Top 10 Best Selling Matte Liquid Lipsticks In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Matte Liquid Lipsticks In The World 2017. Liquid lipsticks are now the modern trend in makeup world because of their long lasting nature. Every woman desires good quality products that will bring her good results. There are several brands in the market today and it might be difficult to choose the best. However, the following list contains top 10 best selling matte liquid lipstick and will guide you to choose wisely.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Matte Liquid Lipsticks In The World 2017

10. Colourpop Ultra matte

colourpop ultra matte, Top 10 Best Selling Matte Liquid Lipsticks 2017

Colourpop is versatile, affordable and well known liquid lipstick in market. This product is available in all beauty brands around at an affordable price. People might think that due to their cheaper price, these lipsticks are not of good quality. However, they are rated among the quality liquid matte makeups in the market. One unique thing about them is that the brand is always updating new colors which leave women with many options to choose from.
Colourpop lipsticks are light therefore cannot any stick crump on your lips.

9. Stilla All Day

stilla all day, Top 10 Best Selling Matte Liquid Lipsticks 2018

Be very careful when using Stilla lip liquor because they tend to dry very fast once left open. However, Stilla lipsticks have made advantages including staying on your lips for a longer time, softening and keeping lips shiny. Just as its name states, stilla liquor can be applied in morning hours and your lips will still be shiny in evening hours. They can be used by everyone because of their different shades from the market. Ensure you have checked on the date of expiry before purchasing for better results. Expired lip liquor tends to be like poison and will damage the skin around your lips.

8. Jeffree star Liquid Liquor for lips

jeffree-star-liquid-liquor-for-lips, Top 10 Best Selling Matte Liquid Lipsticks 2019

Jeffree is one the best known makeup especially online and makes an icon in social media such as facebook. When it comes to ranking of the best selling liquid lipstick, star grabs its position as one of the best in market. A wide variety of Jeffree is produced and therefore can be used by several people. For better results, ensure that your lips are never left dry. Keep applying to avoid damage from sun heat and dust.
Jeffree star has a tiny brush that will help you in applying.

7. Lime Crime Velvetine

lime crime velvetine, Top 10 Best Selling Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Lime lipstick is a bit different from the one we are used to because when applied, they start as a cream base and then dry completely to matte. The perfect combination in lime gives good results. The creamy feel leaves lips with a soft touch and aroma for a comfortable feel all day. In our own experience, some lipstick brand stick on clothes especially when we hug or come into contact with one another. This however, is no case in Lime crime Velvetine. Another advantage of lime is their cheap price.

6. NYX suede


NYX suede is characterized by its moisturizing formula and is formulated to have that effect than others. When applied, nyx works towards healing damaged lips and restoring them. It leaves them soft, smooth, shining and healed as well. No matter expensive this product is, the high quality features ca not leave you complaining at all. It is better to buy a product a quality product at a costly price than purchasing a low quality product so cheaply. After all, we are all looking forward for better results in our bodies NYX has a tiny brush to apply the cream with. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Matte Liquid Lipsticks In The World 2017.

5. Kylie Jenner lip kits


In 2015, Kylie product received an award of the best selling matte liquid lipsticks of the year. This is because Kylie is of high quality and has a good formula. Ladies with very dry lips are advised to use the product for healing. The skin around your lips is locked completely and later becomes very soft, tender and smooth. Make an effort of purchasing this product either online or from a recognized beauty stall. Kylie Jenner lip kits are relatively cheap and many varieties are released to the market.

4. Ofra cosmetics long lasting liquid


Just as its name suggests, Ofra liquid is long lasting and has a shade for everyone. They are released in a wide variety of colors to suit all the clients out there. The saturated colors in them give lips a permanent cover against all damage that can be caused by other poor brands in market. One advantage of this lipstick is that you don’t need to apply more than once to get better results as the color pigments maintain its look. Ofra liquor is indeed long lasting and comes in different colors.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills


Anastasia is popularly known because of its easy formula of application. Its composition ensures that lips are maintained without cracks. The main aim of this product is to bring confidence to a woman who desires to look beautiful and elegant. Anastasia is commonly used by popular celebrities and public figure women who have ability to purchase them because they are relatively expensive. Budget sensitive people and very low class women can afford to buy.

2. KAT VON D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick SET


Kat Von D is an ultimate product that is applied using a brush and once applied be sure it will be there for some time. I am sure every woman will love this. Who knows, maybe that is why its market demand is very high. All in all, its formula is light enough to leave a shine look making your lips very soft and tender.

1. The Balm Meet matte Hughes liquid lip liquor


The balm is the best liquid matte lipstick in the market. Its formula composition leaves the job done. In 2017, meet matte was recognized as the most trusted and effective liquid liquor in market. They are long lasting, comfortable and easier to wear than all the other brands.Despite their high cost, Balm meet is still the leading and best selling liquid matte lipstick.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Matte Liquid Lipsticks In The World 2017. The above products have proved from the market that they are the best selling in the market. When it comes to finding your best formula, analyze very carefully the ingredients used and their uses.