Top 10 Best Selling Ladders for Home in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Ladders for Home in The Market 2017. According to the Centers for Disease Control, falls remain a leading cause of unintentional injury resulting in accidental death, and 43 percent of these fatal falls involve the use of a ladder. It is little reason why the best selling ladders for home, as described on Amazon, stress safety features in their product description. Indeed, if ladders are made shoddily, it will result in a death-producing, or otherwise life-changing accident. Perhaps this, then, is the key to why these particular models–and not others–are best-sellers: They emphasize their safety features, and the customers that buy and use them are sufficiently pleased that these models have proven themselves quality-wise, and they spread this good news by word of mouth, as well as by posting positive product reviews. The purpose of this post is not to endorse one brand over all the others, but to list the top 10 brands out there–and to get the public to consider safety as a primary consideration where home ladders are concerned.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Ladders for Home in The Market 2017

10. Werner 7308 LB Duty Rating Type IAA Fiberglass Ladder, 8 Feet Tall


This ladder comes with extra heavy-duty aluminum holster top with thick side plates. In addition, you get to also take advantage of a full set of back facing horizontals spaced one per foot, and heavy duty internal spreaders. There are also slip resistant traction tread steps are single-riveted and have extra wide knee braces. Here the focus is on the safety of the customer.

Moreover, they have glass mark violater strips. They have chosen a bright color for these strips, namely yellow, so that the person on the ladder can be more easily seen. This is a plus, especially at night when people are more likely to not see you on the stepladder. Shoe pads are riveted to the edge structure, which decrease the likelihood of damage to the railings.

The load capacity of this ladder is 375 pounds. This is a number you need to know, now that more people are not just getting on the ladder, they are demanding more for a place to store tools on the ladder. The customer wants to know if the ladder will fit them and their tool box. For indeed, one reason ladders collapse is that too much weight is placed on the structure, and therefore, too much pressure.

There is indeed a place for your tools on this ladder. According to Amazon, the holes on the top step of the ladder is an ideal place for your tools. Indeed, you can have tools handed to you by someone you will trust to “spot” you– or you can have a place for your tools right on the ladder. Now which would you rather have?

9. Vulcan ladder USA ES 17TIIGI 17 Foot Ladder


This ladder is ideal for someone who needs more space. The taller the ladder, indeed, the more important safety features become, indeed!

This ladder is billed as the most versatile ladder on the planet, because it has 23 possible configurations. It can be used as a step ladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder, wall ladder, and a wall and scaffold ladder, all in one. But as I said earlier, there are 23 possible considerations, so these are just examples.

And now for the safety features of this ladder: There is a patented no-pinch hinge for ease of use and safety, to quote the Amazon review. There is also a wide base for added stability. It is built from a strong aircraft grade aluminum. Thus it’s built from a strong material. The manufacturers wanted to ensure that when you stand on a Vulcan ladder, you can trust the strength of the structure to hold you up, so all you have to concentrate on is doing the best job possible while you’re being supported by the ladder.

The ladder also has rubber feet, which won’t mess up the undersurface on which you are working, whether it’s wood, concrete or asphalt. Or if you choose to use the ladder on bare ground, for that matter, you–and the ladder–are safe.

You’d be also pleased to know that the Vulcan ladder holds up to 300 pounds. This is ideal if you happen to be a heavier person in need of a place to support your tools.

8. Little Giant 10R6G6 300 Pound Ladder System, 26 Feet Tall

Little Giant 10R6G6 300 Pound Ladder System, 26 Feet Tall Top Best Selling Ladders for Home 2017

This ladder has the distinction of being the tallest ladder of all. Yet tall doesn’t have to mean unsafe, and Little Giant proves that by the building of this product. It comes with a lifetime warranty from the factory. And what’s more, it’s cleared to hold up to 300 pounds. When you store it, it can be stored at one-quarter of its extended height. This ladder can be used in one of 43 configurations.

This ladder includes the tip, glide wheels, and a triple locking hinge. All because Little Giant is concerned about your overall safety.

7. Louisville Ladder L-3016 300 Pound Fiberglass Stepladder, 8 Feet Tall


Unlike the Little Giant ladder before this one, this one is for someone who does not feel he or she requires a really tall ladder, but needs some of the same features. It can carry a lot of weight, 300 pounds. That’s enough to hold you and your array of tools. It comes with a molded top with slots for all of your handyman tools. The aluminum angled slip resistant rubber feet are also an important feature on this ladder, as are the pinch-resistant spreader braces.

Moreover, it meets or exceeds two of the most respected standards in the industry–ANSI and OSHA.

6. Louisville Ladder FS1506 300 LB duty rating Fiberglass Ladder, 6 feet tall

Louisville Ladder FS1506 300 LB duty rating Fiberglass Ladder, 6 feet tall Top 10 Best Selling Ladders for Home

This may be one of the smaller ladders of this countdown, but you will still be impressed with its elegant design and smooth finish. Also prepare to be impressed by the weight such a small ladder is capable of holding–300 pounds. This includes the weight of both you–the owner and user–and the tools.

-Steel rivets secure each step on which your feet climb.

-These rivets also are known for their strength.

-Heavy Duty bottom back brace provides an additional strength to the bottom of the ladder.

Strength is important, for you want a ladder that you trust is strong enough to hold you up without breaking. And Louisville Ladder has built a winner in that area.

5. Best Choice Products Shade 3 Step Ladder Platform Lightweight Folding Steel Ladder

Best Choice Products Shade 3 Step Ladder Platform Lightweight Folding Steel Ladder Top 10 Best Selling Ladders for Home 2017

Again, this is a very small ladder. But it is able to support 330 pounds, so don’t let the size fool you–it’s very strong. It comes with a tool tray, too. This is a hint that it is capable of holding both you and the tray of tools as well.

But because it’s compact, it’s perfectly at home in a small house. According to Amazon, it will take up only a small space in your closet One of its main safety features is its anti-skid feet, Also, it’s made of high quality steel to improve its sturdiness.

They are not so focused on looks either. In fact, the company admits to errors in manufacturing which are caused by hand-finishing and/or the hand-crafting process. Says the Amazon review, “It adds character and authenticity to the items.” This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Ladders for Home in The Market 2017.

4. Little Giant 12022 Revolutionxe Multi-Use Ladder, 22 Foot


This is made from aircraft grade aluminum, which you can count on as being the best aluminum possible, and you can also count on the fact that such strong material will hold you up. As Amazon points out, this is a very versatile ladder, that can do the job of five ladders. There are 33 possible configurations for this ladder. So you can pick the right ladder for the right job at the right time, and avoid about 95 percent of ladder-related injuries.

With this ladder, you can safely reach some of the hardest areas–such as the space above the staircase, vaulted ceilings, and also use your ladder over and around obstacles.

This tool is rated up to 300 pounds. Also, this ladder not only meets, but also exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards.

3. Little Giant 22 Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder


This model, a 22-foot ladder, converts nicely into a 19 foot extension ladder. You can enjoy a strong feeling of stability, wide-floored legs, and the height of quality in construction. You can use this ladder in a number of configurations, including:



-90 degree ladder

-Scaffold system.

Being one ladder, as Amazon points out, it can do the jog of five ladders. Holds up to 300 pounds. It has a lock system known as a rock-lock system that allows easy adjustments to lengthen the ladder with much more quickness and ease than other multi-use ladder systems.

Would you believe that this ladder is good on a staircase, over obstacles, and even on uneven ground? This ladder has multiple capabilities, and is made by Little Giant, whose trustworthiness is proven by the fact that it has the top three positions on this countdown. Why are so many buying their ladders from this company? Read on…

2. Little Giant Flip a Lite 300 LB 6 Foot Stepladder with Platform


This ladder is super-lightweight, says Amazon, yet its construction is highly industrially rated. There is a huge, comfortable standing platform and full foot support. Offers heel-to-toe foot support, allowing the user to stand tall without risking foot fatigue and pain. It allows the owner to have a stable, comfortable place to stand while he or she is working. It is lightweight and easy enough to handle, and carry. It comes in three different models, three different sizes. The 6 foot model is 14 pounds. The 5 foot variety is 5 pounds, and the 4 foot model is just 9.5 pounds. There is a tall handrail for stability and support. It also has an easy to find tool tray for those who don’t want a spotter person to have to stand beside him on the ladder and hand them their tools.

1. Little Giant 1401-3-001 Model 17-280 Lbs Capacity Alta-One Ladder, 15 Feet


Although it will hold less weight than all of the models presented here, it is the best seller of them all. If you buy this ladder, you get a 17 foot ladder with heavy rail aircraft grade aluminum construction. It offers multiple configurations, such as A-frame, staircase extension, 90 degree ladder or scaffolding system, just to name a few. It complies with all the applicable OSHA and ANSI standards. There is a triple locking hinge included.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Ladders for Home in The Market 2017. Maybe one reason that this is the best seller is because of its light weight, yet strong, versatile and safe. And aren’t these all the traits to look for in a ladders for home?