Top 10 Best Selling Lunch Boxes for Kids in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Lunch Boxes for Kids in The Market 2017. These will be the talk of the school. Everyone will want one. Enjoy these bags for yourself if you want. No matter what you will not be disappointed in the durability of the bag. It will last a very long time and helps get rid of all the brown paper bags.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Lunch Boxes for Kids in The Market 2017

10. Thomas and Friends

thomas and friends, Top 10 Best Selling Lunch Boxes for Kids in The Market 2017

Dinnerware Side Kick Lunch Box Set- This lunch box can be used for your kids lunches or for play time. If you use it for lunches then you will find the department on the front that you can press down and it will pop open. Place the utensils in it or crayons or small items. Has a handle that will let your little one hold on to so they can carry it easier. Has a canteen and the straw pops out of it. The blue top has a push button to release that opens the protective lid. Features Thomas and James and Harold on the front hard at work for your little one’s favorite characters.

9. Thermos Novelty Soft Lunch Kit


Zebra Purse- Easy to clean with a damp wash cloth. Your child will love the look and feel of being older. No more little kid lunch boxes and they will even love the color. Has handles to make it look like a purse. Your child can use this after they stop taking it for lunch for a play purse. They will love that the food stays cold and does not ruin.

8. Deluxe Lunch Box With Flatware & Napkin


Four different zippers open up a different space for different things. Store sodas in the top and your lunch in the bottom. Small zipper on side will hold your salt and pepper or any other items you will need. The front zipper holds you fork, spoon, and can put hot food in one section and cold food or drinks in the cold department. Has a strap you can carry on your shoulder or you can use the handle for easy transfer if you have your hands full.

7. Curious George Tin Keepsake Box With Latch By Schylling


This tin lunch box will fit a small thermos and the kids lunch in it with ease. The latch holds the lid closed and will not fall off and spill the food everywhere. It is all metal just like the old lunch boxes they use to make. You can use this to carry other things that will fit and just have on hand. If your child loves monkeys then this is the perfect lunch pail for them.

6. Stephen Joseph Lunch Box, Monkey


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Lunch Boxes for Kids in The Market 2017. You can use the year around and it will keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Easy to clean with a wet towelette and wipe dry. You get a one year warranty so if it does mess up then you can replace it with no charge to you. You can get the matching backpack for your child to. Has a velcro strap on the inside so you can keep your cup from sliding every where and it will not spill out.

5. Vander Large Tin Tote, Peanuts


This tin box will give your child something to show off. The comics on the side will give all the kids at the table a laugh and they will want one to. You can choose from several different characters in this kind of lunch box. Having this will make your kid want to eat their lunch instead of playing with it. Never forget the lunch again because they will remind you.

4. Crocodile Creek Lunch Box Dinosaur Kingdom


You can choose between this one and a few other ones in the same design and different colors. You will remind you kid to get their lunch box. They will never miss out on taking this cool looking designed lunch box to school again. No more fighting to carry their stuff because they will want to show it off to their friends. The front zipper is great for the items they do not want to get messed up from the heat or cold temperature in the box.

3. Crocodile Creek Pocket Lunch Box Ballerina


Your little girl will love this more than ever. She will want to take it everywhere not just school. You can get this pink and purple bag for your little girl and a different for your little boy. Crocodile Creek has so many different boxes that your child will want them all. Find them at the website so you can show your child what to choose from.

2. Thermo Soft Lunch Kit, Star Wars Clone Wars, Storm Troopers


The Star Wars theme is so popular right now and your kids are hearing about it from friends and everyone around them . let them get this bag and show it off to all the people who are bragging about the movie. Comes with a drink bottle that will stay closed and not spill on the inside of the bag. It has a soft handle so your child can carry it themselves.

1. Thermos Soft Lunch Kit, Peace


The design on this bag is for an older kid. If your child still takes their lunch because they hate school lunches then this is perfect for them. They can show it off to their buddies and tell them where she got it from so they can look at all the cool designs that they provide. This bag opens all the way up so they can see everything inside without taking it all out before they find what they want to eat first.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Lunch Boxes for Kids in The Market 2017. These cool bags and boxes will make your child so happy during the day. They will not be able to wait for lunch to happen because they want to play with their lunch boxes. Let them help you pack their lunch so they will want to eat it and it will still be healthy. Your kids can even enjoy these after they are out of school. Take a snack to the park or on a walk so your child does not get hungry on the way or during play time.