Top 10 Best Selling Ice Crushers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Ice Crushers in The Market 2017. Would you like that martini shaken or stirred? Drinking a cocktail with ice blocks floating are enough to give you a toothache when the blocks of ice prang into your teeth; not to mention how much ice is left once the drink has been drunk.

Ice crushers are designed with that in mind and as an appliance in the kitchen, you’ll find it will be a boon when you’re entertaining. Crushers shave the ice blocks so that the ice is more manageable and easier to prepare when making that summertime drink.

Now, there are models upon models in the market and we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best to suit your needs, your kitchen, and your pocket. When you’re after the ice crusher that meets all your expectations, an appliance that not only looks good, is compact enough that it’s not going to over take your kitchen, you’ll have an appliance that will last you many years.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Ice Crushers in The Market 2017

10. Nostalgia RISM900COKE Ice Shaver & Snow Cone Machine

Nostalgia RISM900COKE Ice Shaver & Snow Cone Machine, Top 10 Best Selling Ice Crushers in The Market 2017

The Nostalgia ice shaver is reminiscent of Coca-Cola with its trademark red design; a unit that is compact and tidy, it includes two molds to give you perfect snow every time. The ice molds are the perfect ice shavers and can double as bowls for serving. The unit is manufactured with stainless steel cutting blades that make standard sized ice cubes like snow in seconds. Making Slurpees for the kids is a walk in the park and the unit is a breeze to clean.

9. Oster BLSTET-C Ice Shaving Blender, in Brushed Nickel


The brushed nickel finish makes an attractive addition to the kitchen which is also dishwasher safe, a boon for busy families. It offers a five cup capacity in scratch resistant glass that will withstand extremely high temperatures. It is a manually and pre-programmed operated unit the gives a choice of blending or shaving ice on its settings with one touch. Great for those frozen summertime drinks, the blades produce high-performance crushing with a pulse for blending and with crush ice for smoothies in under a minute.

8. Ice Crusher by Westmark


For convenience sake, this lightweight ice crusher is made from cast aluminum manufactured for long term use. Affordable and easy to store, it is a dishwasher safe, hand-operated little unit that contains all the ice without spillage. As mentioned, hand operated, so great for exercising with the smooth-finished handles. It’s one little unit that will pay for itself time and again.

7. Ivation IS80 Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Makers


A fun machine and compact enough that it will look terrific on the kitchen counter. The Ivation is the unit that makes the most perfect snow cones, smoothies and those to die for slushies in the summertime. Use it for ice desserts or sorbets and with its one touch operation, you’ll have snow and crushed ice in a moment. It houses strong, durable stainless steel blades for rapid ice crushing and while it’s operating, it sits steadily on non-skid rubber boots. Make that next cup of iced tea with this gorgeous little addition that is so very affordable.

6. Deni 6100 Automatic Ice Crusher


Talk about neat and tidy. This little unit is fully automatic that chips ice as quickly and as uniformly as you require it. Stainless steel blades crush and shave ice in a jiffy for those slurpies and smoothies, and with a safety lid and stainless steel finish, it comes with a scoop for ice distribution and a user guide. It’s going to be perfect for that martini, shaken not stirred, and your iced tea for those warm relaxing summer evenings.

5. Jelly Belly Electric Ice Shaver


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Ice Crushers in The Market 2017. This ice shaver cones with a cone holder for those deliciously colored snow cones which are removable, the blade is adjustable and requires a push of the large button to get it operating. It’s got accessories that allow you to use either molds or ice cubes, it looks fantastic with it’s red and white duco and it’s easy to clean. Affordable, it has an attractive, robust plastic housing that is durable. Making snow cones within one minute … how does it get any better than that?

4. Victorio VKP1100 Electric Snow Cone Maker


This unit is perfect for those “I-want-it-now” snow cones for the kids and is great for making slushies, iced tea, party favourites and cocktails. It uses regular ice cubes and so there are no special ice molds required and it comes with a safety switch allowing the unit to operate only when the lid is closed. A great little measure when the kids want to make slushies. It is a perfect addition to the kitchen, neat, tidy and very attractive at an equally attractive price and it comes with a one year warranty.

3. Professional Ice Crusher by Ninja Master Prep


At a price to make the pocket smile, this ice crusher with it’s patented Ninja registered brand is a delight to look at as well as operate. You’ll find its parts are all dishwasher compatible and with a 450-watt motor, it crushes solid cubes into snow within seconds. While it makes snow cones, slushies, iced tea and crushed ice for martinis, can’t forget them, it is also perfect for blending food, processing and chopping veggies. A great unit that looks good and with a reputation for durability, will last you for a long time.

2. Waring Pro IC70 Professional Ice Crusher


Built for the heavy duty family and hotelier, the Waring Pro is a large-capacity ice crusher to supply ice for the largest of parties. It will, with its stainless steel, heavy duty blades, crush up to 50 pounds of ice per hour. Its funnel attachment will hold up to 12 cups of crushed ice and comes with an on-off switch, a user manual and is complete with complimentary recipes.

1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Electric Shaved Ice


Hey, Margarita! Included are two ice molds that freeze round blocks of ice. This unit will shave the blocks to make fluffy snow perfect for slushies and snow cones. Also a very attractive unit, it is housed in a durable white plastic that disassembles in seconds if you wish to store it rather than leave it on the bench top, although is a very attractive design for display whilst not in use. This machine will shave the ice finely and using cubes is a great alternative if you prefer crunchier ice.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Ice Crushers in The Market 2017. So there you have ten of the best, all by the way are within the five to three-star range and all are very well priced for the budget. Enjoy your snow cones, iced tea and smoothies, and your margaritas. The martinis are welcome, either shaken or stirred to your liking.