Top 10 Best Selling Lush Bath Bombs in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Lush Bath Bombs in The Market 2017. Well once in a while it is nice to have that spa feeling in your bathroom. You need to feel pampered too. A good lush bath bomb will do that to you. There are many of them in the market and choosing the best one for you is one major thing. You need the best one so that your experience in the bathroom will be over the top. From the feel to the scents and the reinvigorating feel you get after, there is nothing that is not as good as this. Here are the best lash bath bombs in the market 2017;

List of Top 10 Best Selling Lush Bath Bombs in The Market 2017

10. Twilight Bath Bomb

twilight bath bomb, Top 10 Best Selling Lush Bath Bombs in The Market 2017

This will give you the feeling of being under the serenity of the stars and the clear beautiful night sky. There is some peace that comes with using this bath bomb. This gives you a great feel with the scents of lavender and Tonka in the atmosphere. Now you can get that relaxing feel on your skin and have that relaxing texture that can be soothing enough to bring with it sleep. Do you want to feel like you are being given a big soft snuggly rub? Now you can with this twilight bath bomb

9. Big Blue

big blue, Top 10 Best Selling Lush Bath Bombs in The Market 2017

These bath bombs are filled with the finest nutritious ingredients from the sea. This bath bomb will do wonder for your skin. This is a perfect ingredient for your skin. It is the best feeling you can have in the bathroom. The big blue bath bomb will give you the feeling of the sea and the sweet feeling of the sea water and sweet scent of the sea. Now you can get that out door sea feel when still in your bath

8. SpaGlo Snowman Bath bomb

spaglo snowman bath bomb, Top 10 Best Selling Lush Bath Bombs in The Market 2018

Ever thought of the movie Frozen? Though of the snow man Olaff? Well now you can have your own feel of a snow man in the bathroom. These are fuzzy adorable bath bombs that come in twos. They are made from natural and organic ingredients and essential oils. The bath bombs comes in a cute bag of two. They are some of the best bath combinations there is in the market. These are very awesome for the holidays. Now you can enjoy your time in the bathroom.

7. Dragon Egg

dragon egg, Top 10 Best Selling Lush Bath Bombs in The Market 2019

Unleash the dragon fire in your bathroom with this bath bomb. Have the feeling of being in the presence of a dragon with the sizzling and vibrant bath bombs that are available in the nearby shop around. The fragrance is also something that is phenomenal and awesome. The feeling of lemon and bergamot is nice and will make you feel like you have been on the back of the dragon. This bath bomb fizzles, crackles and curls. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Lush Bath Bombs in The Market 2017.

6. The Comforter bubble bar


This just like the name is a comforter. When the day has been one big bad day, finding yourself under a hot shower with the comforter is one thing that will make it better. The purple, creamy bubble are something that will keep you coming back for more from this bat bomb. It envelopes you into a big hug that comes in handy when you need it.

5. Sinus Relief Bath Bomb


They are some of the best soothing and relaxing bath bombs you can ever have. They have sinus relief oils which come as such as relief on the body and a nice combination for your body. This bath bomb contains some natural ingredients including; peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus and menthol which are such a good combination for your skin.

4. Ickle Baby Bot


The best relaxing robot bath for those who are into robots. Now you can have that robot looking bath bomb with you in the bathroom. This is a 21st century inventions that comes with some amazing sensations. This bath bomb is a combination of lavender, sandalwood and chamomile which is one of the best combinations for a bath bomb there is in the market. The essential oils in this are natures cure for insomnia. One soak in the evening and you are sure of a sweet nice sleep.

3. Lush guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb


Find the spirit and the serenity of the forest with this bath bomb. Find the peace and the fragrance of the trees and the moss of the forest all mixed together. The calming sense of the cypress, the mystical touch of the oakmoss and the sweet embrace of the woodland. There is just something sweet about this bath bomb.

2. Phoenix Rising


The cinnamon and the spicy scent is one thing that is very amazing and out of this world about these bath bombs. There is no lying that this is one of the beat bath bombs there is in the market. The purple color also adds a nice touch to your bath time. Now you can enjoy this in the comfort of your home.

1. Sex Bomb


Well this does not need so much explanations. This bath bomb has clary sage, jasmine and ylang ylang that are a very strong aphrodisiacs. These are such great relaxing combination for your body that will also help warm up your body. They are the bestselling lush bath bombs. They are some of the best products there is. These too are found in nearly every store in the market. The soy milk in them is a good addition that helps soften the body

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Lush Bath Bombs in The Market 2017. These bath bombs may be some additions to your day that make it one awesome day. Having them with you is one major thing that will come to you as a relief.