Removal Shaver

Tezam Rechargeable Electric Hair Removal Shaver Top 10 Best Shavers For Women

This is a shaver as well as an epilator. It both a dry and wet shaver that will keep your skin hairless and smooth to up to a month and a half. This is because it when used to shave it removes hair from the root where it is connected to the skin by a process called epilation. Its shape and handle is ergonomic making it easy to grip and make use of it. This is a good choice if you want to keep your skin hairless for a long time as a lady.

7. Remington WDF4820 Hypoallergenic Foil Women’s Shaver


It is one of the few shavers integrated with a3-cutter system. It is very efficient and reliable as it shaves so well and precisely. It shaves perfectly with just one pass. It is made having a bikini shaver guard and floating heads for shaving tender parts of a woman’s body. It has its own rechargeable batteries internally that are powerful and give you a longtime service. It can be used in both dry and wet shaving and all these make it Remington Shaver be one of the best and most convenient shavers for women.

6. Panasonic ES-EED50-N Multifunctional Shaver and Epilator


This Panasonic shaver and epilator is very much ideal for most women due to its excellent performance and multi-functional characteristic. It has a powerful heavy duty motor that makes it very efficient in removal of unwanted hair. It gives smooth and silky shaves and your skin will always be fine because it is equipped with hypo-allergenic blades that minimize irritation. This makes it suitable to sensitive body parts like the bikini line area of any woman.

5. Remington WDF-3600

Remington WDF-3600 Top Famous Shavers For Women 2019

This is another shaver from Remington, one of the best shavers and epilators makers recently. This WDF-3600 model is one great model that is efficient and offers great service and excellent performance. It is of good quality and safe to use. It has a great performance and smooth trimmer. It also has a bikini trimmer guard that is specially designed to give perfect and smooth cuts in the bikini line with reduced irritations.

4. Conair Satiny Smooth for Ladies.

Conair Satiny Smooth for Ladies Top Most Shavers For Women 2017

This model is very easy to use and you will hardly go wrong while using it. It can offer both wet and dry shaving so you are not limited to only one way of shaving. It comes with various different kinds of trimmers for multi-functional purposes. The shaving foil and the trimmer is for normal shaving, bikini trimer special for those sensitive parts while the comb and detailed trimmer for cutting eye-brow lines.

3. Wahl Pure Confidence Rechargeable Hair Trimmer


With well-trimmed hair by this model you gain the confidence of facing people. This versatile machine is equipped with a head and rotary trimmer. With this you can shave various parts of your body easily and smoothly. It has an adjustable head shaver guide that will enable you to perform detailing simply. It also rechargeable to give you long time performance.

2. Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P

Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P Top Popular Shavers For Women 2018

This is one of the most popular and best selling shavers for women 2016-2017. It has 3 very sharp high quality blades and pivoting blades that glide very smoothly on any curve on a woman’s body. They shave parts that are not easy to reach like armpits and also sensitive parts of the women’s bodies. With this one you are assured a safe shave.

1. Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator Top Best Selling Shavers For Women 2018

This epilator is ideal for removing hairs from their roots. It has a special epilation system that is very efficient for this task. It can be used to shave sensitive parts of the body because it has smooth cap. Its body and handle are designed ergonomically, for better handling. Although is electronic in nature it is still washable for sanity purposes. This is the best selling Shavers for any woman in the year 2016-2017.

In Conclusion, these above are the top ten Best selling Shavers for women in 2016-2017. They are safe, and easy to use. In terms of quality they are the best available.