Top 10 Best Selling Panini Presses in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Panini Presses in The Market 2017. Many countries know panini as a sandwich grill, made from bread but not sliced bread. For example of bread used are ciabatta, baguette and michetta. For delicious meal you have to use the right machine. Here are some of the product you can us with wonderful features.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Panini Presses in The Market 2017

10. hamilton beach 25460A Gourmet maker

hamilton beach 25460A Gourmet maker, Top 10 Best Selling Panini Presses in The Market 2019

This product can help you make sandwich grill to any thickness of your choice. Gourmet maker has an equipped café-style with a lid that is floating which enables you to make in all sizes needed. Not only does making any size you want but also leaves mark of grill behind. Its upright storage design makes easy to store. Has powerful and preheat light that will make your food look delicious. So they is no need for you to go out for lunch to enjoy those sandwich you like while you can cook in your home with Hamilton beach product.

9. Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in -1 Griddler


You can enjoy using five in one griddler on your kitchen countertop to full cook, contact grill, full griddle or part griddle your sandwich. Make with a handle style and cover that is floating to help in adjusting thickness of sandwich. the product contain stainless-steel brush that makes it look modern. A cooking plate that helps in distributing even heat, which are also reversible and removable to allow drain off extra grease. you can use an adjustable temperature knob to enable you take control of your food in progress.

8. oster DuraCeramic Grill

oster DuraCeramic Grill Top 10 Best Selling Panini Presses

This item is made of ceramic coating that protects your machine from wearing off. It’s durability is very high and cannot peel off even when you use for long. Ceramic coating is naturally made with non-harmful chemical and can be very easy to clean. The product can open up due to its flat cover and is equipped with adjustable feet to help you tilt when necessary. Designed in way that you can only cook up to 20 percent faster, helping you save power and use a minimal time possible. Two drip cups are designed for capturing excess fat and cleaning tool.

7. breville BSG520XL panini duo 1500-watt Nonstick Press


If you want design that can cook faster and have plenty of power, while this is best choice for you. For its durability made with cooking surface of scratch-resistant which can be used for long. Also includes bottom that is flat which helps in quick uniform cooking, top plate made with ribbed that leaves those marked coveted behind. Has maximum of four heights that is suitable for anything you want to cook. Has an on/ready light helps you keep track of food progress. Also come with stainless-steel brush and cord wrap.

6. hamilton beach 25450 Gourmet presses


Hamilton 25450 panini press has lid that is floating to allow you to make sandwich of any size you need. You can get with high quality profile that you can’t resist to have at home. It is include of preheat and power lights, locking top and upright storage design. The grid nonstick help with easy cleaning. You can make as many sandwiches as u want due to its enough space. Having company warranty of 2 years.

5. De’Longhi CGH800 contact grill


This double sided contract plate ensures you faster toasting and grilling. Made with an adjustable height hinge that can accommodate any size of food. Also includes thermostat that you can adjust to allow full control of process. Easy- view temperature rang window, helps to keep track of temperature while cooking. Grease drain cup and oil makes them easier for you to clean those grilled plates, by wiping and emptying out the cup. Cool touch handles helps for easy movement once you’re through with your toasting. You can enjoy using De’Longhi CGH800 for many years. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Panini Presses in The Market 2017.

4. Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill


Not only does it work like a press but also act as combination of half and full of grill/griddle and top melt. For addition conveniences, griddle elite is fitted with reversible and removable top plates. Take charge of your food with dual zone temperature control. They are plenty of rooms to make several sandwiches with square of 240 inches. it has capability of heat up to 500 degrees for only two minutes.

3. waring commercial wpg150 compact Italian-Style Grill


Italian-style grill product is made of stainless-steel material that is durable which you can use for years without repair. Cleaning is easier because of removable drip tray. You can be able to cook vegetables, chicken, hamburgers and many other types of food using it. Designed with cast iron plate that helps in distributing heat evenly, for short period for time. Manufactured with an on/off switch, heat resistant handles and ready indicator lights. NSF and UL as approved it, and have limited warranty of one year.

2. lodge square ribbed 8.25-inch panini press


If you’re looking for affordable and long lasting unit, then iron cast grill in worth going for. A made from USA with right metal chemical used. Promotes even heating and comes ready to use. Bottom and top are sealed with both cast iron plate and skillet. You can use oven for up to 500 degrees. Deep ribs help in food pressing and expertly sear.

1. VillaWare NDVLPAPFS1 –SHP Grill


An amazing villaware product can be used as a sandwich maker or an indoor cooker. They are made different sizes including 11 inch by 9 inch plates, which have multiple heat settings. Large ergonomic control allows you have enough control of temperature when food is in process. When required temperature reaches, ready light indicator at the center will pulse. You can easily clean plates after cooking. You can easier store with vertically position on your kitchen countertop, while preparing some veggies and savory meats.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Panini Presses in The Market 2017. Above are some of products you can use at home for delicious sandwiches.