Top 10 Best Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The Market 2017. Fashion style cannot be complete without applying a suitable nail polish from OPI. Modern women have decided not to wear common polishes just for the sake of covering their nails. That is why have written this article to educate you about OPI nail polish. The list below consists of top 10 best selling OPI nail polish colors in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The Market 2017

10. Mai Tai Crooked (cream)

Mai Tai Crooked Top Famous Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The World 2018

Mai Tai crooked is a very gorgeous creamy light orange shade from OPI’s Hawaii Collection in 2017. There are several colors of the OPI shade but this one rocks it all. Mai is so unique such that no polish can match with it. Some of mai’s advantages include its ability to flatter most skin tones due to good opacity, long lasting nail polish giving women much confidence and its unique color that cannot be compared.

Mai is one of the favorite and best selling from Hawaii collection. It cost $10 per piece and available in many beauty and fashion houses.

9. My way or the Highway


My way is one of the most popular teal shades from OPI and best known for its jelly formula which gives full coverage in first and second coats. One of the most recognized fashion designers, China Glaze, released and introduced it in china during a road trip spring collection in 2017. Most Hollywood actresses use this nail polish when on stage. These women say that their beauty is not complete without my way nail polish. However, not many people will afford it because a very small bottle of it is much expensive.

8. Essie Perennial Chic

Essie Perennial Chic Top 10 Best Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The World

Essie is bold cream in color and the best nail polish collection from Opi Company. In 2016 perennial chic has been selected amongst top ten best nail polishes. A brown undertone nude shade is seen on nails after application. Perennial is a nice pigmentation that no one can reach the two coats. It is however a perfect shade recommended for nail stamping and technology.

Essie perennial is affordable compared to other OPI collections and you can purchase it online or from nearby fashion houses.

7. I stop for Red by OPI


Just as the name suggests I stop for red is red liquor from OPI Company. This is one of the best colors that stays on trend and doesn’t lose value. During summer (hot) and winter (chilly) seasons, red will always look charm on you because of the ability to spread quickly without streaks. Some people confuse red and orange nail polishes. If you find yourself in the same problem, take time and read instructions very carefully. They both have stickers which indicate color of nail polish.

I am assured from my experience that if you purchase I stop for red nail polish, you will just save your money. It is also one of the most affordable and most selling in market.

6. I just can’t cope Acabana

I just can’t cope Acabana Top Popular Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The World 2017

This is a cream yellow shade that perfectly suits women during sunny summer days. Acabana’s bright yellow color and pastel finish leaves every woman with a desire to look beautiful. The formula or guidelines of applying this liquor is you start with the first coat and apply the other coat for a perfect finishing.

The price of acabana is relatively expensive and is mostly used by celebrities who change their fashion with season. High class women are the only people who can afford yellow acabana. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The Market 2017.

5. On Pinks and Needles


From OPI fashion and beauty house, I introduce to you a hot pink top coat with hexagon shaped glitter bottle. On pink and needle come in a wide variety in terms of sizes, bottle design and price. This pink polish gives a full coverage effect leaving your nails smooth and shining. It is recommended that you shape the nails by removing cuticles before applying pink and needle polish.

On pink and needles liquor ca never disappoint his fans because of maintaining its value. For better look, put on a yellow dress to match with your nails.

4. That’s Shore Bright

That’s Shore Bright Top Most Popular Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The World 2018

Show bright is one of the orchid colors of 2017 that are stunning in market today. The bright purple look of show shade brings every good feature of nails polishes from OPI. China Glaze (china’s fashion designer) introduced the brand from the market after acquiring it from their manufactures.

If I would advise you, then I will suggest that this color is best when going for dinner. The shining part of it will keep you going.

3. Treble maker

Treble maker Top Most Famous Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The World 2019

OPI has once more released a fluorescent mint green color from china glaze electric nights collection in 2017. I haven’t seen such a beautiful and attractive color from OPI besides that there are several nail polish colors in market. OPI advises its clients to apply two colors to make two coats for better results due to high pigmentation. Treble maker has a mark of value which means that it is even recognized by the government.

One disadvantage of this polish liquor is its expensive price and is commonly used by actresses, models, artists and many other celebrities in the world.

2. Chic from ears to tail

Chic from ears to tail Top 10 Best Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The World 2017

I bet if you happen to see this charming nail liquor you won’t miss to love it. Most women love bright colors especially pink. Chic from ear to tail is another option for modern women who want to display a simple look out there. Good thing about this cutex is its cheap price which many people afford to buy.

Check on their website ad find yours before stocks are over.

1. On the edge


Let us check on the most beautiful and best selling of all OPI nail polishes. Bright Royal blue makes to be in the first position in this list. If you wear a bright royal blue dress and blend it with this liquor, am telling you will be stopped on the way to answer several questions concerning your beauty.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling OPI Nail Polish Colors in The Market 2017. The above nail polish colors are the best selling OPI products in market. You can learn when and how to apply them from this article.