Top 10 Best Selling Pool Vacuum Heads in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Pool Vacuum Heads in The Market 2017. A good swimming pool is one that has enough clean water. The aspect of keeping this water clean every time has become a headache and some people have resulted to improvised means of cleaning this water in the swimming pools. There are many pool cleaning methods but let us dig dip to one specific method of cleaning this pools with vacuum heads. There are so many types of vacuum heads but these are some of the top ten best selling ones in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Pool Vacuum Heads in The Market 2017

10. Ocean Blue Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

Ocean Blue Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head, Top 10 Best Selling Pool Vacuum Heads in The Market 2017-2018

Made of different number of heads that ensure thorough and complete cleaning of the swimming pool, it has a broad base that is able to cover a large surface when cleaning. Made of good quality material, it is resistant to rust and it is not fragile which makes it adaptable to harsh and tough conditions for a longer period of time. The depth of the pool is no worry as it poses a tube handle able to be adjusted to different heights of the swimming pool. It is a good experience working with such an amazing tool.

9. Splash Pools 20320


Typically made of plastic, it’s the number one resistant to rust and corrosion giving it the durability feature. When well maintained, it can serve the user for a good period of time without failure. It also has a very wide base that covers a large section of the pool floor whenever cleaning making the process quick and efficient. It also has sidelined brushes that help in the assembling of dust and dirt towards the vacuum opening. It has a handle that enables the user to move it swiftly across the cleaning surface.

8. Swimline Hydro Tools 8145 Pool Vacuum Head


Manufactured by the swimline brands, just like the name suggests, it is triangular in shape. It can work in all the types of different swimming pools with excellence and perfection. It ensures thorough cleaning due to its shape which covers wider region including the corner shaped ends of any swimming pools. The a little heavy nature of this head enables the cleaner to sink on the floor and not disturb in terms of floating on water which is relieve to users who do not need to use a lot of energy.

7. Poolmaster 27250 Vacuum head


Heavy and advanced, this one is mainly used in heavy work found in swimming pools. Sometimes you find too much dust and even mud in swimming pools and the usual small vacuum heads might find it hard to cope with it. This is the best head meant for such heavy dirt. It is also capable of cleaning the hard surface swimming pools which the soft and weak usual head might find it difficult to cope with. It is a strong and long lasting head that can service the user for a good period of time without regrets.

6. Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Vacuum Head


Also triangular in shape, it has a broad plastic base that enables the complete cleaning of the surface. Capable of cleaning even the end corners of a swimming pool, the head has a transparent surface that enables a clear view of the thorough cleaning. The user is able to see and identify the cleaned and dirt sections through this clear and transparent base. The heavy base ends makes sure that the head is sinking inside the water on the swimming pool surface. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Pool Vacuum Heads in The Market 2017.

5. Pool master 27230 Vacuum head


Made of small round wheels which enable easy movement on the surface of swimming pools, it is a very tough and strong vacuum head. Made of heavy material on the head, it is not easy to float ensuring touch on the surface of the pool. Mainly used for big heavy debris that the smaller heads cannot handle, it is mostly used on rough surface swimming pools. As good as it sounds; this head is long lasting and offers its services for a longer period of time than other vacuum heads.

4. Kokido Deluxe Flexible Vacuum Head


A unique make that is almost similar to the poolmaster make but differs just in one aspect. The KOKIDO deluxe is way much broader in length which makes it a bit faster in cleaning. The broad surface of the head covers wider region when cleaning and at least takes a little lesser time compared to other vacuum heads. Its stronger just the poolmasters and can last a longer period of time. With a very strong and comfortable handle, it gives the user an easy time to clean and enjoy. This is what everybody is longing for.

3. Hayward SP1068


More like the swimline hydro, it is triangular in shape and broad in base. The broad base enables the head to clean a broader surface compared to other vacuum cleaners and covers a wide region too. It has a transparent head surface something that enables the user witness and analyze the entire cleaning process as he cleans with ease. Made of plastic, it gives the head a longer lasting effect and resistance to rust and corrosion. It also has brushes on the head which supports the cleaning of other debris in the swimming pool, is that not cool?

2. Hydro Tools 8131 Style Pool Vacuum Head


Just like the name suggests, it is made in a butterfly kind of shape. This shape is specifically designed so as to enable it cover a wider area of the swimming pool when cleaning. Its design is way attractive and on fleek which serves as an encouragement to the person using it. It is also designed with side brushes that are used to sweep and clean debris that might be in the swimming pool. Find one and solve the underlying dirty pool problem.

1. Pentair R201286 222 Pro Vac Series Pool Vacuum head


Made of small round wheels, it is easy to move it around the surface during the cleaning; it does not need a lot of energy to move around. It is heavy in a way that it keeps itself down on the surface due the weight exerted keeping in contact with the pool surface. Longer in length, it cleans a wide surface at ago whenever it moves around the pool. Mostly it is used to clean debris that most of the smaller heads cannot handle. It also manages to clean heavy and big debris earning the famous title ‘heavy duty’.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Pool Vacuum Heads in The Market 2017. It is one thing to have a pool vacuum cleaner and it is another having a better vacuum cleaner. A better cleaner ensures complete satisfaction with your work and excellent results. So, if you want better results then, let us purchase this top selling vacuum heads and clean swimming pools will be the order of all our days.

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