Top 10 Best Selling Label Makers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Label Makers in The Market 2017. Whether you are moving house, run a small business, are having a good sort out of your things, doing some filing or simply like being organised, a label machine can transform the way you categories your belongings or how you run your office. The technology is now here to be able to quickly and easily create labels, design them, print them and apply them in next to no time. It is no wonder therefore that many people are now including them as the standard items that need to be included when kitting out a new office, or enhancing an existing office.

This list takes a look at the ten best selling label makers of 2017. If you are looking to purchase a new machine then the list should hopefully help you out in terms of giving you some benefits of each one. In essence, they all do the same – after all, they all create labels! However, they do this job in slightly different ways and there is also quite a wide range of prices. Check it out and then make your decision.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Label Makers in The Market 2017

10. Brother Printer PTD 600 Label Maker

Brother Printer PTD 600 Label Maker, Top 10 Best Selling Label Makers in The Market 2018

RRP $83.60

It is possible to connect this label machine to your computer and it also offers a full graphic color display, so you can make fully sure that the label looks exactly as you wish before you commence printing. The printing itself is high resolution and so is great for printing a range of different items, from bar codes to logos. It can cope with high volumes and splits the tapes so they are easily peel-able. You can print up to eight different font sizes with this label maker. It is quite expensive, but you get everything you could need with this printer.

9. Brother Label Maker PT P700


RRP $61.73

This label maker is also connectable to computers and is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista. It works with connecting a USB device and so is really useful for an office that requires multiple users. It can be used for individual label printing as well as bulk jobs. It will work quickly and has a speed of up to 30 mm per second. Really helpfully it will automatically cut labels to save you time.

8. Brother Label Maker PT 1230PC


RRP $52.99

Another model from Brother, this label machine is easy to use and very fast. It can print in multiple lines and has a built in manual cutter. It connects to the PC and is intuitive to use. The printer is compatible with four different label widths, up to half an inch wide.

7. DYMO Letra Tag LT 100H Label Maker


RRP $23.29

This label machine is very affordable indeed and has lots of positive features. It is little wonder therefore why this is such a popular model. It has a 13 character LCD screen which lets you see messages, and change the font and the general display of the label before you print the final version. It will switch off automatically after not being used for a while, which saves on battery. It has the capacity for two line printing, 5 different font sizes, seven different print styles and will even date stamp should you need it.

6. DYMO Label Manager Plug N Play Label Maker


RRP $24.50

DYMO’s second model in the list, this label maker is easy to use and doesn’t require any difficult software to be installed before use. All you need to do is plug the machine directly into your PC (or Mac – it is compatible with both) and you are ready to go! It is easily portable and can be recharged via a USB. This machine is particularly practical as it uses thermal printing.

5. Brother QL 700 High Speed Label Printer


RRP $65.00

This is a particularly popular model for professionals, offices or people who require high quality labels, and a lot of them. It is a cost effective way of creating lots of labels and will be able to create labels, very quickly, for a wide range of uses, including files, banners, discs, postage, envelopes and packages. It has an automatic cutter so you don’t need to waste time with pairs of scissors and is portable so you can print your labels wherever.

4. Epson Label Works LW 300 Label maker


RRP $29.95

Epson are a trusted printer and office supplies brand and so it is little wonder that they feature highly on this list with this model. This printer is versatile and offers a wide range of different symbols, fonts and frame options. Indeed, the variety of options available to you are incredible wide. It is also more sustainable than many other label makers as it has a smaller lead margin, meaning that you generate up to 60% less waste than you might with other label machines. It is a perfect machine for all sorts of uses.

3. DYMO Label Manager 280 Rechargeable Label Maker


RRP $32.96

The rechargeable aspect of this label maker makes it very popular. Batteries are generally a real pain and they will always run out when you most need them. By keeping this machine charged on a regular basis, you are able to ensure this never happens. It accepts a wide range of different sized labels and also include label creation software, giving you many different design options.

2. Brother PTD 400AD Label Maker


RRP $59.99

Slightly more expensive than other label makers on this list, and yet it is little surprise why this features at number 2. The graphical display allows you to double check labels before printing, it is easy to read, there are loads of options for fonts (14), styles (10), frames (99) and symbols (over 600). It also comes with a 2 year guarantee which is worth a huge amount.

1. Brother P Touch PT D210 Label Maker


RRP $39.99

Top of the list comes the affordable and versatile Brother P Touch model. It is very easy to use and creates labels of great quality, consistently. It has one touch keys and you are also able to preview work before printing. Little wonder why it is so popular.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Label Makers in The Market 2017. It is probably not something you think about too much as an office tool, unless you require it regularly, but the label maker deserves a place at the centre of your supplies. Hopefully this list has convinced you to check them out.