Top 10 Best Selling Mandoline Slicers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Mandoline Slicers in The Market 2017. Preparing a salad dish involves a lot of chopping of a number of things and sometimes you just want it to be done quickly so that you can get on with other things in the kitchen. There is also the risk of ending up cutting yourself because you are in a hurry. Well all this is not a worry you would have if you are using a mandoline slicer. There are many types of slicers out there and not all of them perform that well. To ensure you have the best, make a choice of any of these top 10 best selling mandoline slicers of 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Mandoline Slicers in The Market 2017

10. Swissmar Borner V-5000


This is a 7 piece slicer which gives you a choice of different sizes of thickness. The ABS plastic frame makes it durable as it can survive falls and a degree of pressure out on it. With very sharp blades, you can be sure that you will complete chopping whatever vegetables of fruits in no time and you do not have to worry about getting cut since the safety holder is designed to protect your fingers as you slide over the blade. The holder also holds the fruit firmly.

9. Nuvita V

Nuvita V Top Famous Selling Mandoline Slicers 2019

The slicer is made with a strong stainless steel frame to ensure it does not rust but also it adds to its overall aesthetic look. It has 5 blades for versatility when slicing in the kitchen. The stand is very convenient since you do not have to hold it in a particular angle all the time and the stands fold so that you can store it easily. The textured runway ensures food does not stick onto it. It is great when you are making salads though some customer reviews say the chips are too thin.

8. KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer

KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer Top Most Famous Selling Mandoline Slicers 2018

In this slicer you have a top performer and many customers are impressed by its adjustable table which gives you a wide range of thickness for your cuts and safety is one of its strong points thanks to the retractable blades. It has a sanitary design with the food cover which ensures there is no contamination of what you have sliced. The grip is quite comfortable and easy to use. The feet are also fitted with non-slip feet.

7. Kitchen Elite V

Kitchen Elite V Top Best Selling Mandoline Slicers 2017

Kitchen Elite gives you a slicer with amazingly sharp blade that allows you to slice just about anything with very little effort and ensures that the work is done much faster. To avoid accidents with the blade, it comes with a safety holder that also holds the fruits or vegetables you are slicing. The are 5 blades to give you a range of sizes and shapes to slice and the blades have a holder for storage. The frame is quite sturdy with feet for better support and they can be retracted when you need to store the slicer. Some people however wish it could make thicker slices.

6. PL8 Mandoline Slicer

PL8 Mandoline Slicer Top 10 Best Selling Mandoline Slicers

It is one of the most convenient slicers since you do not have to struggle changing blades, it comes as an all in one and all you have to do is adjust it using a knob. The fact that you do not have to change blades makes it also easy to clean as you clean a single unit not multiple blades, it is also safe and sturdy. You can make waffle cuts, chips and rings among other cuts. The blades are quite sharp and will slice through anything.

5. The Chef’s Way Professional


If you are looking for a blade that will remain sharp for many years, here it is. This blade is designed for any job, you can very easily slice through dried meat, potatoes, carrots, the list just goes on. Like the name suggests, a professional chef would love using this slicer. It is safe and made from ABS plastic which is also food safe plastic. Its bed is quite wide and you never have to worry about it getting stained with colors. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Mandoline Slicers in The Market 2017.

4. HomeNative Mandoline

HomeNative Mandoline Top 10 Best Selling Mandoline Slicers 2017

It is a very convenient unit since it comes with a container so you do not need to look for the chopping board for the slices to fall. The container is easy to wash and setting up takes just a few seconds. The blades are quite sharp and will help you finish slicing very fast. There are 4 changeable blades and you have 3 degrees of thickness to choose from. It looks impressive and works just as well.

3. Super Slicer 5 in 1


This is a very versatile slicer that gets the job done very fast and well. It remains stable on the board as you use it and the adjustable knob turns very easily. You can choose different degrees of thickness. It is very easy to attach a bowl at the bottom to collect whatever you are slicing. You can use it for any vegetable as the blades are strong and sharp.

2. LiBa Slicer

LiBa Slicer Top Most Popular Selling Mandoline Slicers 2018

It is quite easy to use, the hole on the blades makes them easy to remove without cutting yourself and it comes with a number of blades so that your options are wide. It is one of the more popular mandolin slicers and the manufacturer is very confident of their product they give you a 90 day money back guarantee. Many people are attracted by the guarantee but end up stuck with the slicer because they enjoy using it.

1. OxO Good Grips V-Blade

OxO Good Grips V-Blade Top Popular Selling Mandoline Slicers 2019

Whatever you would be looking for in a slicer, you can find in this one. It is a best seller and the best of the top 10 best mandolin slicers 2017. It is firm, strong, with sharp blades and gives you the freedom to adjust to 4 levels of thickness when slicing. You can wash it in the dishwasher safely and it stores away well.

Mandoline slicers are now popular in most kitchens because of their ease of use and the fact that they make the task of slicing much simpler and safer. When choosing one, ensure that the blades are sharp. Any of these top 10 best mandoline slicers 2017 will serve you well.