Top 10 Best Selling Laptop Backpacks in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Laptop Backpacks in The World 2017. The first and most important thing that any laptop owner should wish for is security. Whether it is a messenger bag for your notebook when walking around town, or a tumble bag back for long distance walking, keeping your laptop safe is crucial to the lifespan of the machine. In this context, we round up some of the best laptop bags for both men and women. Even though some of them are costly, the quality is worth every penny.

Before getting down to the bags, below are a couple of factors that you should consider when buying a laptop bag.

• The size of your laptop.
• The distance or place that you are carrying your laptop.
• What other stuff you intend to carry with the bag. And how much the staff weighs or the size.
• The design and the color of the bag that you want.
• Extra features that come with the bag. Some of them are waterproof.

Laptop Backpacks Reviews

List of Top 10 Best Selling Laptop Backpacks in The World 2017

10. Case Logic DLBP

Case Logic DLBP Top Best Laptop Backpacks Reviews in The World 2017

The case logic is not only capable of keeping your laptop safe but also is quite scratch resistant and can protect other things that you have in the bag. Like sunglasses. Even when carrying the bag, it still leaves ample space for your clothes, some books, snacks and other things that you might require.

9. Victoriatourist V6022


The Victoria tourist comes with a rain cover and a removable camera compartment. This bag is a serious choice for people who travel a lot like photographers and tourists. The bag also lets you pack a digital mobile lap during your travels.

8. VOCHIC Retro laptop bag


Embrace the retro style with a modern technology incorporated in this backpack. The exterior of the bag is made of a rugged yet handsome canvas. The strap material is genuine leather, with decorative metals buckles.

7. Brenthaven 2071102

Brenthaven 2071102 Top 10 Best Laptop Backpacks Reviews in The World 2017

The Brenthaven is flexible and extendible. A bag suitable for the urban worker who needs to bring his laptop among other things to his place of work. It is for someone who also needs his laptop and under things under serious protection against mechanical damage. The bag is made of titanium ballistic nylon material.


• It has removable mesh compartment for your dirty items.
• High-quality foam protection.
• Can fit laptops 15.4 inches wide.

6. Swiss Gear Unisex SA1758

Swiss Gear Unisex SA1758 Top Popular Laptop Backpacks Reviews in The World 2019

The Swiss Gear unisex backpack is made of lightweight material so that when the bag is empty, it barely weighs more than 3 pounds. Surprisingly the bag is big enough to carry a 16-inch laptop and some other items.


• Has a lay flat design that helps in TSA security
• Has an easily accessible phone pocket.
• Can old multiple laptops.

5. Mobile Edge Alien ware Orion M18x

Mobile Edge Alien ware Orion M18x Top Most Famous Laptop Backpacks Reviews in The World 2018

With this one, you can leave your bag even with security and just glide past them. It a slightly hard front that provides excellent protection for your laptop. It also can carry bigger laptops up to 18.5 inches. this is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Laptop Backpacks in The World 2017.


• Can fit larger laptops up to 18.5 inches.
• It has a headphone outlet slot.
• The bag comes with lifetime warranty.

4. Samsonite Luggage Vizair

Samsonite Luggage Vizair Top Popular Laptop Backpacks Reviews in The World 2018

The Samsonite Luggage Backpack is the perfect choice for people who are always traveling. Its padding has good air flow which will ensure it keeps your body temperature low. The material of the bag is of polyester compounds that can withstand tear.


• The bag comes with dual side water bottle compartments.
• The bag Has a neoprene organizer on the front side.
• Come in many colors.

3. Spigen SGP10551

Spigen SGP10551 Top Famous Laptop Backpacks Reviews in The World 2019

Nothing is more dangerous to your laptop like running into unexpected downpours. However, With the extra durable Spigen backpack, you do not have to worry about this issue. You can rely on this back to protect your laptop during bad weather or when you accidentally spill coffee on it.


• It has 11 compartments that allow you to stay organized and pack up more.
• The should straps are made of a thick pad.
• Can fit under airplane seat.

2. The Everki EKP119

The Everki EKP119 Top 10 Best Laptop Backpack Reviews in The World

This bag unzips 360 degrees, allowing it to lie flat so that it can take items quickly, even the largest ones. The other compartments can also open in different style allowing for easy and quick packing and unpacking.


• Incorporates a 5-strap system to lay off the pressure on your shoulders.
• The padding is made of an air flow material that keeps your temperatures low.
• It has an attractive blue interior.

1. The solo Executive


This vintage bag has a design that is capable of making you look good in whatever setting. Whether you are carrying the bag to the office or traveling, this bag will make you look good. The bag has a sleek look with some touch of simplicity and suave on the outside. Within it, is an extra padding for the protection of your laptop.


• It comes with a tablet compartment.
• Made of high-quality leather.
• It has an attractive blue interior.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Laptop Backpacks in The World 2017. Laptop backpacks are essential for everyone that owns a laptop. They offer security against bad weather and mechanical damage, not to mention the extra space they provide for extra packing. You can choose the best laptop backpacks for yourself from the list that this article provides.