Top 10 Best Selling Megaphones in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Megaphones in The Market 2017. When cheerleaders want to be heard by a roaring crowd they use a megaphone. When a person wants to convey a message to a large crowd of people they too use a megaphone device. Megaphones are used by the police to speak with suspects or known criminals and they are used in various situations where someone has to loudly communicate a message to really be heard. The following is a list of the top rated megaphones that are available for consumers today.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Megaphones in The Market 2017

10. Pyle-Pro PMP30

pyle pro pmp30, Top 10 Best Selling Megaphones in The Market 2017

The Pyle-Pro PMP30 is a megaphone that doubles as a bullhorn. It has a siren that can be used as a means to alert a crowd about an incoming message of importance or disperse them from a particular location. Pyle-Pro PMP30 megaphone can be heard up to 800 yards away and it has variable volume controls so that the speaker can adjust their voice levels for different sized groups. It has a carry strap and a durable housing that is crack and chip resistant. It takes 4 D batteries to work.

9. UZI Ultra Mini Megaphone


UZI’s ultra mini megaphone has many great features that a person would expect from a megaphone device. It can crank out 15 watts of power that can be controlled by the adjustable volume knob. It also has a recording and playback feature. There is also an LED light indicator and a wrist strap. The built-in microphone helps a person to propel their voice even further than its 400-yard range. The UZI Mini Megaphone has a range of 400-feet even has Bluetooth capabilities.

8. Pyle PMP42BT Bluetooth Megaphone


Having Bluetooth capability on a megaphone is a great feature because it allows a person to stream music or any other audio sound through the device. This unit has a long battery life that last up to 16 hours. The range on the Pyle PMP42BT is 1200 yards. This megaphone can be heard almost a mile away from the speaker. There is a detachable microphone for more speaking flexibility and it comes with USB and SD card slots. It takes up to 6 batteries to operate this megaphone.

7. Clever Pro CMP7R


This megaphone device has a good range of 900 yards. It is also lightweight and will not feel heavy or clumsy to use. The siren is a great feature for dispersing crowds and it has LED indicator to let people know that the unit is on. This unit has a convenient carrying strap and it takes at least 4 D sized batteries to power up the device. The Clever Pro CMP7R also has a recorder for capturing sounds.

6. Pyle Home PMP37LED


The Pyle Home PMP37LED is a 30 Watt LED Megaphone that comes with a siren and is sold in the color white. This unit can be heard at least 800 yards away. This is the length of 8 football fields. The LED lights help speakers to see during the night time hours when they have to communicate with other people. The casing on this unit is durable and can hold up to a lot of mishandling and it can be used in various weather conditions.



It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Megaphones in The Market 2017. The New PYLE PRO PMP35R Handheld Megaphone has a bullhorn for augmenting a person’s voice and it has a siren for alerting people about a situation. The voice recorder is also useful for recording a speaker’s voice. As a matter of fact, this recorder can capture 10 seconds of audio so that it can be played back in a continuous loop. This way a person does not have to keep repeating a message over and over again. It has an 800-yard range and is fairly easy to transport.

4. PitBull Mini 5W Megaphone


The PitBull Mini is a 5W megaphone that has a short range of about 100 yards. It has a sliding volume control and a strap for easy transport. The unit has a microphone and bullhorn feature. This is the type of megaphone that a person would use at an auction or event where there is a small concentrated group of people. It will ensure that person can be heard without making the speaker voice travel too far.

3. Pyle Pmp50 Pro Bullhorn Megaphone


Pyle is a great megaphone manufacturing brand. The Pyle Pmp50 is just another product that proves why Pyle is a top notch megaphone maker. This unit has a siren and microphone that can be used in various areas without being too loud or distorted. The unit has the ability to project a person’s voice for well over 1-mile. It takes 8 C type batteries to operate and has an adjustable volume control.

2. Califone Pa-15


The Califone Pa-15 is a 15-watt megaphone that has a 1000-foot range. This unit can be used in various weather conditions and it will hold up under rugged conditions. This is type of megaphone is a great device for conveying information in wide open spaces or in areas where there is a lot of structures and objects within the environment. The Califone Pa-15 has a feature that can be heard over objects and other noises that are present within an outdoor environment.

1. Califone PA25RBT


Califone PA25RBT is a great product for informing the masses about what is happening at an event or if there is an emergency that they should know about. This unit can record a 10-second message for continuous playback. It can be used within various weather conditions and people can hear it about 1250 yards away. The sound is crisp and clear and the Califone PA25RBT even has a Bluetooth feature for streaming music and other content.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Megaphones in The Market 2017. All of these megaphone devices are great items that allow a person to be heard and to inform people about emergency situations.