Top 10 Best Selling Mobile Hotspot Devices on Online Store

Take a look at the below list of top 10 best selling mobile hotspot devices on online store 2016-2017.. Wi-Fi hotspots will give you a convenient and easy way for you to keep your tablet or laptop connected. These will save you from draining your smartphone’s battery and data plan. These can cost a lot of money but the cost can be covered in low monthly installments through most retailers when you qualify for their data plan. There are also some very affordable models for you to choose from that give you the option of choosing your own carrier. When they are included in a new vehicle, they are normally subscription-based. If you go for the stand alone Wi-Fi hotspot, you will need a data plan from your carrier or any carrier of your choice. The price of data plans varies depending on how much data you think you will need a month. These are the top 10 best selling mobile hotspot devices on online store for you to choose from.

List Of Top 10 Best Selling Mobile Hotspot Devices on Online Store 2016-2017

10. Verizon Jetpack


The AC791L Verizon Jetpack is one of the top shelf hotspots. It will give you a robust LTE connectivity, touchscreen controls, and battery that is mAh to deliver you mobile internet power for up to 24 hours. You’ll have the choice of connecting up to 15 separate devices to the network. This device will provide a secure and fast connection where ever you need it connecting you to a reliable 4G LTE network. It will also charge your smartphone when necessary.

9. Huawei

Huawei Top Most Famous Selling Mobile Hotspot Devices 2018

The Huawei is a good-looking mobile hotspot which is also one of the most affordable models. It is not locked so you are able to choose your own provider with this device. The Huawei will connect up to 3G HSPA. This is not the fastest Wi-Fi speed, but it will still do the trick for when you need to check and send emails as well as browse the web when you are on the go. You have the option of a white or black unit.

8. ZTE Spro Smart Projector


One of the best selling portable projectors, the ZTE Spro Smart Projector offers a lot of features as a mobile hotspot. It has a built-in projector and runs Android. The projector delivers 720p content up to 10 feet and there is also a 5-inch touchscreen, along with a massive battery. This hotspot offers full HDMI port as well as full USB port that uses AT&T LTE network. This ZTE Spro is often referred to as the Swiss Army knife of electronics as it offers incredible flexibility and utility. You will be able to show movies and keep the entire family, even the neighbors, entertained when you connect and hook up the WiFi to surf the web. Apps can be downloaded from the Android PlayStore and then enjoyed. You will have access to all an Android can offer for the big screen.

7. Sprint Pocket


The Sprint Pocket is a Wi-Fi hotspot that will work for you on the Sprint wireless network. It features a touchscreen and a removable battery that will allow you power for up to ten hours before requiring a charge. You will be able to connect up to ten devices on this unit. This has been rated as a great entry-level hotspot and works very well on Sprint’s growing Spark LTE network.

6. AT&T Velocity

AT&T Velocity Top Best Selling Mobile Hotspot Devices 2017

The AT&T Velocity will support up to ten devices on a 4G network. The battery is strong enough to provide up to ten hours of power. There is a touchscreen interface and has global roaming capabilities. The AT&T Velocity features a microSD card slot so you will be able to share files wirelessly and it only weighs about five ounces and comes in the color white. You are assured a secure access with an encrypted Wi-Fi signal and password. There is even a PIN screen lock for added protection. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Mobile Hotspot Devices on Online Store 2016-2017.

5. AT&T Unite Pro 4G



The AT&T Unite Pro will do more for you on the go and is also perfect for everyday use. You will be able to browse the internet, receive and send email, download content from the web, and stream. This device will allow you up to 16 hours to stay connected without needing to charge. It will also keep your smartphone charged and features a touchscreen with a 2.4-inch screen. Setting up your AT&T mobile hotspot is fast and easy. Once it is powered up, you just follow the on-screen instructions.

4. MiFi 2 Unlocked Global Mobile Hotspot



The MiFi 2 is an unlocked mobile hotspot allowing you to choose the carrier of your choice. It will work worldwide with any SIM card loaded with a data plan. This device is capable of handling up to ten devices at one time and comes with a battery that will last up to 16 hours on a single charge. When you don’t have to sign a contract, you will be able to pay for services as you need or want them.

3. Novatel Wireless MiFi Liberate



The Novatel Wireless MiFi Liberate also goes by the name of AT&T Mobile hotspot and is a cellular router that frees you from having to be inside to connect. There is also no computer needed to manage this device. It is a mobile hotspot featuring a large touch screen and gives you the opportunity to access and manage its settings easily and quickly. It will provide 4G LTE speed and WiFi performance that are incredibly fast.

2. Karma 4G Pay-As-You-Go Hotspot

Karma 4G Pay-As-You-Go Hotspot Top Most Popular Selling Mobile Hotspot Devices 2018

Karma 4G Pay-As-You-Go is an incredibly great looking device that is lightweight. It is a no-contract device that is user-friendly and affordable. You will only pay for data when you want or need it without the need for a contract. This device only weighs a little over two ounces. The battery on this unit will allow you to connect up to eight hours without needing a recharge.

1. Overdrive Pro Mobile Hotspot



The Overdrive Pro mobile hotspot is a real contender even though it is offered through Virgin Mobile. It comes with an unlimited 4G data and microSD slot for shared network storage. You are not charged an activation charge and there are also no overage fees. This device has tested as a very reliable device and can send Wi-Fi signal up to 150 feet.

The markets are abundant with a variety of Wi-Fi mobile hotspots. You can choose one through a carrier and purchase one of their data plans or choose an unlocked model to give you the options of choosing your own plan and carrier. These are top 10 best selling mobile hotspot devices on online store 2016-2017 for you to make your choice from.