Top 10 Best Selling Motion Sensor Lights in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Motion Sensor Lights in The Market 2017. Motion sensing technology is often used for detecting criminals and for biometric applications. This technology has always been a part of home security systems for decades. This technology is also used in conjunction with energy saving applications that controls lighting and even heating.

Motion sensor lighting provides illumination and can alert a homeowner when the presence of an intruder has entered into their area. The following information will describe the top selling motion sensor lights that consumers can purchase in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Motion Sensor Lights in The Market 2017

10. Heath Zenith HZ-5411

Heath Zenith HZ-5411 Top Most Popular Selling Motion Sensor Lights 2018

The Health Zenith HZ-5411 is a sensor detecting illumination piece that is able to pick up movement over a distance of 70-feet. This is a heavy duty motion sensing security light that is suited for mansions and large homes with a lot of property. Heath Zenith lights has an adjustable detection sensitivity. This simply means that people can control how far and to what degree these lighting units will pick-up on movement. This lighting system will make a great addition to most lighting systems.

9. iRainy E27

iRainy E27 Top Famous Selling Motion Sensor Lights 2019

The iRainy E27 is a LED infrared motion detection light sensing unit that has PIR technology. PIR stands for passive infrared sensor and it is used to detect the heat signatures that are emitted from objects. iRainy uses this sensitive technology to figure out if an object has heat coming from it. Once it does detect a heat signature it will sound off an alarm. The unit has low power consumption and the color saturation for these lights are good.

8. LAMPAT Waterproof Sensor Light

LAMPAT Waterproof Sensor Light Top Popular Selling Motion Sensor Lights 2019

The Lampat sensor light is a waterproof lighting unit that provides a powerful solar light for person’s home or property. Since the Lampat is a solar illumination piece that can be powered by the sun. THe light on this unit is very bright and high powered. It can literally light up a property with 80 lumens. The lamp also has an easy installation package that is designed to connect to any type of surface.

7. Fulcrum Weatherproof Porch Light


One of the most important things about any outdoor motion light is its ability to hold up against the elements. Since these units are used outdoors, it is important for them to be able to stand up to rain, snow, wind and even hail.

The Fulcrum Weatherproof Porch Light has a 6 – LED lighting feature to provide good lighting effects inside of a home and out. A photocell technology prevents the unit from malfunctioning during daylight hours. Fulcrum has the ability to detect motion up to 25-feet.

6. First Alert PIR725


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Motion Sensor Lights in The Market 2017. First Alert has a motion sensing light socket that turns itself on when someone or something enters into a room or into a homeowners protected area. This technology can be utilized in existing light sockets without having to convert them in any type of way. It has the ability to sense heat at a 360 degree angle.

5. OxyLED Sconce Night Light


Night lights have always been used by people to shine a beacon of hope into the darkness. OxyLED has created the Scone Night Light which is a luxury motion sensor piece that is equipped with automatic sensor that has the ability to detect many heat signatures as they move around. This unit has a stainless steel construction and it will always provide a proper lighting application.

4. 3PCS Motion Sensor Light



The 3PCS Sensor Light is a very bright LED unit that can emit a powerful amount of illumination. The unit can pick up on moving people and objects that are about 10-feet away with its powerful automatic sensor. The unit has a built-in magnet that allows people to put the sensor anywhere there is a metal surface. It is also an energy efficient device.

3. Mr. Beams MB7233


Mr. Beams MB723 has 3 powerful motion-detecting LED nightlights. These units can pick up moving objects from 15-feet away. When they are not in use they will shut off within 30 if they do not find anything moving around within an environment. The lights will come on if it does discover something out in the yard. The unit will run for a very long time.

2. TaoTronics LED Motion Sensor Light


TaoTronics has made a great 180-degree sensor light that has LED motion capabilities. This unit is extremely strong and has sensors that can cover a 400 sq. ft. area. This lighting system is able to kick out 300-lumens which makes it a powerful lamp. The TaoTronics is weatherproof and will stand-up to most outdoor climate conditions.

1. Mr. Beams MB390 Motion Sensor Spotlight


Mr. Beans MB390 is large and in charge. This unit has ultra-bright LED illumination and it does not use up an extra amount of energy. This powerful lighting system can be efficiently operated with 4 D cell batteries. At least 400 sq. ft. of coverage is possible with this unit. This motion light knows how to wisely manage power and it can be easily set up to provide great lighting and security to almost any property.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Motion Sensor Lights in The Market 2017. All of these motion sensor light products are among the best in their class. They will ensure that a home or business owners property is a protected, secure and well-lit area.