Top 10 Best Selling Nail Strengtheners in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Nail Strengtheners in The Market 2017. Unkempt nails look hideous and so do torn cuticles. Let’s not include chipped nail polish, broken and split nails. We’ve covered some of the most common problems hand and fingers face. It doesn’t matter if you’re exposing your nails to sunshine, water, cleaning chemicals as you do your housework, not everyone is in favour of rubber gloves, but without them, we pay a price.

What annoys many of us is that we discover the split or broken nail after we’ve just pulled the minutest thread on the blouse we were going to wear. Even if you’re getting a manicure every month, you still need those in between times when you can use a product you can rely on to keep your nails in tip-top condition.

When you can incorporate strengthening nail polish, clippers for the perfect trim, cuticle oil to fortify your cuticles and creams to give your hands and fingers a well-earned lift and a moisture boost after all they do, you can do all of this on a budget with the absolute best of the Top Best Selling Nail Strengtheners for 2017.
Each product has been rated by people like you and with guidance like that, you’re guaranteed results that will give you what you’re looking for. Strong, healthy, unbreakable nails you can take anywhere, anytime. Let’s go find out what the fuss is all about.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Nail Strengtheners in The Market 2017

10. Revlon Nail Clipper $2.49 – Rating 8.9

revlon-nail-clipper, Top 10 Best Selling Nail Strengtheners 2018

There’s a no-fuss way to clip your nails and keep them from looking hangnail. The clippers are made from steel and remain strong and sharp so that your touch-ups while you’re heading out are all about one snip and you’re done. There’s an attached nail file for those little snags if you have any and for cleaning underneath the nail. This is one handy little tool that you can keep in your handbag for those quick moments when you want to trim nails. It’s worth is its weight in gold and is cheaper than a cup of coffee!

9. CND Solar Oil $8.50 – Rating 9.0

cnd-solar-oil, Top 10 Best Selling Nail Strengtheners 2017

Cuticles dry out and so do nails particularly in the summer months when your hands seem always to be under the sun. This cuticle oil is a boon for dry cuticles and nails that have been neglected and are looking for a little care. It takes a moment to apply and is recommended for use overnight. So at bedtime, rub in a little oil and massage over finger tips and nails for healthy nails and cuticles the next morning. Over time, you’ll find your nails will be less brittle and less inclined to break. Your cuticles will also thank you for that little act of TLC. Over several weeks, it will give well worth it results, but you must remain faithful to your nails nightly.

8. Sephora Collection Crystal Nail File $10 – Rating 9.1

sephora-collection-crystal-nail-file, Top 10 Best Selling Nail Strengtheners 2019

A nail file that is coated with diamond crystals that will give you a smooth, very easy file, leaving your nails with silky edges. This is one manicure tool that will last you a lifetime. The crystals treat your nails with respect, rather than emery that is made from fine sand, the diamond is sharp, true and lasting. There is no friction involved so long as you file your nails in one direction only, and not back and forth which is one of the main reasons they split. With a quick rinse under cold water when you’re finished, pat it dry, pop it away and you’ve got a reliable nail file for a very long time. Well worth the investment.

7. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream $6 – Rating 9.2

burts-bees-lemon-butter-cuticle-cream, Top 10 Best Selling Nail Strengtheners 2020

Here’s a cuticle cream that smells delicious, is convenient, and moisturizes with only a moment’s attention to your nails and cuticles. This is a natural product. As the name suggests, you’re using only the most natural of Mother’s Nature’s ingredients on your cuticles and nails. It has an amazing moisturizing ability, bringing back the loss of hydration into your cuticles which mean fewer splits in your nails and way less breakage. It’s not only a cuticle cream but a product that can be worn on the hands during the winter months when hands can become chapped and the lemon butter is a healer for those tiny cuts on cuticles. What a great bonus in a product for so little.

6. Barielle Nail Strengthener $17 – Rating 9.2

barielle-nail-strengthener, Top 10 Best Selling Nail Strengtheners

This strengthener is a must have and still remains affordable for all it does which will deliver all you expect from a nail strengthener. If you suffer from thin, soft nails and your cuticles tend to peel and crack, there is a property in this nail strengthener that will give your nails a smooth, glass-like finish and even if you’re a biter, allow this strengthener to do its work. You’ll need to be faithful, every night before bed, apply it and notice a transformation in a fortnight. Well worth the extra money to purchase, but you’re buying results not a hand cream that doesn’t perform. And whilst we’re at it, this one is free of all those nasty Formaldehyde ingredients.

5. Revlon Compact Emery File $4 – Rating 9.2


This is a stay sharp forever file that offers a smooth, no ridge, appearance to your nails. Portable for travel, it’s a must have in your handbag and you’ll notice you’ll probably replace all those emery boards you’ve got floating throughout. At the price, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one in your car, your office desk, your bathroom vanity, anywhere you need a quick reliable file. It will help to keep your nails strong and split-free minimising breakages. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Nail Strengtheners in The Market 2017.

4. CND Cuticle Eraser $11 – Rating 9.3


When you yearn for cuticles that look great and feel healthy, it takes work and it’s not going to happen overnight if you’ve been neglecting them. But healthy cuticles means healthy nails that are so less prone to breakage and splitting because they’re stronger, more durable to the many tasks they perform. This eraser is a quick and easy step you can give your nails anytime. It contains apricot kernel oil, chamomile, natural aloe vera and is a full on moisturizer you can keep anywhere with you. With regular use, you’ll have not only healthy nails and cuticles but you can say goodbye to hangnails which are a woman’s nightmare. Use faithfully and allow the formula to soak into your cuticles and nails overnight for the very best results.

3. Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream $15 – Rating 9.4


With its rich and fortifying properties, this hand and nail cream is a moisturizer returning all the hydration your nails and cuticles need, together with a soak in result that is immediate. Further, it’s a non-greasy application so you can drive, handle anything, instantly without that greasy residue often found in creams. With regular use, you’ll notice that your nails will no longer appear soft and brittle, that whilst they grow naturally, as they do quickly over the warmer months, you’ll find they will be stronger and more resilient. Whilst the cream makes the skin on your hands softer and your cuticles smoother and more healthy, the scent that is emitted from this product is unbeatable.

2. Sally Hansen Triple Strong Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier $6 – Rating 9.4


Salley Hansen is tried and true in all products because they care about your hands and nails. This fortifier looks after those brittle nails that have had to endure biting, picking, dryness and possibly acrylics that you’ve worn due to all of the above. Once you’ve applied two coats that will last you up to about four days before it begins to chip, it is feeding the nail bed with a formula that is strengthening your nails whilst adding a natural sheen. At this price, you can continue to use it, giving your nails that much-needed boost and healthy kick as they grow.

1. OPI Pedicure Soak $22 – Rating 9.8


Whilst we care for our finger nails, we tend to worry less about our toes, but the nails on them need just as much attention if you want to keep them looking great all year round. This is a product that is going to hydrate whilst feeding the nail bed as they soak in this gorgeous, heavenly scented cream. This is an excellent summer nail booster that is an easy application every time you use it. No mess, no fuss, just a knowing that you’re soaking in some pretty awesome cream and your tootsies are going to thank you for it.
Our nails are comprised of, among other things, keratin protein and this is what they crave when they are dry and lacking hydration. Nail strengtheners bond with the keratin making the nails stronger whilst giving them the protein they need.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Nail Strengtheners in The Market 2017. The key to healthy cuticles and nails is the continuation of your chosen product. Discontinue your use of hardeners and creams will only re-encourage splits and breakage. If you want gorgeous nails, and who doesn’t? So treat them with the care and products they deserve. It’s an investment you’ll always be pleased to make when you are rewarded with long, healthy, split-free nails.