Top 10 Best Selling Luggage Locks in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Luggage Locks in The Market 2017. When we are traveling we all carry some very important valuables in our luggage, some of these valuables may include vital documents, expensive jewelries, smart phones, laptops and even money lot of money. It would be very disappointing if you reach your destination only to find some of these items missing in your bags or luggage. A solution has been provided for this kind of problem as there are several luggage locks in the market that have been tested and certified to provide foolproof protection to the luggage, hence you will need to have one of the locks to ensure that even if you leave your bags unattended to you can still feel secure.

These locks are quite affordable and easily found in the market. Hence if you have some or you totally know nothing about them you should check below the list of the top ten bestselling luggage lock in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Luggage Locks in The Market 2017

10. Master Lock 646T

Master Lock 646T Top Popular Selling Luggage Locks 2019

To start our list today is this durable bronze plated lock that has been designed with shackles of high degree resistance to cut. This lock has been designed with a set of three different lock combinations from which you can set to one that is convenient for you. The combination set can easily be reset whenever you need to. This is a professional grade lock which has been recommended for use on luggage, backpack or any other kind of bags.

9. Landing Gear Combination Luggage Lock

Landing Gear Combination Luggage Lock Top Most Popular Selling Luggage Locks 2018

This is a travel security approved lock which has been designed to offer the protection that you need for your valuables contained in your bags. A lightweight and secure combination lock will ensure that you do not panic when you find that you have misplaced your bags either at the bus or in the airport. It comes with a manual that will instruct you on how to set up the different set of combination and on how to reset in case you need to reset.

8. Tarriss TSA Lock


Another one of these incredible back pack locks is the travel security approved lock that is safe to use when you go on a trip as the security in the security lobby won’t have to break the lock to check what is on the inside of your bag. It comes as a three combination that can be reset within the blink of an eye. It has been designed with flexible cables that will make threading through the zipper much easier and faster. The markers on the combination are easily visible even in low light.

7. Forge TSA Luggage Lock

Forge TSA Luggage Lock Top Best Selling Luggage Locks 2017

This one comes in a pack of two locks meaning you will be in a position to secure two pieces of luggage at your own convenience. They are made from durable TSA approved materials that make them resistant to prying or even hammering due to the hardened steel shackle. They are of three combination which you can easily set up whenever you need to secure you valuables as you travel for long distances using the public means. They have an appealing blue color that will cater for those who need a lock that matches the color of their bags.

6. Lewis N Clark Cable Locks

Lewis N Clark Cable Locks Top Famous Selling Luggage Locks 2019

It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Luggage Locks in The Market 2017. These locks are identified easily due to the engraved name on the lock. It features a durable metal and hard side design which makes it a high performer. Also it has been designed to lock with the three dial combination setting found on the lock. The cables are made of premium coated flexible high-grade steel material compatible with several zippers. The rubber finish on this locks make it looks appealing as well as improve on the grip when installing it.

5. Acrodo All Metal Travel Luggage Lock


This is one of the best lock that has been designed to aid the security of your luggage. This is a black themed lock that has been designed with an all-metal material which makes it compatible with different kinds of bags ranging from suitcase, backpack to carry-on. A Travel Security Approved lock has a pop up indicator that shows whether TSA agents have approved your luggage. It is one worth spending your money on.

4. Master Lock 653D Combination Lock


This is one of the safest lock in the market as it has been designed with a two-inch durable metal body design that has been built to withstand all kinds of abuse. It has a case that has been hardened with nickel-plated shackle that is meant to ensure that it remains closed perfectly. On the other hand, it has quick read combo side for viewing of the four chrome plated dial combinations that you can set to the desired number combination.

3. Ody Travel Gear Luggage Lock


If you are looking for a lock that will be perfect to use on all the kind of bags you have, you should go for this one. It has been designed with long flexible coated steel cables that will easily slip on any kind of zipper on your bags. It has been approved by the Travel Security Approval agencies. It comes as a three-dial combination with line up arrows that makes locking and unlocking easier.

2. Guardshire Luggage Lock


It has been tested and approved for use on all bags. It has been designed to withstand any kind of abuse be it hammering or prying. It has been built with heavy-duty material to ensure that it will give maximum protection to the valuables in your luggage. It is a three-dial combination that be set and reset with a lot of ease. It will definitely give you full proof protection.

1. Tarriss Search Alert Lock


The best travel security approved lock is the Tarriss search alert lock. It has been designed with a search alert feature that will alert you when the TSA agents are rummaging in the luggage with the indicator changing from green to red. The dials are large and visible enough numbers that are convenient for all kinds of users. It will offer maximum protection to your luggage you travel on all means of public transport.

So, these are the top ten bestselling luggage locks in the market 2017 that have been designed and built to ensure the safety of all your valuables in the bags whenever you are traveling in a crowded trains, bus or airplanes.