Top 10 Best Selling Magnetic Toys in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Magnetic Toys in The Market 2017. Magnetic toys are great playthings that do more than just hold notes on a refrigerator. They can be used by children (and adults) to learn about the power of magnetism and how it affects our everyday lives. The following magnetic toys are available for kids to play with. They not only teach kids and help them to understand scientific principles; they also entertain children as well. Here are the best-selling magnetic toys in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Magnetic Toys in The Market 2017

10. Magnetic Science

Magnetic Science Top Most Popular Selling Magnetic Toys in The Market 2018

Thames & Kosmos Magnetic Science kit teaches children all about the world of magnetism. They can perform about 30 experiments and learn how to create electromagnetic fields. This science kit uses various aspects of magnetism to produce unique magnetic elements. Children will learn about positive and negative polarities and how they impact the world of magnetism.

9. Original Magnetic Poetry Kit

Original Magnetic Poetry Kit Top 10 Best Selling Magnetic Toys in The Market

The Original Magnetic Poetry Kit is a magnet set that allows users to create a wide variety of messages. The kit is primarily used for creating poetic notes for family members, friends and loved ones. The set contains hundreds of words that can be rearranged into poetry, short stories and quick informational notes. This magnetic play set can be used on refrigerators and other metallic surfaces where magnets will stick.

8. Woodlev Levitron


The Woodlev Levitron is a unique rotating globe that operates on the principles of magnetism. This original globe literally floats in the air. The globe has the ability to float because of the electromagnetic field that is created between the globe and the magnetic mat that sits below it. The orb has a rotating mechanism that allows it to turn in circles while it is suspended in the air. This is a great toy that will teach kids about geology while they learn about magnetic principles.

7. Rainbow Mags Igloo


Rainbow Mags Igloo is the name of a magnetic building set that comes with a variety of shapes. This unique building set has blocks, rivets and lattices that help kids to build all sorts of magnetic playthings that are fun and interesting to create. Rainbow Mags Igloo is made out of a durable material that can withstand rough play and can even be dropped. The magnetic effects of this play set will not diminish when it is being roughly handled.

6. Newisland Building Blocks

Newisland Building Blocks Top Popular Selling Magnetic Toys in The Market 2019

The Newisland Building Blocks is a building set with 36-pieces that can be arranged in thousands of different ways. The shapes that people can build are geometric in scope and children will be enthralled with the building process. Remember the pieces lock together through magnetic principles and can even be made to stay in place on a metal or magnetic surface. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Magnetic Toys in The Market 2017.

5. Mudpuppy Robots Magnetic Figures


The Mudpuppy Robots Magnetic Figures allow children to build their own robotic creations that they can customize all on their own. This magnetic play set has a tin for containing parts and it also has a feature that allows children to make up their own unique stories about their newly created robotic figure. This is a great toy for kids to play with a home or out on the road.

4. Magna-Tiles Clear Colors


With the Magna-Tiles Clear Colors play set, children will be able to make all sorts of shapes, buildings and designs. They can create cubes, pyramids and other 3-D objects. There are plenty of magnetic shapes and pieces that will allow a child to build what they desire.

3. Holy Stone Doodle Sketch


The Holy Stone Doodle Sketch is a magnetic drawing board that allows kids to make colorful freehand creations. This magnetic drawing board set has an eraser that allows children to wipe out their current creation to make room for a new sketch. There is a tethered stylus that creates the drawings and this art set will not leave a mess behind once a child is finished.

2. Tegu 42-Piece


Four magnetic wheels are included in the Tegu 42-Piece play set. It also has nine shapes so that a child can manufacture just about anything they can imagine. A child can use the magnetic play set to make their own vehicles and their own animalistic creations. The magnets are contained inside of wooden blocks that come in a variety of different hues.

1. Magformers Standard Set


The magnetic building set known as the Magformers Standard Set is a unique building set that uses a neodymium rare-earth magnet. This magnet is extremely powerful and it will firmly lock into place once connected. The Magformer Standard Set can be used with other Magformer building and play sets. Children will enjoy creating magnificent designs that will mirror anything that they can imagine.

All of these great magnetic toys 2017 can provide children with endless hours of fun and learning. They are great toys that can be used for birthday or Christmas gifts or as an award for doing something great.