Top 10 Best Selling Noise Cancelling Headphones in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Noise Cancelling Headphones in The Market 2017. Noise cancelling headphone brands are plenty in market today. I have done a lot of research and gathered full information of best selling noise cancelling headphones in 2017 review. They are listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Noise Cancelling Headphones in The Market 2017

10. Samsung Level on Pro wireless Headphones

Samsung Level on Pro wireless Headphones, Top 10 Best Selling Noise Cancelling Headphones in The Market 2017

Samsung is a popular and large company that produces durable electronic items. There product comes with a promising warranty hence commonly known and used by many people. These headphones are known in market for their ability to level noise and some other important and unique features. These features include comfortable leather ear pads to give you a good feel and come with extra features specifically for Samsung brand owners. However, they are fragile and a lot of care must be taken and short range wireless feature.

9. Sony ear on MDR


Sony is another popular brand releasing fantastic and attractive noise cancelling headphones. They are greatly of high demand in market with their brilliant functionality in audios it and exceptionally comfortable when won. They also give great looks when worn. Sony headphones are relatively expensive and not all people will be in a position to purchase them, however, durability is assured since they can last for several years.
Sony ear has many advantages and disadvantages as well. Some of their shortcomings include, low battery life and non touch controls. Manufacturing companies release them with a warranty of one year.

8. Creative sound Blaster


This brand offers noise and quality sound cancellation. Create noise cancellation can sense up to 33 feet. Noise cancelation helps in keeping immersion at all time especially when listening through Bluetooth. There is a NFC- enabled device to enhance quick wireless connection. One of its major advantages is ability to work with modern game consoles despite fact it was manufacture long time ago. However, creative headphone noise cancellers are quite expensive. Its only higher class people use them. Sometimes it’s advisable to purchase expensive electronic products to enjoy high quality services.

7. Bose QuietComfort 20i


Bose headphone noise cancellers are extremely comfortable and available in all major selling shops. Its major characteristics are weight of 09 pounds, cable length of 4.3 feet and battery life of more than 16 hours. Bose are recommended for those people who require earbuds for soothing feeling. An aware mode is available in this equipment and enables you dampen effects of any moment noticed. You can comfortable use Bose when in airplanes for entertainment purposes. They are only purchased online and come in red, black, white and brown colors only. Bose quietcomfort are quite expensive.

6. Plantronics Backbeat pro


These are slick and professional looking option headphone noise cancellers for several clients. Based on looks only, many people have purchase Plantronics Backbeat brand. Apart from all that, there more important features that am sure you are going to like very much. They include great sound quality, noise cancellation feature and 24 hours battery life. This is just more than enough proof to show that they are excellent devices in market. Plantronics are owners of several winning and nomination awards due to high performance in noise cancellation and impressive sound production. It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Noise Cancelling Headphones in The Market 2017.

5. Parrot Zik 2.0


Parrot zik 2.0 is a famous company producing app powered Bluetooth headphone cancellers with many important features like deep customization through apps, extra expanded sound stage, long life of quality service and high wireless sensitivity nature. The problem with them is that they are very expensive. It is only people of high class who are able to purchase and enjoy them. According to word of experience from many clients, battery life of parrot is less than 6 hours so cannot be recommended in remote areas where power is a problem.

4. Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphone cancellers


Landing on fourth position we have this popular device called Sennheiser. They are a product of a successful electronic company in United States of America. They are relatively longer with a cable length of 4.6 feet. This device is indeed of high quality. Some of its characteristics include 30 feet of wireless sensation, this feature makes it more reliable in any location. Its frequency response goes up to 22 Hz and impedance of 28 Ohms. Other major and important quality characteristics are battery life of more than 25 hours and best in producing sound class. However, Sennheiser has a very weak multi function battery and comes with a very expensive price, its only that different offers arise in each year and this is when many people commit themselves in purchasing them.

3. Sony MDR 1000X


MDR is another brand of successful electronic company called Sony. This popular brand can never disappoint you in any way. Quality features outweigh price itself therefore recommended in everyday use. Wireless sensation rate goes up to 30 feet plus a battery life of more than 20 hours. Weighing 275 grams, this headphones works at a frequency of 4 Hz to 40 KHz. Purchase them from any legal dealers before stock lasts.

2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35


Bose brand has appeared more than twice in this article. They come with a weight of one pound, cable length of 3.94 feet and a long battery life of more than 20 hours. With broad speakers, they are able to produce clears sound and an amazing noise cancellation. However, it is well designed so many people get bored in purchasing and even wearing them. Acquired taste is basically needed to make them work properly.

1. Philips Fidelio NC1


I first heard about Philips Electronics Company when I was a little child. It is a famous ad successful organization of many years ago. Despite the fact it was launched many decades ago, this company’s products are durable and reliable at all time. Philip Fidelio is product with great sound reproduction and great looks. However, when not well maintained, there is always sound leakage heard.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Noise Cancelling Headphones in The Market 2017. In case you have had an experience of any of the above, drop your information and it will help me improve my article.