Top 10 Best Selling Indian Watches Brands

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Indian Watches Brands 2016-2017. Watches are very important gadgets that help us to know the current time. They help us to plan ourselves all day long. Watches are purchased for two main reasons, for showing time and also for Fashion. In India, there are different kinds of watches that are being sold to different people. The following list consists of watches that hold the largest share in India. Let us take a look on the top 10 of the best selling Indian watches brands 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Indian Watches Brands 2016-2017

10. Omega

omega, Top 10 Best Selling Indian Watches Brands 2017

Omega brand takes the 10th position in this list of best selling Indian watches. These watches are known because of their technology and design style which is very unique. Some of the Omega watches can also work under gravity. The famous James Bond character was a fanatic of these watches; therefore they gained popularity from him.

9. Swatch

swatch, Top 10 Best Selling Indian Watches Brands 2018

It is also one of the best selling brands in India. Currently, there are more than 100 Swatch stores in India where fans can visit and buy their favorite swatch watches. Swatch has also one of the best selling watches for women. These stores are located in all major cities and also towns, they also sell these watches at a very affordable price. Swatch watches are popularly known in India because of being used by people of different classes and therefore it stands in the 9th position for the best-selling Brands in India.

8. Citizen


Citizen is one of the best selling brands in India due to its quality and ideas which are implementing when they are being manufactured. This is the major reason as to why these watches are being loved by many people. Citizen watches are able to display satellite time in less than 3 seconds in different time zones on this planet. As a result of this, many Indian fans honor them and therefore choose to use them.

7. Casio


This is a very famous brand in India which gained its popularity because of manufacturing wrist watches. Many Indian men and women loved this kind of watch until previously when it started manufacturing watches that are specifically meant for men. Some of the latest manufactured Casio watches have very high technology such that they can be used to connect with their fan through G-stock Bluetooth which is the newest technology in this brand. In this way, Casio Brands are easily connected smart phones today.

Casio wrist watches are also known for their medium size which fits hands of fans comfortably. However, those that are designed for men are a bit bigger than those that have been designed specifically for women because most ladies don’t like heavy and large things in their hands. These watches are commonly used as Birthday gifts purposely for impressing our loved ones.

6. Rolex


This is a very big watch brand in India which is very costly. Many common people in India are only left with a dream of buying this watch since it is costly for them to purchase. Rolex watches is mainly used by people of class like the politicians, models, singers, artists, television anchors and athletes who earn a lot of money.

5. Maxima


Maxima watches are designed specifically for couples. It is mostly manufactured in pairs which are always designed for a gentleman and a lady to purchase. They are relatively cheap compared to the Rolex watches and they are commonly used as marriage gifts as they will suit both the bride and the bridegroom. There is currently estimated to be 500 and 5000 rupees according to the design and technology in it. Maxima are said to be very long lasting watches therefore appearing in this list of popular selling watches.This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Indian Watches Brands 2016-2017.

4. Timex


Times are digital manufactured watches that are manufactured in India. They are suitably made for people who tend to be very busy in life because it has all the technology support to suit their day to day life. An example of this wrist digital watch is the Timex ironman Move x20. Currently, there are so many digital wrist watches that are being manufactured in India. They only differ in a price that is according to the quality, technology and even the manufacturing brand.

Timex watches come in different sizes which makes them to be suitable for women, men and even Children.

3. Fastrack


Fastrack is one of the most famous fashion brands. Fastrack watches are loved by youths in India. Middle aged people are always crazy about this watch because they come in fantastic styles which are mostly admired by these young people. They are commonly sold in colleges and universities where they are won not only to help them in showing time but also as Fashion style. Fastrack watches make the young men of India to feel very confident in their style considering themselves to be people of class. One advantage of this watch is that they are of high quality and are relatively cheap.

2. Titan


This watch brand is the owner of Fastrack and sonata watches. They are very pretty watches that sold to very many people all over India. This brand gained popularity because of manufacturing Diva, Raga, Octane, Diva and Insignia which are very well designed for all people in the society. These watches are not very expensive hence appearing in 2nd position of the best selling watches in India.

1. Sonata


It is the leading selling brand in India. Sonata watches belong to the Titan Company which is in the 2nd position in the best selling watches. These watches are designed with a common agenda, to attract the youths in India. Due to this reason, these watches come in very many different designs for both ladies and gentlemen. Sonata watches can be worn in all occasions in India like in offices, weddings, parting at night, when doing adventure, when holding official meetings and many others. These watches tops in this list and it is the most famous watch. Currently, research shows that this brand is mostly sold to tourist who visit India and enjoy doing adventure.

The above top 10 list of best selling Indian watches brands 2016-2017 are the most stylish, comfortable, elegant and very famous watches that are being used by Indian people. Some of these watches are also sold to different countries other than India. This is because of their quality and price at large.