Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Wallets and Billfolds in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Wallets and Billfolds in The Market 2017. Every man needs to have a high quality wallets regarded of his or her social class or status simply because a wallet plays a vital role when it comes to ensuring all the personal items like a driving license, cash and credit cards. The equivalent of the wallet to the women is the handbag which they carry everywhere they go. All men should ensure they do not just have any wallet but a high quality wallet that they will hold on to for the longest time possible.

Some of the basic accessories when it comes to a man are wallet, belt and a watch which if worn with the right outfit they will definitely look perfect on a man. Below is a list of the top ten bestselling men’s wallets and billfolds in 2017 according to the different brands that make these wallets.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Wallets and Billfolds in The Market 2017

10. Carhartt Men’s Wallet

carhartt-mens-wallet, Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Wallets and Billfolds 2017

Carhartt is a well- known brand that has been involved in making work clothes and accessories. The Carhartt men’s trifold wallet has been designed with a strong stitching and from top grain leather. It is one of the most popular because of its make from high quality leather material. It is also very affordable in terms of its pricing which is very affordable.

9. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

bellroy note sleeve wallet, Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Wallets and Billfolds 2018

This is one of the most popular wallets in the market because it has been made from one of the best brands in the world Bellroy. This wallet has been designed to accommodate all your money and credit cards because of the size. This wallet is one of the slimmest wallets and can still accommodate all your personal items as a trendy man. It is very affordable and one of the bestselling wallets in the market.

8. Alpine Flip out ID Wallet

alpine-flip-out-id-wallet, Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Wallets and Billfolds 2019

This is a stylistic wallets made for men of 2017 which has been made from genuine leather material. This is a great wallet which has been made with large storage capacity so that it can be used to accommodate all your personal items. Alpines is one of the renowned brands that have been known to produce men’s accessories and by this wallet they have proven what high quality products they are made of. This is also one of the most affordable wallets some of them going for as low as $10.

7. Dosh Luxe 6-card Men’s Wallet


Another of the best wallets for men who want to ensure none of their personal items is left behind when they go out for a business trip or to the office. These wallets are made from plastic and rubber polymer unlike all the other wallets which are made from genuine leather. The material used to make this wallet can withstand wear and tear. It is a 6 card wallet with a cash clip.

6. Canvas Black Leather Trim Slim Wallet


The canvas black leather trim slim wallet is from one of the best brands known for producing luxurious accessories Gucci. It has the logo of Gucci on it making it making a wallet for style and quality. Spotting this wallet is very easy as it has a big logo for Gucci. This wallet though not the cheapest in the market it is worth the cash as it will give you a stylistic look both in official and casual outfit.

5. Montblanc Meisterstuck 6 Credit Card Wallet


This is a traditional design wallet that has been made from traditional genuine black calfskin leather. Mont Blanc is one of the best brands known for their amazing both men and women accessories like writing tools, watches and leather goods. These men’s wallets are not also among the cheapest wallets but its high quality make has made it a choice for many men. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Wallets and Billfolds in The Market 2017.

4. Men’s Blix Leather Wallet


The men’s Blix leather wallet is a product of one of the best brands known for their signature shoes used worldwide from Timberland. Timberland has been known for making clothe lines and shoes with a rugged style and design. This wallet is not different in terms of makes from the several products from Timberland. This wallet is made to last and very affordable going for as low as $15.

3. Camden Pebbled Leather Wallet


The Camden pebbled leather wallet is one of the best men’s wallets simply because it has been made from the best brand known from New York called Coach. This wallet is slim and sleek with an easily recognized design. This is an ID wallet made from genuine leather that is sold at very affordable prices. This is also one very popular wallet in the world.

2. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ranger Wallet


Tommy Hilfiger is a very popular designer brand that has been known for producing clothing and accessories of high quality. The Tommy Hilfiger wallet is made from cowhide leather that is tough enough to make the wallet long lasting. These wallets are made to be very affordable amongst the men of 2017 because a man needs this wallet to ensure his personal items are kept safe.

1. Hugo Boss Brummi Bi-Fold Coin Pocket


At number one is this amazing wallet made from Hugo Boss a brand that is known worldwide for their superior quality accessories? These wallets are made with a sleek and modern superior quality. They are made of luxurious material like cow hide leather. The Hugo Boss wallets are made very affordable and they are a perfect accessories for the 2017 man who know the importance of having the right accessories to meet their outfit looks.

These are the top ten bestselling men’s wallets and billfolds in 2017 that every man should possess in their accessories closet so that whenever they walk out they will leave confident that they have not lefty any of their cash or IDs.