Top 10 Best Selling Self Tanners for Fall in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Self Tanners for Fall in The Market 2017. Autumn and winter sun seems much weaker by lowering temperature, but this is only the prejudice – in this period UV rays alter the angle of refraction, which leads to increased harmful effects of the sun on the skin. As a consequence, every woman experiences the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and skin dehydration. Youthful and well-hydrated skin is the handiwork of sunscreens and self tanners.

What is it essential to consider before choosing a good sun tanner? Before purchasing and applying a self tanner, one needs to determine the choice of product for a windy and rainy weather. Self-tanning moisturizing lotions and gels are considered the best for this kind of weather. Check Top 10 Best Selling Self Tanners for Fall 2017 to be in trend.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Self Tanners for Fall in The Market 2017

10. Moisturizing Lotion for face and body with tanning effect from Yves Rocher


The French brand YvesRocher has a wonderful product from the series of self-tanners which can be used both for the body skin and facial skin. It is very convenient to apply, but even more pleasant nuance is that the milk perfectly hydrates the skin. In fall, when the want to put as much as possible to protect your skin, a moisturizing lotion with the effect of sunburn is s excellent choice.

9. Gradual Hydrating Bronze Lotion SPF 6 Self Tanning from Lancaster

gradual-hydrating-bronze-lotion-spf-6-self-tanning-from-lancaster, Top 10 Best Selling Self Tanners for Fall 2017

Truly, Lancaster brand produces legendary self-tanning. A bronze lotion combines the properties of tanning moisturizing milk and sun protection. Yes, SPF 6 is a small protection factor, but lotion is extremely easy and pleasant to use. The bonus is that the product contains the extracts of pineapple, watermelon and Mediterranean pansies.

8. Milk-tan “tan” from Garnier

milk-tan-tan-from-garnier, Top 10 Best Selling Self Tanners for Fall 2018

A popular product from Garnier contains vitamin E and apricot extract. The manufacturer promises the skin hydration up to 12 hours which is extremely essential for fall days. This tan is easily and evenly applied. It gives a beautiful natural shade of sunburn even in rainy autumn days.

7. Huile Somptueuse Eclat Naturel Dior Bronze by Dior


Oil tanning from Dior is suitable for face and body and has become a favorite product for the owners of a dry skin. It is very tender; can be lightly applied and gives a beautiful shade of natural tan. Besides, it gives the skin the feeling of comfort and softness without leaving a greasy film.

6. Body Airbrush Spray Self Sun by Clinique

body-airbrush-spray-self-sun-by-clinique, Top 10 Best Selling Self Tanners for Fall 2019

Self-tanning in the form of sprays is very convenient to use. Clinique product rests on the skin as a weightless veil. It almost does not need to be rubbed into the skin and follows no unwanted stripes and streaks. Body Airbrush Spray Self Sun from Clinique lets vary the color saturation. It also provides antioxidant protection for the skin, and aloe juice gives it softness and hydration even in autumn weather.

5. Mousse Exquise Auto-Bronzante SPF15 by Clarins

mousse-exquise-auto-bronzante-spf15-by-clarins, Top 10 Best Selling Self Tanners for Fall

Self-tanning in the form of mousse will attract the girl who wants to be pampered. Mousse Exquise Auto-Bronzante SPF 15 by Clarins is very delicate, airy and melting under the touch of a finger. The product perfectly softens and moisturizes the skin due to the extracts of aloe and oil seed Mirabel. It also contains vitamin E, which is excellent in protecting skin cells from free radicals. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Self Tanners for Fall in The Market 2017.

4. Skin Supplies for Men Non-Streak Bronzer by Clinique


Another tanning by Clinique is designed for male skin. However, the girls will also be interested in it, since it looks very natural and does not give a yellow shade. Skin Supplies for Men Non-Streak Bronzer suits the owners of problematic skin, as it contains no oil and does not clog pores.

3. Dove Summer-Energy Glow by Dove


Bronzing of the Dove is popular among girls, since it is quite affordable and sold in all beauty stores. Fall Glow is easy to use for beginners due to the fact hint of dark skin you will. Radical changes in skin color do not happen in one day, so nobody will realize you are using the tanning in autumn months.

2. Magic Tan from Avon


Lotion-tanning from Avon is composed of light-reflecting particles and gold sequins. It is quickly absorbed and gives the skin a beautiful bronze color. Tanning is stable enough; it can hold up to two weeks. It does not form spots and is suitable for delicate protection.

1.Sun Zone Self-Tanning Mist Body by Oriflame


Tanning by Oriflame has the form of a spray. It dries quickly and gives a noticeable tint in a couple of hours after application. These features made it the leader of our rating. Moreover, the product instantly refreshes and moisturizes the skin. It will hold on the skin up to 7 days; is easy to bear and gives the skin a beautiful golden hue in autumn weather.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Self Tanners for Fall in The Market 2017. After a correct application of self tanner, one can be quiet about the effects. Even if water gets on the body, the products from this listing are perfectly absorbed. If you always want to have a tan color, refresh your tanner as needed.

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