Top 10 Best Selling Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women 2017. Females love to dress up and look sexy. Whether they are going out for a night on the town or they plan on attending a local charity event; a female wants to be the best looking person at the show. They will get their hair done and have a manicure and pedicure. They will also put on their best dress for the affair.

While most women like to style in their most expensive and appealing dress; many of them will opt for a casual dress that will make them look just as attractive. Casual dresses are in style in the year 2017 and many females can show them off at formal events. Here is a list of the top 10 sexiest casual dresses that women can wear just about anywhere.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women 2017

10. Shirt-dresses

Shirt-dresses Top 10 Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women in

Shirt-dresses were available back in 2017 they are now the “in” thing. This dress style is looks like a really long shirt and is reminiscent of a female wearing her husband’s or boyfriend’s shirt; but with more feminine style and appeal.

Many shirt-dresses drop to the knees (or waist), have double high slits and even buttons down the front. They also have a mandarin collar and complete with an asymmetric hemline. These dresses look comfortable and can be worn for casual outings.

9. Kimono-style Trench Coats

Kimono-style Trench Coats Top Most Popular Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women in 2018

Trench Coats are really great for keeping a lady warm. However, when a trench coat is mixed with a kimono it becomes a thing of great beauty and style. The traditional Japanese kimono is now combined with a trench coat to create the ultimate fashion look for the modern day woman.

The coats have a monotone color and it falls at or below the knees. Some of these coats even have the traditional colors, prints and designs that are available for Japanese kimonos. They even come with an obi belt. These coats are light enough for the summer but can be worn in the fall or spring.

8. Culottes

Culottes Top Most Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women in 2017

Culottes are a cross between a dress and pants outfit. A female will have to put this particular type of dress on like a pair of pants. This outfit resembles a flare leg or bell bottom pants suit that only comes down to the calves. Some Culottes are short and fall to the knees. This outfit used to be made from denim but now has transitioned to softer materials that are more compatible with warmer seasons. Culottes are perfect for the workplace or for a casual outing.

7. Long Vests

Long Vests Top Famous Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women in 2019

Long vests are elegant, sophisticated and even sexy pieces that a female can wear within a wide variety of settings. Many designers have been toying with feminine styled long vests for years. In 2017 they have finally caught on with the public. These vests are sleeveless and they are designed more for appearance and style than protection from the elements. Even though this is the case, a woman can use them during the early fall or late spring season when the weather is cool.

6. The Sporty Look


Athletic wear is commonly worn by guys and not females. Traditionally, many females stayed away from this type of clothing but in 2017 it has become a big market for females everywhere. Women are now wearing jerseys, t-shirts with team logos and dresses with team prints on them as well.

Ladies are even wearing sweatshirts and pajama bottoms that show off their favorite franchise’s symbols. Athletic wear manufacturers have made plenty of female styled sports clothing that is soft and feminine but strong enough to show support for their teams. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women 2017.

5. The Cape Dress


Capes are not generally worn by most people but cape dresses are now showing up in the female clothing market. The cape dress resembles a poncho but a woman puts this type of garment on from the shoulders and not by pulling it over her head. Once she has it on, she can drape it around her body to protect her from the elements or just to look stylish as she walks down the street. The cape dress is usually sold in neutral colors to match many outfits and is designed for fall or winter wear.

4. Gypset

Gypset Top Most Famous Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women in 2018

Gypsy wear went out a long time ago, if it were ever a fashion trend to begin with. Currently, a dreses called a gypset is now entering into the fashion market and it is turning some heads. This type of dress has bold patterns and oriental appeal. The gypset is designed for the late spring to earl fall seasons since the material for this dress is light. It provides a uniquely different look and style that many American women are not use to seeing.

3. A-Line Shape Dresses

A-Line Shape Dresses Top 10 Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women in 2017

A-line shape dresses are classical, conservative and very sophisticated. This style of dress is definitely for formal and semi-formal events. The dresses look so glamorous that they can actually turn a young lady into a princess. Well, she will at least look like one. A-line dresses have neutral or light feminine colors. Soft pinks, peaches and sweet bright blues will bring out a woman’s eyes, hair and personality.

2. Trucker Jackets


Trucker jackets are masculine by nature since many truckers are men. Females have adopted trucker jackets for their own use in 2017. These jackets can be worn during anytime of the year but they are best used in the fall and spring seasons. Trucker jackets are made out of denim and they are short. Most feminine styled trucker jackets sit slightly above a woman’s waist. Trucker jackets by nature are hard looking but a woman can wear one of these jackets without compromising her feminine appeal.

1. Saree Dress

Saree Dress Top Popular Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women in 2019

The Saree dress is an ethnic feminine garment from the land of India. This type of dress has been sported by popular Indian item girls and by many middle and upper class Indian women. The dresses are very extravagant for American style and they will definitely get someone’s attention.

Saree dresses should be worn to a semi-formal or casual event where people are not allowed to wear tennis shoes, jeans or t-shirts. They are designed in dark and bold colors and the dresses fit a woman’s figure as well. The Saree is definitely going to be the most original dress design in 2016.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Sexiest Casual Dresses For Women 2017. Women in 2017 have so many unique dress styles and trends that they can choose from. Each of these dresses are helping to change how western women look within society and how they appear to the rest of the world.

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