Top 10 Best Selling Network Attached Storages in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Network Attached Storages in The Market 2017. Computer important files and documents should be highly protected. Network attached storages are meant to do that work. There are various brands producing these devices in market today. Top 10 of them are listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Network Attached Storages in The Market 2017

10. Cavalry storage CAND series

cavalry storage cand series, Top 10 Best Selling Network Attached Storages in The Market 2017

Cavalry is a reliable network storage that many people desire to own in current generation. It can be purchased through online means and used immediately after connection is done. For faster rate of working, CAND series is always supported by Ethernet transfer that ensures cavalry reaches up to 1000 mbps. Some may have not come across this powerful storage device that contains an LCD activity display panel for delivering out comfortability to all clients and users at large. Password protection is allowed in this storage in case you want your files to be fully protected against intruders.

9. LaCie Network attached storage 9000225


LaCie is a great device recommended for all people because it comes at a relatively low price. You can describe LaCie as a reliable device in market today. This popular gadget supports quick integration of data that can be managed easily also essential in local activities like quick transferring of data and articles. LaCie require network connection for it to continue working properly. Upon viewing it I market, many people might confuse between woofers and this storage system. Network cannot be compared with other devices because of its relatively large design.

8. Iosafe NAS storage solution


Just as its name suggests, NAS is indeed a storage solution according to many clients who have posted several positive reviews on their website and social media as well. Iosafe is a brand that is mostly used by many people today hence raising a market demand value. Being a water resistant gadget, swimmers and deep sea divers carry them around because they are portable and cannot allow water to damage it. Its capacity is approximately 8 TB storage space. Large number of favorite files can be stored in NAS model.

7. Seagate Central


Seagate is a personal network attached storage device recommended mostly for college and university students who want to store their school files easily. A personal cloud system is available for every person who gets interest in this brand of storage device. Regular web browsers are used when features files stored in cloud means. However, some other browsers are faster than others and hence recommended for displaying purposes. Examples of fast browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, opera mini and Bing. Others are relatively slow and cannot be reliable at all. Seagate central is a bit smaller compared to other but is well designed.

6. Buffalo LinkStation LS210DO201


Are you looking for a reliable and convenient device that will come with best networked attached device? I would like to advice you on purchasing buffalo Link station. Apart from normal storage of Buffalo device, cloud storage can also be crafted from main storage. Cloud storage is of much importance because it can be accessed from all places and time as long as you have right account name and password. Failure to that, you may not be able to access your files in cloud storage account.

LinkStation is essential in backing up files in operating systems of personal computers.

5. ZyXel NSA310


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Network Attached Storages in The Market 2017. With additional useful features added to this storage brand, it can be comfortably be used in data transfer and storing of useful data and file at large. One of its major advantages is uploading pictures automatically to internet, Filckr, YouTube, facebook and some other common websites. This is done to share beautiful music with others in order to entertain and give comfort through their smooth and soothing lyrics. ZyleXel has a powerful system that organizes files for easy location when looking for them.

4. Qnap Ts-470


Qnap device is essential in storing of data for small business crowd and come at n affordable price that cannot even be compared with its qualities. Some of Qnap’s major quality features include excellent perfomance, easy and navigable software, impressive model, ample and expandable storage options and many more others. Coming with a packaged of four devices in each, TS contain Gigabit network ports that works under a 2.6 GHz dual core insulator. Extra features include web applications which are optional, upgrading option to 20 GB card is an investment for many users and SD card slot for expansion of storage in case the inner is full with favorite and important files.

3. Western Digital Sentinel DX4200


Instead of using a traditional storage system, sentinel is essential to all storage work in a more advanced way or digital. Manufactures of western storage system gives it out with a package of four fantastic hard drives as a bonus. Buying sentinel device is rewarding. However, in regards to that great bonus no warranty is given out upon every package sold. This device is relatively large and comes in different color including black, white, yellow, red and cream. Four buttons at front will show light as an indication that it’s on.

2. Western digital DL4100


This is another great brand of most famous company known as Western. DL4100 helps a lot in backing up data when need arises. Western digital has truly landed in this position for having cool and important features including ability to activate email and short message alerts and backing up items and files to clouds where no intruders can rich out.

1. Thecus N8810U


Thecus unit is best selling product in computer storage devices. When well used, Thecus can store so many important files, data, videos and pictures for a long time due to durability nature. It comes with a password protection to secure files from intruders. Working with this brand is comfortable and save as well. High perfomance media makes everything beautiful with Thecus network storage device. However, it does not support cloud storage.

Above list contains best selling storage devices in market 2017. Most of them are of high quality and perform fantastic work in storing and securing important files and data.