Top 10 Best Selling Outdoor Toys of Summer

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Outdoor Toys of Summer 2017. Playing outside is a great form of exercise for children as well as being good for their well-being and physical development. Getting your children out and into the fresh air and encouraging them to move will develop their muscle strength and coordination. It is also a way to increase flexibility as well as gross and fine motor skills. Being out in the sunshine is also a benefit (when protected properly) and fulfills their need for physical exercise as they run, jump, swing, or one of many other outdoor activities. It often takes an incentive to make your child want to go out and having fun toys available is the perfect incentive. These are the top 10 best selling outdoor toys of summer 2017 that will make you child want to play outside.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Outdoor Toys of Summer 2017

10. Dunebug’s Farm Truck

dunebugs-farm-truck, Top 10 Best Selling Outdoor Toys of Summer 2017

The Dunebug’s Farm truck is a great way to encourage and allow your child to plant their own garden. While you are out planting your spring flowers and vegetables, your child can work alongside you with their own garden plot. The Dunebug Farm truck is constructed from recycled wood and plastic and will break apart to create a tot-sized gardening tool set. The parts of the truck turn into a shovel, rake, and bucket which will make planting the wildflower seeds it comes with easy and fun to plant.

9. PlaSmart Plasma-Car

plasmart-plasma-car, Top 10 Best Selling Outdoor Toys of Summer 2018

Kids often like to go fast. The PlaSmart Plasma-Car does not have any pedals, batteries, or gears. This simply designed car is propelled by your child. Simply turning the steering wheel back and forth will move this incredible car and provide hours of fun. Placing the car on a flat smooth surface will allow your child to move this car up to 6 mph. and can hold up to 120 pounds so even the bigger brother or sister can take a spin on it.

8. My Real Digital Video Camera


All kids love watching videos and what is more fun than to watch videos they can make themselves? The My Real Digital Video camera will record videos and take photos in 1.3 pixels. This is an awesome way to encourage your child to go outside and make their own home movies. It is completely kid-proof and can even take a run through the sprinkler with your young one. Hours of entertainment will be provided as your kids take outstanding footage and photos of their play time outside.

7. Haba’s Tumbling Band Game


Years ago kids placed cans on a fence and spent hours knocking them off by throwing balls at them. The Haba’s Tumbling Band game brings this exciting action back into play with wooden cans that are cuter and safer to send tumbling down. It comes with rubber balls your children can throw at the cans to see who can knock the most down in one throw. This is a great physical activity for kids that will allow for hours of competitive fun.

6. Turbo Fill Blaster


During those hot summer days, there isn’t anything more fun than a large squirt gun. The Turbo Blaster connects to your garden hose to the base it attaches to. Kids simply place the blaster on the base and it will automatically refill within ten seconds and they are off again to get someone wet. This takes the pressure off of Moms and Dads having to use the kitchen sink every time the blaster needs a refill. This incredible water blaster will keep the kids running and playing and having hours of fun. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Outdoor Toys of Summer 2017.

5. Rody Pony by Gymnic


The Rody Pony is a bouncing pony that will encourage kids to go bouncing around the yard or playground. It is softly yet strongly constructed and will promote your child’s balance and coordination. The Rody Pony is an inflatable toy so you can decide the correct inflation amount for your child’s size and age. The pony is constructed from super strong, latex-free, BPA-free and phthalate-free vinyl that will provide years of fun for kids.

4. Monkey Business Bungee Jumper


The Monkey Business Bungee jumper is constructed from soft foam and can support up to 250 pounds. This is a pogo-type bouncer perfect for practicing skate and snowboard tricks. It is a non-marking and slip-resistant bouncing toy perfect for gaining balance and coordination skills. With the squishy foam base and tethered handle, kids can bounce high and even perform tricks in the air.

3. Speedminton Fun Badminton Set


The Speedminton game set is the ultimate way for kids to play with friends and family. It combines the best of all racket sports into a game that can be played anywhere and anytime. There is no net and the playing area is determined by the players. There are two aluminum rackets, two HELI speeders that are designed heavier for extra flying speed, and two speeders with glow-in-the-dark lights. The speeders are more wind resistant to allow for outdoor fun at the beach, park, or right in your own backyard.

2. Smart Ball- Digitalized Speed-Sensing Baseball


This is a regulation sized and weight baseball with hand sensing technology. Press start and throw the ball. The LCD indicator will record the speed of your pitch in MPH when it is caught. This is a perfect ball for training at any age or skill level The measurement of speed is started the moment the ball is released and is intended to be caught. The Smart Ball is not intended for batting or to hit hard surfaces.

1. Toypedo Twister


The Toypedo Twister provides great swimming pool fun. This glow-in-the-dark, fossil like skeleton looking toypedo can be hurled underwater up to 40 feet. With one strong throw, the angled guide fins on the Twister send it into a tight spiral making for an accurate and fun swim through the water. It is constructed from marbled rubber and great for playing ‘catch’ underwater.

Outdoor play at any age is fun and healthy. These top 10 best selling outdoor toys of summer 2017 will not only make your kids want to go outside, they will encourage activity to promote their well-being and developmental skills.

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