Top 10 Best Selling Outdoor Decor, Patio Furniture, and Yard Accessories

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Outdoor Decor, Patio Furniture, and Yard Accessories 2017. Your yard, deck, and patio are often the first thing that your guests see when they come to visit your home. We all know first impressions mean a lot. An overgrown yard or old scratched up, faded or broken patio furniture can leave a disappointing first impression . Instead, invest in one or more of these top 10 best selling outdoor decor, patio furniture, and yard accessories for 2017. Become the envy of all your neighbors and the host of the outdoor cocktail party.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Outdoor Decor, Patio Furniture, and Yard Accessories 2017

10. Home Genoa Gazebo

Home Genoa Gazebo Top Most Popular Selling Outdoor Decor, Patio Furniture, and Yard Accessories 2018

Gazebos are beautiful. They protect you from the sun, weather, and elements. You can throw parties in them or place your patio furniture in them. They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Some are screened in, others are not. The Home Genoa Gazebo adds a romantic and stylish charm to any yard. Imagine waking up on a warm Saturday morning, strolling down your walking path, and drinking your cup of coffee while sitting on a comfortable and plush patio set while surrounded by your very own gazebo.

9. Benches

Benches Top 10 Best Selling Outdoor Decor, Patio Furniture, and Yard Accessories 2017

When you go to the park, you sit on a bench to relax, to watch the children play, and to people watch. You ca do the same at home, from the peacefulness of your own home. A strategically placed bench will allow you or your guests to view and admire your beautiful landscaping. You can sit and wait for the kids to get off the school bus, people watch, and catch up with your neighbors. Benches can add a bit of class and style to help dress up any yard, or even patio or deck.

8. Hammocks

Hammocks Top Most Famous Selling Outdoor Decor, Patio Furniture, and Yard Accessories 2018

You no longer need two perfectly placed trees to enjoy the comfort and relaxation a hammock has to offer. If you have the trees, then feel free to tie your hammock and hang it up. If you do not, you can now buy free-standing hammocks. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as different sizes. Nothing beats an ice-cold lemonade and a nap in a hammock on a hot and sweaty lazy summer afternoon.

7. Porch Swings


Porch Swings can be romantic, fun, and relaxing. They come in many colors, different shapes, and styles. You can experience your first kiss while slowly rocking back and forth on your porch swing or relax with a book and glass of wine all by yourself. Children love slowly swaying on porch swings, and they dress up your front porch. Placing a porch swing on your porch or in your yard will add a bit of décor to your home as well as adding a place to sit, and a bit of fun.

6. Large Blow-Up Holiday Decor


Large, oversized balloon-type decorations are very popular. You can find different characters and themes for every holiday. For Halloween, you can find witches, ghosts, haunted house themes, pumpkins, and more. Christmas and Chanukah time you can find Santa Claus, reindeer, and much more. These are large enough for everyone that visits and drives by to see. Some light up, others do not. They are also easy to store because once you let the air out, you can just fold up the deflated décor.

5. Cast Aluminum Rose Brown Outdoor Bistro Set


Bistro sets are extremely hot items right now. They are small than full patio sets, so they work well in small spaces. They add a bit of a European feel and are very stylish. Bistro sets are comfortable and a nice place to enjoy a romantic outdoor dinner date. This tall furniture set of two high back chairs and a small, round table will look great on any patio, deck or yard, large or small.

4. Strings of Patio Lights


The possibilities are endless when it comes to pation lights You can find solar powered strings of pation lights, as well as electric. They come in small strings of lights and long strings of lights. You can find clear lights, colorful lights, and every shape you can dream up. Strings of pation lights provide warm lighting to your pation party and deck so the party can continue even after the sun goes down. They also provide a neat decoration and conversational piece as well. Everyone loves patio lights.

3. Star Shower Motion Laser Lights


The star shower motion laser lights yard décor is very popular, especially during this time of the year. This star projecting laser produces a beautiful and bright blanket of lights for everyone to see. This weather proof laser light show can take the place of your normal strings of Christmas lights and save you time. Even on the clousinet night, you can enjoy the sight of a bright, starry night. You can also bring the light show inside for an indoor party.

2. Sunjoy D-DN1586SST 6 Piece Adam Deep Seating Set


Patio furniture is a comfortable place for family and friends to gather outside. You can sit and converse with your guests, enjoy an outdoor BBQ, host parties, or enjoy a good book on a hot summers day. The Sunjoy D-DN1586SST 6 Piece Adam Deep Seating Set offers the ultimate outdoor comfort experience, with two comfy armed chairs, a large couch, and coffee table. You get all the comfort and style of a living room set outside on your patio or deck. this stylish patio set is made of brown wicker with beautiful cream colored cushions.

1. Metal Stars


Large metal stars can be found on the outside of many homes in the country. They are available in a variety of rustic colors and different sizes. Some people choose to place them over their front door as a welcoming outdoor decoration, others on the side, some on the front. These oversized stars are simple and add a bit of country charm to the outside of your home. These stars can be found in many places, including department stores, home decor stores, flea markets, antique stores, and more.

You home is a reflection of yourself. Outdoor decor adds a touch of your own personality to the outside of your home. These top 10 best selling outdoor decor, patio furniture, and yard accessories for 2017 will look stunning and amazing in your front yard.