Top 10 Best Selling Pen Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Pen Brands in The World 2016-2017. In the age of e-signatures and e-books, not as many people think about the tool they use when writing on paper. However, there are still a nice amount of people than can appreciate the beauty of a pen. The top 10 best pen brands in the world in 2016-2017 includes the best in ballpoint, fountain, rollerball and many other types used by people in all walks of life.

Quality pens and pencils are not just for corporate executives, or those in upper management at an organization. Architects, doctors, and writers are just some of the types who still use pens on a regular basis. There are also collectors to consider, as well as those who enjoy the feel of a pen over a computer mouse or touchpad. Many on this list have designs that are unique and ink flows that are no comparison to brands sold at a supermarket. While some of the brands can be found at big box retailers, this is just a small fraction of their entire inventory.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Pen Brands in The World 2016-2017

1. Parker Pens

Parker Pens Top Popular Pen Brands in The World 2019

Parker Pens dubs itself ‘the 5th way of writing’. Though established in 1888, founder George Safford Parker got his start selling pens to his students in 1863. Since then, this company has separated itself from the competition by creating a number of features that present a quality writing experience. gives the Parker 5th fountain pen (suggested retail $78) a four out of five-star rating and states that it’s “nicely balanced” and “doesn’t dry with frequent use”. Many users say the Parker rollerball pens, which start around $21, have the flow of a fountain pen but with ballpoint capabilities. Parker also carries disposable and refillable ballpoints, starting at $17.

2. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Most Famous Pen Brands in The World 2019

Mont Blanc, known as the “exquisite writing culture” got its start in 1924 by a couple of German businessmen. After a few personnel changes, they worked tirelessly to create a place that sold “high class gold and fountain pens”. Over the years, the Mont Blanc brand went on to include eyewear, leather goods, and watches. Besides the ballpoint (starts at $225), rollerball (starts at $250), and fountain (starts at $565), their writing collections also include the Fine Liner (starts at $400), and the Screen Writer (starting at $350). The rubberized handles make the Screen Writer model ideal for wordsmiths who don’t care to create interesting works using a keyboard.

3. Pilot

Pilot Top 10 Best Pen Brands in The World

Pilot started in Tokyo in 1918 and became a U.S. import in 1972. Since then they have gone on to become the third largest writing instrument company in the States. Pilot is also one of the few brands that carries popular everyday pens (like the G2, which is sold at most retailers for about $5 each) and a luxury collection that is sold under the Namiki label. Pilot carries more than 21 collections, some of which are made with gold, silver, jewel tones and lacquered designs on the body. One of the more popular styles is the B2P, which stands for ‘bottle to pen’, as it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. The Frixion uses friction to erase ink from papers without mess, and available as a capped or clickable model.

4. Lamy

Lamy Top Most Famous Pen Brands in The World 2018

Lamy is a German-based company that got its start in 1930 and carries a wide selection of fountain and multisystem pens, along with propelling graphite pencils. In 2017, one of their star writing instruments was the Special Edition AL-Star (suggested retail $47). They like to combine “attitude and style” in all of their writing instruments, which come in many bright colors and metallic finishes, along with fine details on the body. Lamy is proclaimed to have the “best value for the money”. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Pen Brands in The World 2016-2017.

5. Waterman


Waterman is a high-end brand from New York City that was established in 1884. They are best known for the intricate body designs and patterns etched into some of the caps by French artisans. The Special Edition Hemisphere collection, which is available in four writing modes, offers the ultimate writing experience. The Expert series embodies a sleek Parisian design on a cigar-shaped body using the finest metals. The Waterman brand can be found at fine retailers worldwide.

6. Kaweco

Kaweco Top Most Popular Selling Pen Brands in The World 2018

Kaweco was started in Germany in 1883 and is best known for creating quality pens that have an etched design on the nibs. Pen bodies range from traditional to the wider novelty Sport collection. Many of their collections boast a simple elegance of the bodies, but others come in a number of colors and unique body shapes and materials. Fountain nibs range from extra fine (EF) to double broad (BB). Kaweco can be found at a number of specialty retailers worldwide.

7. Cello

Cello Top 10 Best Pen Brands in The World 2017

Cello is an India-based company that got its start in 1995. However, it was acquired by the BIC Corporation in 2015, making it India’s number 1 writing instrument. The Signature series comes in retractable and ballpoint models with various finished and gold plate details. Cello also has the Exam series, a standard pen with a durable rubber grip that is ideal for students and writers of all levels. The Gel Plus line presents a superior writing experience at a reasonable price tag.

8. Sailor


Sailor is a Japanese company that has made a wide array of pens designed by the father and son team, Nobuyoshi and Yukio Nagahara, respectively. Their unique collections have set them apart from the majority of the competition for more than 60 years and counting. With colorful barrels adorned with Japan-inspired art and details, even the more sophisticated Professional collection makes a bold statement. They are the founders of the slightly curvaceous Cross Emperor nib. Additionally, Sailor has over 20 distinct nib types that range from extra-extra fine (EEF) to broad (NB). Collections are sold through fine retailers worldwide.

9. Platinum


Platinum started in 1919 Japan, and like Sailor, they use elegant Japanese-themed artwork for the body. Many of their fine writing instruments are made with acrylic, stainless steel and pure gold details, and exotic woods. They also carry a wide selection of ballpoint pens and drafting pencils in eight different lead types. Platinum carried pen and pencil combinations, and brush pens – with or without weasel hair. Triple action pens give the user both convenience and glamour. Dealers carrying this brand are found in Japan, North America and the United Kingdom.

10. Cross

Cross Top Best Pen Brands in The World 2017

Cross is the oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments, according to their website. This Rhode Island-based company was started by Richard Cross and Edward Bradbury in 1846. Their wide collection of pens consists of varying girths and weights. Cross also carries special editions of the Marvel Super Hero and Star Wars stationery pens. Ballpoint pens start at $24, rollerballs, $35, and fountain styles start at $50. For the person with a deep need to splurge, the 21-karat solid Gold Classic Century sells for $10,000.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Pen Brands in The World 2016-2017. Whether a person chooses a pen for the looks, practicality – or a little of both – there is no denying there is a writing instrument for every budget and taste. Normally, people with reservations about buying a fine writing instrument most likely have not compared quality versus a product that only has its value to boast. It’s also a matter of economics, as “valuable” pens are often replaced hundreds of times over a lifetime and seldom bring a pleasurable writing experience beyond the first couple of uses. Having a quality pen is a matter of convenience, even in the electronic age.