Top 10 Best Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books in The World 2017. Not everyone is interested in video tutorials online, but they are wanting the best advice from the best possible sources. Makeup artists, passionate stylists and editors got together to document a list of their techniques between many pages of many books. Filled with tricks of their trade, techniques that would make application easier and some of the most tried, tested and true fashionable looks, you are armed with recipes for success in the facial, makeup and signature tricks. There are magazines but there are books that will give you more satisfaction and more depth. have been documented.

We’ve listed the Top 10 Best Selling Makeup and Tutorial Books for 2017. Maybe one of them might land on your coffee table. An investment that will have you successfully applying your makeup for the first time, every time.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books in The World 2017

10. Everything Eyes: Professional Techniques * Essential Tools * Gorgeous Makeup Looks by Bobbi Brown – $15

Everything Eyes Top Best Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books 2017

Bobbie Brown has brought out her eighth best-selling bible and this book focuses on the eyes. She has offered everything she knows about her trade as far as the eyes are concerned and her knowledge of the tools she recommends, the tips on how to make eyes more memorable and what to do to create that unique look on your own. There are techniques for the very popular, sexy, smoky eyes to the eyes that must sparkle at the party. It’s a must have book that covers everything basic to eye care to that signature look behind specs. It’s also very reasonably priced.

9. Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour by Dita Von Teese – $31


She came from the runway, she danced in Burlesque and she has graced the covers of Harper’s Bazaar and Esquire. She knows a thing about makeup, having been surrounded by the best of them as they applied it to her own flawless complexion. With encouragement, she dares you to be unique with colours perfectly applied and tips on how to apply them. Worth its weight in gold for those who dare to be bold.

8. Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart – $17

Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart Top 10 Best Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books 2017

Priced nicely, you’ll find out how cosmetics enhance our natural beauty and you’ll also learn that what you put into your body will influence what it gives back as we paint it. We are encouraged to learn and explore throughout this book the many benefits that can be had as we follow with a collection of recipes Jolene has shared that is the first step to radiant skin.

7. Homemade Beauty: 150 simple Beauty Recipes Made from All-Natural Ingredients by Annie Strole – $16

Homemade Beauty Top Most Famous Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books 2018

Have you ever wondered if you can make your own cosmetics and skin care products? Annie Stole has shared one hundred and a few more ways to make all you need in her how-to guide. She gives recipes for hair, skin, body and has also included money saving techniques that will put a little ease on your pocket. She also shares recipes for facial scrubs with a combination of almond rose, brown sugar and vanilla and they sound as though they’re almost good enough to eat.

6. Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin – $17

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin Top 10 Best Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books

You get the tips from the profession magic shared by the professional with this tell-all book by makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin. The basics of makeup, the techniques of simple application, the fundamentals on how to create a wide range of looks and there are over 200 photographs included. Aucoin shares hints, tricks and techniques that cover beauty basics to advanced techniques on how to redefine your face, your eyes and your lips with careful, step by step instructions to guide you through the entire process. Not a bad investment at a very reasonable price.

5. How to Look Expensive: A Beauty Editor’s Secrets to Getting Gorgeous Without Breaking the Bank by Andrea Pomerantz Lustig – $15

How to Look Expensive Top Most Popular Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books 2018

This is about beauty on a budget. Who said you have to spend swathes of money to look good. Andrea has shared tips for women who need to do just that in a cosmetic bible that will have you learning the tricks of the trade that will reward you with looks for a lot less than you need to spend. From a woman who spent twenty years as a beauty editor, Andrea has learned and shared the tricks for looking ultra expensive on a tiny dollar. She shares her own secrets that help readers to achieve luminous skin, flawless makeup application and a whole lot more on how to get expensive hair at an inexpensive salon. Every woman needs a book that shows sketches to take to your hairdresser. It’s an almanac for the woman who cares. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books in The World 2017.

4. Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success – Online and off by Michelle Phan – $16

Make Up Top Famous Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books 2019

From YouTube where Michelle Phan has shared some of her best tricks of the trade, in this book we go deeper with a woman who lives her passion. Aimed at the girls who are 15 to 25 years old, there is plenty of information on how to care for skin through to dress codes. A guide for the girls who are stepping out; it’s affordably priced and could become the all-time young woman’s bible. Michelle’s first tutorial on YouTube has a phenomenal following and has inspired millions of women to look at makeup as a tool to transform themselves.

3. Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself by Francois Nars – $45

Makeup Your Mind Top Popular Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books 2019

You’re exploring the pinnacle of makeup artistry when you explore it with Francois Nars. Inside this volume of cosmetic genius are the signature looks, how to achieve them, the techniques supported by sketches that will help and inspire you to bring out your own awesome. This is a book not only for women but also for men that comprises trade secrets you’ll be pleased to learn. Having surpassed his last book, Nars has shared techniques for all women from the Middle East to the West, the Northern Hemisphere to the South. He has used ‘normal’ models ensuring the looks he achieves are looks easily achieved at home. A breath of fresh air in a book.

2. The Art of Hair: The Ultimate DIY Guide to Braids, Buns, Curls and More by Rubi Jones – $17


Your crowning glory can be made into a tapestry of woven artistry as you learn how to create classic styles using braids for the braided crown, long silky tresses formed into the french twist and the bouffant bun. Hairstyling is timeless and for a woman, it is her unique expression of who she is. There are tricks here for the gal who is in a hurry, wash and run out the door looking absolutely gorgeous. Tips on how to control unruly hair, disheveled waves and fifty additional styles to try.

1. The French Beauty Solution by Mathilde Thomas – $27


The beauty industry has always had a soft place in its heart for the women of France. It is they who have learned the art of impeccable skin, gloriously feminine figures and skincare. Now, all the best-kept secrets are shared in this book that will take you on a journey to discovery. There is nothing harsh in the products shared here, only the path to more healthier, radiant, younger looking skin. You will undoubtedly find all the tips and tricks, the common sense advice and the results alone will be more valuable to you than the price of the book.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Makeup And Tutorial Books in The World 2017. We believe there is a book here for everyone who wants to find their individuality and the way to do it is through step by step guides with the magicians of the beauty industry. We trust you’ll find your ‘Guide’ and enjoy the wonderful new discoveries making up your face is going to bring.