Top 10 Best Selling Korean Beauty Products in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Korean Beauty Products in The World 2017. In the past, makeup only consisted of lipsticks and face powder. Now the beauty industry has grown way past those two items and now have thousands of options to choose from. You have foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras, lip balms, moisturizers, bronzers and many more amazing items that are made to give you a beautiful face. The Korean market has some of the best face makeup, though. Their trends are not only going to make you feel beautiful but they will give you the glowing and flawless look that every woman wants. With products like the lip tattos and shiny eyeshadows, you can no go wrong by investing in some of these. Here are the top ten best-selling Korean beauty products from 2017:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Korean Beauty Products in The World 2017

10. Lip Tattoo (Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack)-

lip-tattoo-berrisom-oops-my-lip-tint-pack, Top 10 Best Selling Korean Beauty Products 2017

The Koreans invented this product with the intentions of keeping their lipstick on the lips long periods of time. This will stay on the lips for long hours or sometimes even days without rubbing off while you are eating or drinking anything. This one has the ingredient Keratin in it to make the lips soft and moisturized while it is on. You just put it on the lips then wait between ten and fifteen minutes then peel it off and the color will be stained to your lips and last for about 12 hours if not more. Apply a thick layer but not too thick because then the color will not last long enough. Keep your mouth open while the product is drying too. Reviewers love how kong it lasts and like that it will wash off the teeth easily if by accident it gets on them.

9. Shimmer & Satin Eyeshadow Palette-

shimmer-satin-eyeshadow-palette, Top 10 Best Selling Korean Beauty Products 2018

Korean brands believe that everything is better when you add a little glitter to the face. It has beautiful pink colors and has a sparkling finish to it. You get four different eyeshadow colors and it comes at a great price. It will stay on the eyes for quite a while leaving you with no reason to reapply it throughout the day. Reviewers like how it has so much sparkle to it and they say it is perfect for the summer months. It is easy to apply to the eyes and has a convenient carry case that will fit in any purse or bag. Also has a mirror installed in the case for easy application without digging around trying to find a separate mirror.

8. Egg Pore Balm Primer-


If you want a  face then you need a poreless and flawless face. With the pore balm primer, you can hide pores with no problem. It has a silky feel and is designed to smooth out the skin. Almost all Korean products have a pore balm ingredient them. The moisturizing and soft feel of it will calm your skin evenly so that your makeup will stay on longer. People say it hides the pores really well and makes the face feel smoother.

7. TONYMOLY Gel Liner-


Koreans use this product for enhancing the shape of their eyes and then drawing the lines out to make the eye seem bigger and wider. It has a silicone ingredient so that it will last longer and causes it to be waterproof. You can use it as an eyeliner or as an eyeshadow. For using it as an eyeliner just draw the line out thickly on your eyes. For eyeshadow, use your finger to spread the color out gently but do it quick before it dries. The gel in the product is what makes the item smooth and has it remain on the eyes without any rubbing to different sections of the eye. It is easy to apply it to the face and woman love that. They say it does not take them as long in the morning to fix their faces because of how simple it is to put the on.

6. Auto Eyebrow Pencil-


Thick and straight eyebrows are a huge trend in the Korean fashion world. It is to show a more youthful but cuter look to a person’s face. The word auto in the auto eyebrow pencil is there because the item is automatically shaped to give you the thick and straight brows that you are wanting. Reviewers say the product will last all day and gives you more of a natural look instead of the drawn on brow look that most people have when using a brow pencil. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Korean Beauty Products in The World 2017.

5. Cushion Blusher-


It will give a slight bit of color to the cheeks without losing any of its moisture. The cushion blusher has a glossy glow that many women like to have on their cheeks for a natural flushed look. You can blend it onto your cheeks with the applicator from the squeeze bottle or you can use your fingers. It swipes onto the face quickly and evenly so no worries about leaving cake up looking pieces behind. People say it leaves a slight powdery but soft feeling to the cheeks and feels fantastic.

4. Highlighter-


The highlighter is used for making the face glow under any type of lights. That is the signature look in Korean fashion and it does not whether the high-lighter some in liquid, powder, or cream type form they are all best sellers in the market. It has a fast feeling to it and feels nice on the face. Also, is called a fancy party glow item because of the fact that highlighting is mostly popular in the club scenes.

3. Ombre Tint/Gradient Lipstick-


The tinted balms have two to three different colors that blend together nicely for a more subtle but gradient effect to the lips. Smaller lips are considered pretty and feminine in Korea so that is what makes this a best seller. This item will give the illusion of the woman having smaller lips, which explain why it is popular on the Korean market. You can choose from ten different colors them being magnets muse, red blossom, pink salmon, milk blurring, daring darling, pink step, cashmere nude, neon juice, dolly grape, and last the burgundy love. Reviewers say that all the shades are lovely and work well for minimizing the look of having huge lips.

2. Face Mist-


In Korea, this product is used often for skin care and as a makeup fixer. Having dewy and moist looking skin is a bit thing in that country. Which explains the reasonings for them loving the face mist so much. This is for all skin types and works well. People say it did its job while having a lovely smell to it. Not too strong of a smell just a subtle hint of sweetness.

1. Cushion Foundation-


If you want the best foundation on the market this is your best choice. Today, great foundations and creams do not come in bulk and glass bottles anymore. Your skin should be the most important thing you focus on among the other things too. In the movies, you will see Korean girls that look as if they have clear and flawless skin that is glossy and beautiful. You can easily get the same look by using the cushion foundation. It will hide all your problem areas on the face without you needing to apply thick layers of make-up. The foundation is made of a unique foam so it will stay moist and give you the dewy looking skin you want. Just do a couple of dabs and that is it with this product. People love how light it feels on the face and how it does not give the look of having heavy make-up on. It gives a more natural faced look to your skin.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Korean Beauty Products in The World 2017. So if you want flawless skin and you want to look gorgeous then these ten items are the products for you. They will leave you feeling confident and trust me you will definitely get tons of compliments on the way your skin is going to look. Many women use these items and love that they are so easy to apply. So cut back on you face time by purchasing some of the makeup listed above. Especially the cushion foundation, that stuff just sounds amazing if you ask me. What girl does not want to cover up her acne or pores? I know I am going to definitely try some of this stuff because I would love to have flawless skin that does not take long to get!