Top 10 Best Selling Modern Floor Lamps in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Modern Floor Lamps in The Market 2017. What may be an unsightly contortion of metal or wood for one person may be a wonderful piece of artwork for another, or rather an artsy piece of furniture. It seems as the people of the world become more progressive and their thinking more modernized, the typical stand lamps of decades past have been replaced by modern, sleeker looking floor lamps. Now, along with lighting corners and desks, lamps can also be pieces of art, a conversation piece as opposed to another piece of furniture. So just what kind of modern lamp qualifies as a best selling work of functioning art? Following is a list of the top 10 best selling modern floor lamps of 2017, where you can purchase one, and a rough estimate of what each one will cost you.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Modern Floor Lamps in The Market 2017

10. Uma Floor Lamp

uma floor lamp, Top 10 Best Selling Modern Floor Lamps in The Market 2017

At $189, the UMA Floor Lamp features a round, almost boxy type lamp shade centered upon a rectangular wood frame with a rectangular steel base for support. The body of the lamp is one long wooden piece comprised of cutouts of many different sizes. Stained a neutral, natural wood shade, the UMA lamp is sleek made simple with its modern design and earthy tones.

9. Nuevo Lucille Floor Lamp


At $162, the Nuevo Lucille Floor Lamp may look a little strange at first sight, with black shepherd’s crook ending in a conical black lamp shade sitting atop three spindly black legs. Shaped like a tripod, with one ball as the base of each leg for better stability and mobility, the shiny black lamp strongly resembles an insect and would certainly be a topic of interest in any home.

8. Pier 1 Imports Travis Tray Floor Lamp


At $169, the Pier 1 Imports Travis Tray Floor Lamp combines the thing-of-the-past table top lamp with the table itself. The lamp consists of a basic round angled lamp shade supported by a single slim pole with a bronze finish. The base is a slim round disc, perfect for providing stability, and with a round, glass table top situated about halfway up the lamp post, this lamp would make a handy side table in any living room or office.

7. Control Brand Birte Floor Lamp


At $229, the Control Brand Birte Floor Lamp has a standard drum shade, but made from fabric covered in colorful designs, and sits atop a slim black tripod. The strong steel frame offers a secure base for the imaginative lamp that would make a nice addition to any playroom or art studio.

6. Aspire Alicia Contemporary Floor Lamp


At $169, the Aspire Alicia Contemporary Floor Lamp has a stylish black wooden stand with a beige lamp shade which from the right angle resembles a sun setting over the waves, and from another angle the shade resembles hot air over desert sand, producing a warm glow. With a potentially different scene from each different angle, this lamp is a relaxing addition to any room. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Modern Floor Lamps in The Market 2017.

5. Dot & Bo Safi Floor Lamp


At $119, the Dot & Bo Safi Floor Lamp sports a paper lamp shade that resembles twisted bamboo slats that put forth a beautifully simple architectural piece. The shade is held up by a simply black steel rod with a round steel base for optimum stability. Giving off a peaceful light, this lamp would add a cozy laid back field to any bungalow.

4. Tulip White Glass Floor Lamp


At $379, the Tulip White Glass Floor Lamp is a stunning, floral like arrangement of four tulip-shaped lamp shades standing atop thin black reed-like poles, accompanied by thin leaf-shaped rods that complete the arrangement. With a round steel base supporting everything, this lamp would make a suitable stand in for those who like flowers without the hassle of a green thumb.

3. Possini Euro Arc Floor Lamp


At $479, the Possini Euro Arc Floor Lamp features a rounded glass lamp shade that when lit somewhat resembles the man in the moon. Supported by two curved bronze slats, the lamp ends in a two tiered round base perfect for maintaining balance of the oddly shaped light fixture. A creative piece, perfect for fueling the imagination.

2. Industrial Cage Rust Floor Lamp


At $299, the Industrial Cage Rust Floor Lamp resembles a bug zapper with its wire frame cage enclosing three 60 watt bulbs. Supported by a rustic rusty pole, and featuring a handle type double pole towards the top, the lamp ends in a two tiered base just wide enough to support the unique lamp shade. The metal worked lamp shade has a definite industrial feel and would add and edgy touch to any loft.

1. Majesty Satin Torchiere Floor Lamp


At $285, the Majesty Satin Torchiere Floor Lamp adds a touch of whimsical with its slim poles swirled around a frosted glass lamp shade. A single steel pole rises from a round base to support the entwined top, and the satin smooth silver finish gives the feel of something out of a fantasy novel. This lamp would certainly serve to calm the nerves, or get the creative juices flowing and would make an excellent addition to any home.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Modern Floor Lamps in The Market 2017. While styles are always changing, more likely than not if you wait long enough, the particular style you like will come back into style. As it goes with art, this concept also applies to furniture of all kinds, especially lamps. Though table top lamps may not be as popular as they once were, as the shape, texture and overall style of floor lamps become more modernized, they have skyrocketed in popularity. Whether it is simple made sleek you are searching for, or a metal architectural marvel with an industrial edge, floor lamps have become more than just another piece of furniture or light fixture. They have become a much sought after work of art.