Top 10 Best Selling Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time till 2017. Your wedding dress will be one of the most important dresses you will wear and whilst it might be passed down to your future daughter and your granddaughter, it is something that will always be imbued with memories. From the absolutely obscene to the dramatic, “Look at me! Look at me!” wedding gown that takes away your breath, we’ve gathered 10 of the Best Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time. We have included lace wedding dresses, organza, tulle and classic simple ensembles to inspire you. Some dresses are understated with the less is more attitude in the balance, but however they come, whatever they’re made from, each is unique. Always remember your perfect dress for your perfect day is completely possible. Now, lets count down.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time till 2017

10. Coming to America 1988

Coming to America 1988 Top Best Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time 2017

Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem, surely had his heart eaten as Lisa, an elegant woman who can wear fairy floss pink, wore this dress like a princess. The bodice was tight, small and accentuated her waist as she carried that dress with such aplomb. She wore her diamonds and earrings as though she’s been wearing them all her life. She is the epic dream of the designer. The dress was inexpensively made with tulle and lots of it, and yet Lisa wore it as though it was priceless. Every bone in her body was wearing romance. Oh, and if you want to see if Eddie gets to marry the girl, you’ve got to rent the movie.

9. The Proposal 2009


Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is about to be deported from her home country, Canada. As a book editor, she is desperate to hold her job and tells the authorities she is engaged and about to marry Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) who happens to be her hapless assistant. In a 1930’s style wedding dress, Sandra Bullock doesn’t quite fill the bill in the bust department as did the original bride who wore it years before. It was a silk Charmeuse of simple design and absolutely gorgeous. Two sizes were made, one large, one small.

8. The Sound of Music 1965


A classic Musical that hopefully will not die with out generation, is a story about a nun who falls in love with a bereaved captain. It is the magical romance of centuries passed and yet to come. Based on the lives of the Von Trapp Family singers, Maria, played by Julie Andrews must decide whether her loyalty lies with God or with the captain of seven children. As she brings love and music to the home, the captain discovers love gives one a second chance and when they marry, Maria walks alone to her betrothed. It is an epic reminder, as is her dress, complete with an incredibly long train that love conquers all. The dress was ivory with a stand-away collar. It had long slender sleeves and silk organza lined the bodice. With a graduated hemline, it had fabric covered buttons with loop closures all the way down back. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time till 2017.

7. Melancholia 2011

Melancholia 2011 Top Most Popular Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time 2019

One of the most enchanting wedding dresses ever created, it has the magic of “light and fluffy meringue”. Strapless, the dress unlike today’s creations, is corseted with layer upon layer of tulle. Silk roses complete the ensemble as they appear to drift upon the shoulders in an array of clouds. In a whipped tulle creation, Kirsten Dunst who played Justine was made complete with a ruched bolero to enhance the shirred bodice of the most magnificent dress that will have young fairy tale dwellers in a tail spin.

6. Mirror, Mirror 2012

Mirror, Mirror 2012 Top 10 Best Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time

Mirror Mirror tells of Snow White with Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. But it was the dress that stole the limelight. The gowns worn by Snow White and the Evil Queen were hand made with 35 yards of fabric. The Evil Queen had to wear and carry 60 pounds of wedding gown that in fact had Julia Roberts pulling a thigh muscle when she turned too quickly whilst wearing it. Eiko Ishoka who created these gorgeous gowns was tragically taken from us much too early, struck down by pancreatic cancer during the making of the film. Although he didn’t see her dress being worn, her legacy undoubtedly lives on.

5. Runaway Bride 1999


Few wedding dresses have truly captured the sense of romance, but one that did was the dress worn by Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride. The dress is fitted with a figure hugging bodice and features an off the shoulder look that is stunning, polished and utterly elegant. From the waist, it falls like a cascade of silk organza to the floor and glides like clouds of fog across the shore. Whilst Julia is riding a ‘wedding’ horse, the dress is magnificently whipped into a flurry of white.

4. Funny Face 1957

Funny Face 1957 Top Popular Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time 2018

When Audrey Hepburn appeared in this dress, it was the beginning an era that announced ‘Let the Legs Begin!’ Tea length wedding dresses became popular as was Audrey who as an icon, could wear anything and make it look chic. This particular dress wasn’t worn for a wedding but it inspired dress makers globally to lift the hemlines and allow the feminine woman her freedom. Givenchy had much to offer in design and Hepburn wore this dress with elegance and sophistication. In the 1950’s skirts were full and this ballerina length style was typically feminine and became extremely popular.

3. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly Top Famous Movie Wedding Dresses of All Timev 2019

When the American actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer III of Monaco her dress was comprised of a bodice within a bodice. Two petticoats supported the lace and taffeta ensemble. From head to foot, Grace Kelly was a princess whose headpiece with bows that cascaded over her graceful train, to the exquisite shoes she wore on her feet, was admired from one end of the world to the other. Lace accented with seed pearls were the focus on a dress that was made in four parts. The bodice, with its detachable under bodice, the skirt support with the petticoats and the silk faile skirt incorporated with a smoothing petticoat, a ruffled petticoat, and the foundation slip all under a silk faile cummerbund. Grace Kelly was the epitome of the fairy princess.

2. Bride Wars 2009

Bride Wars 2009 Top 10 Best Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time 2017

This is the dream wedding gown that has won the hearts of thousands of women. A Vera Wang original, it is a strapless creation with a drop waist. Elegantly adorned with Chantilly lace and a full tulle skirt it was custom designed for the character Kate Hudson who plays Liv Lerner in the movie. It was an attention-grabbing frou-frou number that is redolent of a figurine placed on a three tiered wedding cake. The only thing missing up there is the groom being hauled by the seat of his pants. Vera Wang designed a look-alike gown very similar to this for her Autumn Collection in the same year as the movie. It remains available in her salons and through retailers globally.

1. Disney’s Enchanted 2007

Disney's Enchanted 2007 Top Most Movie Wedding Dresses of All Time 2018

Disney launched its own full-length wedding gown having been inspired by the film Enchanted. Created from natural fibres, it has been adorned with organza and tulle leaves with hand corded vines. A demure dress for the demure bride, it is a strapless, lace embellished creation that is romantic and adventurous in a quiet, unnassuming way. The gown is in shapely ivory and is reminiscent of the dresses worn in Cinderella, Snow White and the Little Mermaid which were also designed by Kirstie Kelly.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Movie Wedding Dresses brands of All Time till 2017. Whether you’re inspired by that gorgeous creation from Sex and the City or the demure look of the dress worn by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, every movie ever made that featured a wedding was designed to take away the audiences breath. No matter who’s wedding it is, the bride is always, always stunning.