Top 10 Best Selling Long Lasting Eyeshadow Primers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Long Lasting Eyeshadow Primers in The Market 2017. With the amount and variety of creams, moisturisers and other makeup products for our hair, skin, nails and eyes, getting ready in the morning can be a drawn out process! So why bother with an eyeshadow primer? After all, it’s just another product to add to the collection that will extend that ‘getting ready’ time. But experience tells us that eyeshadow fades, quickly in some cases, so anything that helps the color last longer and prevents creasing is worth the couple of minutes’ extra effort! Take a look at these Top Ten Best Sellers to decide if an eyeshadow primer is for you. These are not only the best sellers, but those companies who think carefully about their ingredients and the way they are tested. Those who are not fully vegan or cruelty free (because they have a parent company that tests on animals) may well change their outlook as customers continue to leave, choosing ethics over cruelty.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Long Lasting Eyeshadow Primers in The Market 2017

10. BareMinerals: Primetime

bareminerals-primetime, Top 10 Best Selling Long Lasting Eyeshadow Primers 2017

Natural minerals are well known for being good for our skin, and this company was one of the first to produce make-up using only minerals. This eyeshadow primer lasts ‘all day’, so we can expect at least 12 hours, and is light in texture. It helps combat oils and has a non-greasy finish, helping eyeshadow color last longer and remain crease-free. Containing no preservatives, Primetime is a brightening primer, giving a clear, smooth finish. It is also fragrance free, so is good for sensitive skin. The (plain in design) tube is easy to use, and most reviews are positive. Only natural ingredients are used, but this company is owned by Shiseido which tests on animals, so even though BareMinerals state they do not test on animals, they support a company that does.

9. Benefit Cosmetics: Stay Don’t Stray

benefit-cosmetics-stay-dont-stray, Top 10 Best Selling Long Lasting Eyeshadow Primers 2018

This eyeshadow primer comes in a quirky designed ‘bottle’, and contains vitamins E and C to help combat ageing. It is moisturising too using sodium hyaluronate. The wand applicator makes it hygienic and easy to apply, and naturally matches skin tone for the ‘no makeup’ look. Suggestions are to wait until it dries a little before applying your eyeshadow: but if too dry it can make eyeshadow clump. So perhaps a little practice is needed for each individual! Nowadays there is a new, revamped formula and most reviews say it’s not as good as the original, as it doesn’t last as long and the previous pump applicator was preferred to the current wand. Although many of Benefit’s finished products are not tested on animals, some of the ingredients are. So this means they do test on animals.

8. Urban Decay: Eyeshadow Primer Potion

urban-decay-eyeshadow-primer-potion, Top 10 Best Selling Long Lasting Eyeshadow Primers 2019

Reputed to be ‘one of the ‘best on the market’, this eyeshadow primer is one of the most popular in Urban Decay’s range.The finish is sheer, to preserve the color while enhancing the eyes. It resists creasing fairly well. Most reviews are positive, with some preferring the original formula as the newer one is slightly drier, and takes a little longer to apply to prevent creasing. It also takes longer to blend. Sadly this product is no longer vegan and the company is reviewing the situation. Urban decay itself does not test on animals, but its parent company, l’Oreal, does. So Urban Decay is supporting a company that tests on animals.

7. Orglamix: Magnetism

orglamix-magnetism, Top 10 Best Selling Long Lasting Eyeshadow Primers 2020

This is packaged in a screw-top pot for easy application with the fingertips. Very light and creamy to wear, it allows easy blending of eyeshadow, and is long lasting helping prevent creasing, blurring and color fading. It contains no chemicals, no animal ingredients, and is not tested on animals.

6. Tarte: Clean Slate

tarte-clean-slate, Top 10 Best Selling Long Lasting Eyeshadow Primers

Reputed to last 12 hours without creasing, this eyeshadow primer is also waterproof. It’s based on natural ingredients without unnecessary chemicals. It comes in a squeezable tube and is easy to apply. The reviews are mainly positive; some are impressed by the smoothing effect, making the eyelids appear more youthful. A minority of negative reviews find the product does not last as long on oily skin. Although the primer is a white cream, the color disappears when blended into the skin, enhancing the vibrancy of the eyeshadow. It contains no animal products, no chemicals, and is not tested on animals.

5. SoBe Botanicals: Primed & Proper


This comes in an easy-use squeeze tube, and many vegan fans of the Urban Decay primer have switched to Primed & Proper, saying it’s better – and at half the price! You can easily create a foiled look (without the foil!) yet this primer minimises fall out, providing a firm base for the most glittery or shimmery eyeshadows. With top quality, all natural, ingredients you can’t go wrong!. This primer also contains green tea oil, an antioxidant which helps get rid of toxins, keeping your eyelids healthy. No chemicals or animal ingredients are used, and it is not tested on animals. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Long Lasting Eyeshadow Primers in The Market 2017.

4. All Natural Face: Magic


At around half the price of the chemically-laden big brands, this eyeshadow primer stands in line with vegan, cruelty-free types by performing just the same (reportedly better by some), without all the chemicals and animal cruelty. Easy to apply with the doe-shaped applicator, it prevents creasing and allows the eyeshadow color to shine through, despite being slightly tinted. If the tone compliments your skin it can be used as an under eye concealer, too. It contains no chemicals or animal ingredients, and is not tested on animals.

3. Jane Iredale: Lid Primer


This mineral eyeshadow primer can be worn alone, to give a subtle highlight to the eyelids. It comes in a screw-top pot, and is light and creamy to apply. Overall the reviews are positive, with a minority finding that creasing occurs. The advice is to apply only a very small amount as this product is designed to go a long way, and too much leads to ceasing. The Jane Iredale website is excellent for support, as Iredale herself offers to assist customers with how to get the best from her products and answers questions personally on her website. This primer contains no chemicals, no animal ingredients, and is not tested on animals.

2. Kat Von D: Lock-It


This is a color correcting eyeshadow primer, which has a choice of tint (Light, Fair, Medium Tan and Deep), enabling a flawless base for your eyeshadow. Reviews are positive for the color matching, with the advice to blend it fairly quickly and do one eye at a time. Reported to crease earlier with hooded eyes, the advice is to use a brush or fingertip for best blending. It claims to be the first, and only, primer to match the eyelid tone, and does this by color correcting pigments that are multi-faceted. This allows the true color and intensity of the eyeshadow to shine through, whilst being locked into place. It contains no chemicals, no animal ingredients, and is not tested on animals.

1. Two Faced: Shadow Insurance


This is a well known and respected brand, recently updating the packaging but thankfully retaining the formula of this popular eyeshadow primer. It is crease proof and long lasting – up to 24 hours – and also waterproof, helping to intensify the color of your eyeshadow while keeping it securely in place. Being non-greasy this primer is light to apply, and lasts a long time: a report says the sample tube alone lasted over seven months, so expect good value for money. The reviews are virtually all positive on this primer. Add to that the company uses no chemicals, no animal ingredients, and does not test on animals, Shadow Insurance ticks all the boxes!

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Long Lasting Eyeshadow Primers in The Market 2017. You don’t have to be vegan to buy and benefit from chemical free and animal friendly cosmetics, and eyeshadow primers are no exception. The eye area is the most sensitive part of our face, and today more and more people are realising that many big names (and favourites) haven’t got our best interests at heart. With environmental and ethical issues being at the forefront, there is no need to use animal products, or test on animals, at all. So any company that does, is not ‘walking their talk’ – after all, we all know that natural ingredients are best for our skin and there is no longer any reason to test on innocent animals. So why not treat yourself to one of the above best sellers, and prove you don’t have to be cruel to be beautiful!