Top 10 Best Selling Ice Scrapers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Ice Scrapers in The Market 2017. When winter sets in we perform all kinds of tasks to prepare ourselves for the weather ahead. We make sure our vehicles are road ready for snow and ice and our homes are sealed up and a heat source is ready. Winter means snow and we have to be ready to remove it from our sidewalks with good shovels or snow blowers. We also have to be prepared to remove snow and ice from our vehicles left sitting outside during snowfalls. These are the top 10 best selling ice scrapers 2017 for you to choose from so you are ready to remove snow from your windshield this season.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Ice Scrapers in The Market 2017

10. Hopkins Mallory Snow Brush

Hopkins Mallory Snow Brush, Top 10 Best Selling Ice Scrapers in The Market 2017-2018

This brush has a 26-inch long handle making it perfect to reach across your hood to remove snow and ice from your windshield. This brush is constructed from a strong enough material to handle any amount of built-up snow or ice from your vehicle. There are four rows of strong bristles and one of the best models you will find on the market as it is known for its long life and the many seasons this brush will get you through.

9. Subzero Crossover Super-Duty


This is also a Hopkins brand snow brush with a cross-over design to offer you maximum cleaning power in little time. It has a 50-inch long handle to make your reach easier for all snow and ice buildup on your vehicle. You can use a sweeping or push action with this model. On one end of this tool is the ice scraper and the other end provides you a brush. The brush pivots and can be converted into a broom with just the push of a button. This is a very easy tool to use for completing big snow removal jobs from your vehicle.

8. Subzero Quick Lock Pivoting Snowbroom


Another Hopkins brand tool, this Subzero Quick Lock Pivoting Snowbroom will make your life more comfortable as you can push and scrape ice easily from your car. The pole on this broom measures 60 inches which makes it ideal to use with trucks and cars. If you are caught in bad weather with your RV, this broom will also have the reach capacity to clean that windshield as well. Features on this incredible broom will provide you with a scraper blade, quick lock extension pole, squeegee, and a soft bristle brush which you can pivot in any direction. With this broom, you will be able to push the wettest and heaviest snows from your vehicle.

7. Imperial Telescopic Snowbrush


The Imperial Telescopic snowbrush will give you an excellent sweeping power to remove snow from your vehicle. There is an extendable handle which can move from 32 inches to 40 inches so you have plenty of length to reach all the snow that has built up on your windshield. This tool will work well for trucks as well as cars.

6. CJ Industries F-1 Fantastic Ice Scraper


The CJ Industries F-1 ice scraper has a brass blade with great cutting power to remove ice built up on your windshield. This is the perfect scraper for ice buildup and it has a 9-inch handle to easily reach your complete windshield. When you are not using, it will store easily in your glove box or another storage area inside your vehicle.

5. Genuine Audi Telescoping SnowRemover


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Ice Scrapers in The Market 2017. The Genuine Audi Telescoping snow remover has an extendable handle to give you more reach when removing snow from your vehicle. When you are not using it, the handle retracts making it easy to store inside your car. It has an ice scraper on one side with a quality brush on the other making it ready to handle any weather the season can dish out.

4. Mallory Wood Snow Brush


This snow brush has five rows of bristles made from top-quality materials. This is a great tool for removing snow from your car that has been sitting out in the weather. The durability of this brush is unbeatable and it has an ice scraper on one side and the brush on the other. It will take care of both your ice and snow removal needs all season long.

3. 12-Volt Heated Melter and Ice Scraper


This is a different approach to removing ice from your vehicle’s windows. Plugging the 12-volt heated ice scraper into your outlet will allow you to melt the ice right off the windows of your vehicle. No matter how thick the ice has built-up, this tool has been designed for your convenience and will do the job of getting rid of ice for you. There is a 14-foot cord on this tool allowing you to reach all areas you need ice removed from your car.

2. Primary Automotive Rocky Mountain Ice Scraper


The Primary Automotive Rocky Mountain ice scraper will work on your car or truck and is great for removing ice from your vehicle windows. There are two sides to this scraper, on one side is a claw tool and on the other is a flat chisel to help remove tough build-up of ice. This tool is constructed with thick plastic and buttressed reinforcement making it an incredibly durable tool. With the dual ends, this tool can scrap as well as crush ice that has settled on your windows.

1. Hopkins Subzero Ice Hammer Snowbrush


This is the perfect snow brush for everyone. It is a quality tool with a long brush that will reach all the snow from your windshield and other areas of your car. One side of this is an ice scraper and the other end is a quality bristle brush to completely sweep the snow off your car. The grip on the Ice Hammer is waterproof and the handle is 23 inches long.

Keeping your windows clear and clean from snow is extremely important so your vision is not impaired when you enter traffic. Choose one of these top 10 best selling ice scrapers 2017 for your snow and ice removal this season to make sure your drive is safe.