Top 10 Best Selling Perfumes For Women in All Occasions

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Perfumes For Women in All Occasions 2016-2017. Perfumes are best known for refreshing and bringing about a long lasting impact. Being considered as the symbol of beauty, most women in the world love to apply perfumes to get that sweet and nice smell. They believe that when they apply the perfumes, they get to be superfluity and confident. Women tend to choose unique and cool perfumes that suit their mood and personality.

There are different kinds of perfumes in the market today. According to women, different perfumes are applied in different occasions. However, there can be one perfume that can be applicable in all occasions. According to my research, below are the top ten lists of perfumes for women that can be applied in all occasions 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Perfumes For Women in All Occasions 2016-2017

10. Hilfiger

Hilfiger Top 10 Best Perfumes For Women in All Occasion

This is UK’s latest perfume from Tommy Hilfiger. Its ingredients are spicy notes and aromatic flowers. It has a sweet aroma which is used in breast cancer campaign by spreading the awareness of the disease. Hilfiger has a pink color and bow over the neck of the bottle which shows unity among the breast cancer patients. An amount of Hilfiger is always sent to the breast cancer charities.

9. Byredo

Byredo Top Most Perfumes For Women in All Occasion 2017

Byredo was found by Ben Gorham in Sweden (2006). Byredo focuses mostly on the quality of their perfumes. It has an amazing aroma and can be used by women in all occasions. The only disadvantage with this perfume is its price. It is a very expensive perfume.

8. Chanel no 5

Chanel no 5 Top Most Popular Perfumes For Women in All Occasion 2018

This is a very unique perfume that was founded by French Couturier Gabrielle Chanel in 1921. Ernest Beaux and a French Russian chemist compounded the chemical formula of this perfume. It is popularly know because of its qualities that every woman loves. Even though it was launched several years back, Chanel no 5 has no time limit. It is still famous and hasn’t lost its value. Rose, jasmine, lily and iris are some of its qualities. This perfume is used in all occasions.

7. Gucci by Gucci perfume


Gucci is an Italian brand that is so famous because of their quality and fashionable products. The perfume itself is popularly known because of its customer base. Floral are Guava are its ingredients. Gucci is an exotic and gorgeous perfume that is reliable in all occasions. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Perfumes For Women in All Occasions 2016-2017.

6. Euphoria EDP for women from ck

Euphoria EDP for women from ck Top Famous Perfumes For Women in All Occasion 2019

Calvin Klein introduced this beautiful fragrance in 2005. Euphoria is a very unique fragrance because of the quality chemicals that are used in it. The starting ingredients of this perfume are lovely lush green accord, pomegranate and persimmon. Its finishing ingredients are cream and woods, amber that starts with black orchid and sensual lotus bloss. This perfume has a nice aroma and can be used in all occasions.

5. Kate Moss Lila belle


This perfume is very new in the market but it is one the women’s best product. Kate Moss is said to be a modern perfume and of its class. It was manufactured to introduce young women into their personality. The composition of this perfume is Lush, sensual perfume, floral, mandarin, osmanthus, freesia and wood and musky. Its ingredients are very many. Some of them are alcohol denat, aqua, parfum, citral, geraniol, hexyl cinnamal and many more. This perfume is popularly known because of its light and soft fragrance which can be used in all occasions.

4. Shi from Alfred Sung


Shi is a unique perfume that was introduced in the market by Alfred Sung in 1986. It is suitable for a romantic night apart from other occasions. One thing about the manufactures of this fragrance is that they give their customers the best. This perfume is characterized by its delicate floral, soft and feminine fragrance.

3. Attraction

Attraction Top 10 Best Perfumes For Women in All Occasion 2017

Attraction perfume was created by Daniela (Roche) andrier and Christian Biecher in 2003. It was later launched by Lancôme. It is a floral-woody that is built on iris and Patchouli notes one of the most which include nerori, gardenia, ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberous, Bulgarin, orange blossom,. Attraction’s bottle has a round shape and a golden cap making this perfumes the most expensive. The base of this perfume consists of musk, amber, patchouli, and cedar. Attraction has an attractive aroma that tends to attract people around just as its name suggests. It also brings about a distinction and therefore best for everyday use.

2. Can Can from Paris Hilton

Can Can from Paris Hilton Top Popular Perfumes For Women in All Occasion 2018

Can Can is a very famous brand in Paris. It has a floral sweet scent. It’s one of the most amazing and luxurious women’s perfume. Some of its ingredients are candy and natural sources, candy, white muck, vanilla and caramel. Women can use this perfume in all occasion like when travelling, night parties, when at work and many more. It appears to be in this list because of its demand. Many bottles are ordered online and in fashion houses in the world. It comes in a beautiful and classy bottle. Can Can is the best solution for a modern lady.

1. Lovely from Sarah Jessica parker


Lovely tops in this list of perfumes because of its high quality products and demand from women all around the world. Lovely is the first perfume that was created by Sarah Jessica parker. It is the best amongst all perfumes and its rich with Fragrance of Orchid, bergamot, mandarin and lavender. Lovely gives women a lot of confidence and draws out their personality.

It’s the best in the market and it is popularly known because if it’s firm hold and a natural finish. It is also a very cheap fragrance and in some countries like Catalina Island it’s not for sale.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Perfumes For Women in All Occasions 2016-2017. The above perfumes range from floral scents to oriental ones. In as long as women wear nice dresses, they would also want to use the best perfumes of their choice. These fragrances bring about exoticism, femininity, sensuality and freshness. When applying this perfume, there are several factors to consider. Some of the factors are how the perfume will smell on you, age, mood, body chemistry, diet, nature of the skin. Oily skin tends to keep the perfume for a longer time after application unlike a dry skin. Go for that perfume that suits you.