Top 10 Best Selling Pooper Scoopers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Pooper Scoopers in The Market 2017. We all love pets. Dogs are particularly popular. They’ve always been “man’s best friend” and we love them because they’re loyal, faithful, protective and a person with a dog is never alone.

But along with the above good remarks, we have to face the fact that, like every living organism, dogs have bowel movements. That’s only natural and to be expected, but it also creates a number of problems. First comes the problem of training. This must be started very early. Experts agree that rubbing the pet’s nose in its “accident” is not helpful. Any good animal trainer will tell us kindness, patience and the right attitude is what we need.

But since dogs can’t use our bathrooms, they have to go someplace. Normally, that will be outside. If possible, most owners train their pets to step into the street so pedestrians won’t accidentally step in anything. But just walking away leaving the dog’s poop anyplace at all is to be avoiding one of the important responsibilities that comes with dog ownership. Even when the animal is kind enough to avoid footpaths, it is still unsanitary to leave without scooping the poop up for proper disposal.

As most of us know well today, this earth is our only home. Are we going to continue to clutter our home with noxious remains from our daily lives until we can no longer breathe or drink the water we all simply have to have in order to survive.? Please, we beg of you, be considerate and think of your grandchildren and their offspring. Don’t we want a pleasant world for them to grow and thrive in?

Fortunately, a good number of markets manufacture and sell pooper scoopers and here we’ve listed the top ten best sellers. Check them out!

List of Top 10 Best Selling Pooper Scoopers in The Market 2017

10. Pet Waste Disposal Bags from EZ

Pet Waste Disposal Bags from EZ, Top 10 Best Selling Pooper Scoopers in The Market 2017

These may not be the most glamorous poopie-scoops in the world, but for less than $15.00 you can pick up a thousand of these opaque blue Dog Poop Leak Proof bags. Only one hand needed to pick up and remove to a disposal site. This is not only a best seller for the price but for the convenience of not having to carry any additional equipment about when you and Rover are out.

9. New Pet Scoop 12″ Dog Poop Waste Tool Plastic


This scoop is a best seller coming in for less than $10. It’s available in different colors and it works as well for cleaning out kitty litter boxes. With no moving parts to break, how can you go wrong with this Pet Scoop?

8. Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop


This scooper is not only handy but very easy to use. Its sharp teeth can bite into anything, grass, gravel, rough dirt and pebble-strewn areas, Picks up poop like a pro. A very popular best-seller at $12.00 and it’s great when you travel as well. The spring-loaded scooper allows you to pick up in one easy motion. No fuss, no muss.

7. Scorpion Scooper Dog Walker


This baby easily scoops Lobo’s waste into a bag without you having to bend and touch. No washing up. This works well on all surfaces for only $24 making it an instant best seller. It not only picks up dry but wet material as well and during all this workout, your Scorpion stays clean. Plus the trigger lock keeps odors inside the bag. Bags are very reasonable too and this tool even comes equipped with a LED flashlight!

6. Out! One-Handed Poop Scoop 70046


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Pooper Scoopers in The Market 2017. For $12.00 this spring action tool extends to 17 inches and collapses for easy carry. Good for all dog sizes from your teacup Chihuahua to that Great Dane that eats more than the rest of your family put together…and poops more too! When finished, just give your Out a rinse and it’s ready to start all over.

5. GoGo Stik


It’s obvious why the GoGo Stik is such a best seller. You can use the bags they sell at low price, but any old bag will do, and there’s no fuss or cleaning up to do. The aluminum handle adjusts from 25″ to 35″ and it works great just about any place. As an additional perk, the manufacturer throws in a 3-year warranty to give you that warm comfortable feeling when you retire for the night.

4. So Phresh Easy Pick Up Rake & Scoop Set


This is a popular best seller because it does double duty. Hand retractable for easy carry it quickly extends to 36″ and for only $15 it can’t be beat. It may not be best for long distances but in nearby parks or around the house this picker-upper can be perfect.

3. Four Paws Grass Wire Rake Dog Scooper


This simple rake-like tool at $10 is just the thing for grassy areas around your home or for an exercise outing in the park for Fido. The handle is long enough for you to rake up doo-doo without bending. You can dispose of it in a waste container or wrap it in plastic. A very popular item for those who stick fairly close to home.

2. Doggie Digger


This one-piece lightweight tool has no moving parts to break. For $30 it comes with five throw-away bags and supplies can be picked up in packs of 40 but any plastic bags may be used as well, so you aren’t locked into having to buy more bags all the time. This is entirely a clean hands-free operation and the bonus is that everything has been made from planet-friendly recycled materials.

1. Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop


This lightweight and easy-to-use picker-upper has to be a best seller at only $16. It has been cleverly designed to work well on all surfaces and its non-stick plastic construction makes it a snap to clean up and it’s available in two sizes, Medium for many dogs and Jumbo for that big Rottweiler or Doberman. A top choice.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Pooper Scoopers in The Market 2017. All these pooper scoopers are good and should make your life easier and your dog will wag its tail too. But if worse comes to worst, you can at least always carry about one or two discarded plastic bags from some product or another that may have passed through your hands.