Top 10 Best Selling PC Game Controllers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling PC Game Controllers in The Market 2017. Video game controllers are far from being one-size fits all. First of all, no two gamers are alike. Secondly, you must find the game controller that best fits your system, or your game won’t work with it. Some of these on this list are for old schoolers, while others are more modern and complicated, and more in line with a person with great electrical training. Indeed, this post is a review of some of all of the above.

List of Top 10 Best Selling PC Game Controllers in The Market 2017

10. Microsoft X-Box 360

microsoft x box 360, Top 10 Best Selling PC Game Controllers in The Market 2017

This is perhaps the best controller for games working out of the Windows system. It has a classy design, especially on the ball buttons and triggers. It is a nice jet black color, and can support hours of gaming fun.

9. Logitech Gamepad F310


Logitech has been making Windows compatible game controllers for a long time now. As a result they have a lot of practice and experience at this gaming thing. F310 has 10 programmable buttons and a D-pad that seems to be designed for the southpaw player.

8. Microsoft X- Box One Controller-Cable for Windows


This is the resurrected version of the X-Box controller, and the analog sticks and face buttons on it are greatly improved since the last design. The D-pad is updated too, and you need extra batteries or a charger on the upgraded version when you play it.

7. Logitech Game Pad F710


One of several by Logitech in this countdown. This design takes the 310 and brings it up a notch. It is wireless with a 6 foot range that allows you to leap about as you play without tearing the USB port up, and it is designed more for the smaller set.

6. Sabrent 12 Button USB 2.0 Game Controller for PC


If you like the newer school conveniences of wireless, this probably is not your game set. It requires a hook-up. The USB wire is probably as short as your patience for hooking it up is. It is still a good game, if you enjoy old style games that don’t have the wifi.

5. PlayStation Dual Shock 4


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling PC Game Controllers in The Market 2017. This controller is not created with a PC in mind, but it’s still a good controller for some very good other reasons. First of all, it has flat interface buttons that help you feel your way around the buttons in playing at ease, preventing you from developing gamer thumbs, and the calluses that can result from gaming a lot. It has a “great analog trigger feel,” as the gamer who wrote the “Best Controller for PC Gaming” article put it.

It doesn’t work on PC as of this writing, but new software is coming out to make that easier. In the meantime, the unofficial software it requires to get it to work on PC may require some extra expenditure–as if gaming equipment itself can’t sometimes be very expensive. These are some drawbacks that I see that keep me from giving this equipment a higher rating.

4. Gtron Retro USB Classic Controller for PC Mac


As I view these game controllers, I am reminded of the games in the penny arcades I used to visit in the 80’s as a teenager. The look is very similar–from the buttons to the shift to the more simple size. This game controller is compatible with many Windows and Mac computers, indeed. It is loved by keyboards everywhere.

3. Thrustmaster Controller


This is an updated version of a design that was put together with the objectives of ease and use, according to Toppers World, Internally, the upgraded vibration feedback and analogue interfaces provide an awesome gaming experience. Also part of the design was a substantially improved D-pad. Safety features were built in that disconnects the cord automatically if someone–say, a child or the family dog or cat–trips over it. This is better, as the author of Topper’s world says, than someone disconnecting the USB port to your computer.

2) Bitdo Bluetooth Wireless Classic WES Controller for IOS and Android Gamepad


If you like old-school gaming controllers, this one’s for you.It is easy to set up. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems and even some mobile IOS game. NES/SNES design is a super feature and the emulation firmware is easily upgraded, as the Topper’s World website says.

1. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel


It is designed like the steering wheel on a racing car, with a stick shift to the right. Logitech designed this wheel for some racing games that are about to enter the market. It works well with PlayStation 3 as well as PC’s. It comes with 16 programmable buttons to make it eminently customizable, according to the Topper’s website. But one drawback that the website mentions that is most certainly a disadvantage if you are not adept at putting things together–it comes with a lot of wiring that you do, in fact, need to be able to hook up, as well as lots of options to configure. Thus that means that this gaming tool would be easier for you if you had some game programming experience. I am by no means saying it can’t be done. What I am saying is that should you choose to buy this game, don’t be too surprised if you need help.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling PC Game Controllers in The Market 2017. PC Game controllers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are easier than others. The key to choosing the best one is to research as many of them as possible, taking good notes from all of your research. Then decide which one will make you most comfortable doing the thing that you love. Then buy it and enjoy. Happy Gaming!