Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Sandals for Summer in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Sandals for Summer in The Market 2017. During the summer months a man is going to want to keep cool. This includes keep his feet cool and comfortable. Sneakers and closed shoes cannot provide the comfort that he is looking for. When a man wants to stay comfortable he needs a good pair of sandals. Sandals will help keep him cool and comfortable. These are the top 10 best selling men’s sandals for the summer of 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Sandals for Summer in The Market 2017

10. Pierre Hardy Black Leather Sandals


These sandals are well worth the investment because they are extra comfortable. The sandals have a practical shape and are made from leather. They are sharp looking yet can be worn to casual events at the same time. These shoes are created to allow a man to be comfortable. These shoes are classy enough to wear to fancy events as well.

9. Astral Filipe

Astral Filipe Top 10 Best Selling Men's Sandals for Summer 2017

These sandals are made to be water friendly. They can get wet and water will not damage them in any way. There is a durable outsole that is able to go over wet rocks without being slippery. There are rubber patches on the bottom of the sandals that will allow a man to go in the water without a problem. There is a 15 mm super strap that will cover the heel and will keep the sandal in place no matter what a man is doing.

8. Barbara Shaum Socrates Sandals

Barbara Shaum Socrates Sandals Top Best Selling Men's Sandals for Summer 2017

These sandals are made by hand and use only top quality leather. They have two straps so they will stay in place. These sandals are open and airy at the same time. They last for a long period of time as well. They are well worth the investment for the look and the durability.

7. Reef Rover XT


These shoes are meant for a man on the go. They are able to be worn in water. There is a cage sandal design that will allow the sandals to stay in place. They contain three layers of Swellular tech which is a soft foam designed for comfort. There is a mid sole that will support his foot and a rugged rubber outsole for a tough look. There are deep grooves in the sole to allow a man to have traction. They are good for hiking during the summer as well.

6. Havaianas Power Sandals

Havaianas Power Sandals Top 10 Best Selling Men's Sandals for Summer

It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Sandals for Summer in The Market 2017. A man should not let the yellow color of the sandals fool him. These sandals were designed to be tough. They have a thong down the middle and the sole of the sandals have large grooves. This will allow the pressure to be evenly distributed and will allow a man to be comfortable. The sole is almost like a cushion. There are matte straps that give a sporty appearance as well.

5. Bogs Dylan Sandals


These sandals are insulated and are designed for a man that works hard and plays hard. They are like a flip flop but can handle much more wear and tear. There is a rebound rubber strap as well as footbed that will offer all day foot support. There is a tack outsole that is able to offer grip so a man will not slip.

4. Rainbow Single Layer Classic Flip Flops


These flips flops have a single strap which will not only give them a classic look but additional support as well. There is a non slip bottom as well as double stitched straps for comfort and durability. They have a leather finish and a polished top sole. This will allow the sandals to have a dressed up appearance that a man can wear to a fancy event as well.

3. Birkenstock Arizona Sandals


This brand has been known to make quality sandals for a number of years. They are well respected and well trusted. They are great for a man that likes to play outside. There is a molded footbed for comfort , a heel that has a deep cup, and the sandals are made from durable leather as well as reinforced cork. These sandals are waterproof and can be worn in a number of different weather conditions. They have a super soft grip as well as a sharp look. They come in the colors white or black.

2. Chaco Z Cloud


This pair of candles give a new look to the classic sandal. There is adjustable webbing as well as a toe strap that can be removed if needed. They are comfortable and have a plush top sheet mold. This will allow the foot to be comfortable and will allow them to fit properly.

1. Hari Mari Dunes Flip Flop


This pair of sandals is like the classic flip flop only with some class. They were designed for men that like to go camping and hiking. These shoes can also go through water. There is a non scuffing rubber surface and memory foam. There is also a toe post grip that will prevent blisters from forming on the toes. The beveled sole edges will keep the man from slipping or tripping. For every pair of sandals that are purchased the company makes a donation to pediatric cancer centers as an extra bonus.

These are some of the best selling Men’s sandals for the summer 2017. These sandals are designed to be comfortable and will allow a man to stay cool and comfortable during the summer.